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Making a video of Bablee

Hi all, my name is Omair, I am 30 years old, originally from Lahore in Pakistan and currently living in the UK. I have been in the UK for the last 8 years and working. I went to Pakistan and took my wife to UK with our four kids last year, my wife is Bablee and she is 35 years old. I was extremely lucky to have her as my wife, she is so beautiful. She is from a decent family, because I worked in the Uk, they approached my parents for proposal even though there were lots of proposals came for Bablee in Pakistan.

She came to Uk just over a year ago and we are living a very happy life in our own home in London. She is a typical shy Pakistani wife. She always respects me and agrees with my decisions. Because she is so innocent, she always believed me completely. We were really having a good sexual life, she was a virgin at marriage and was so excited about sex and was enjoying my attention on her body. She always agrees to my fantasies.

She still looks like a young college girl and no one will say her married women and mother of four kids. She is 5’6” tall, slim built, long legs, shoulder length black hair, caramel complexion and has a cute face. I have seen at parties and functions, so many men from young boys to middle age men staring at my wife. She also told me that so many men in Pakistan asked her for out. Even after she told them that she is married, they offered secret relationship. I didn’t take these seriously in the beginning but she recently telling me that these requests from her locality mates were happening on a regular basis and some people were so desperate to take her out. She one day innocently asked me that shall she go out with them for diner one day without understanding the danger of losing her body, this is purely to stop them asking again. I explained to her that why they asking her out for dinner, she was embarrassed and scared. These all created a strange fantasy in me and I started to enjoy other people’s attention on my wife.
I even started imagining her with other men. Finally I started enjoying this fantasy rather than me having sex with her.

After long consideration, I had come to a strange decision (most of you may disagree with me and hate me) for the following reasons,
a) To fulfill my strange fantasy of my wife enjoying with other men
b) Honestly I was scared of loosing her to another man permanently (even though no indications at the moment and she has full faith on me but very attractive young boys from our area were so desperate in seducing her, she admitted that and promised me that she would not do anything behind my back but time makes all the difference), if anything like this happened to blackmail her and her new lover
c) Capture and store her young body before she gets old

My decision was to gradually prepare and make my wife to agree to star in a video with other men. I knew this was a huge task. Fortunately one of my best friends was running a massage parlor in London; most of the massage parlors in Uk offer all services. My friend Rajesh had both types of clients. I approached him for advice and told him my intension. We spent few days and worked out a plan.

Bablee was always asking me permission to do a part time job and excited about earning money by her. I took the opportunity according to the plan and suggested her about a vacancy in my friend’s massage parlor, without understanding the danger and the job, she was excited and asked me to arrange an interview. As per plan I took her to my friend’s massage parlor for an interview, after few minutes of informal chat we agreed her to work two 4-hour shifts in the evening. Rajesh said £20 per hour plus tips, she was so excited without fully understanding her job, Rajesh briefly explained her about the job and organized some training on the following day. He only talked about her uniform and conducting body massage and nothing more. Surprisingly Bablee didn’t show any hesitation in wearing that uniform which was a short leather skirt and a black vest, Rajesh also explained to her to be polite with clients and please them as much as you possibly can because we are charging a lot of money for this service, I understood the internal meaning but Bablee didn’t.

Following day I dropped her at the parlor at 5pm and agreed to pick her up at 9pm. I phoned Rajesh at about 6pm and asked “how is she getting on”? Rajesh said that he has put Bablee with an other girl called Saneeta (his partner and co-owner of the place, Saneeta also know our plan and agreed to help me). Rajesh also commented that Bablee is looking like a cracking figure in that uniform and his clients will die to put their hands on her. I said to him to not to rush things and spoil it.

Bablee and Saneeta had three regular male clients on that day for oil massage, Saneeta made sure that clients were wearing a towel throughout the massage, just not to upset Bablee on the first day. I picked her up at 9pm and asked her that how did she get on, she smiled at me and said that it was ok. Three more days Bablee spent with Saneeta and learnt all necessary things relation to various types of massages, treating clients, security, confidentiality and also Saneeta mentioned that once the client has entered into the room it is entirely up to the client and you to agree that what sort of service the client require, the management will only charge the client for the time they spending in the room. Bablee still didn’t understand, Saneeta went on and said that she some times earn hundreds of pounds as tips, Bablee was excited and innocently asked “how”? Saneeta said that you would see it as you go along but you need to be a brave girl. Finally Saneeta wish Bablee good luck for her first own shift on the following day.

The reason I chose Bablee to work in my friend’s massage parlor is to make her mentally prepared for my ultimate goal of making a video of her with other men. These were the plans – seducing her by setting up attractive young men as clients for massage, gradually making her to come out of her shell and enjoy her job, setting up clients to give her generous tips and making her earning lots of money, setting up clients to make her believe confidentiality and discreet, make her believe Rajesh completely and to believe what ever Rajesh says is for the benefit to her and finally ensure no suspicion arise of any set-up.

In the last few days I didn’t ask her much about the job and Bablee didn’t say either. The day before her first own shift I asked her “are you looking forward to your shift tomorrow”? she again smiled at me and said “ya”. I said “ you must enjoy your job, I am not going to stand in your way, you are the one decided to do a part time job, you have earned about £400 in two weeks, it’s good money and your monthly earning should be enough for the mortgage payment isn’t it”? she said “yes”. I also maintained that I am not aware of her actual job because she never suspected me to go places like this and she never told me that what she was actually doing in the last two weeks. By speaking to Saneeta, I found out that Bablee was very nervous and shy in the beginning to touch and look men body, always avoided eye contact with clients and hardly spoken to clients unless they asked her anything but Bablee knew that clients were enjoying her body through their eyes and felt uncomfortable in the start. Saneeta always maintained clients had their underwear or towel on in front of Bablee. On her last day of training, Bablee was bit more relaxed and felt comfortable, when Saneeta and Rajesh asked “are you ok to do your shift on your own tomorrow Bablee”? She hesitantly said “ok” but Rajesh decided to put her own as Saneeta wasn’t available on the following day.

On her first shift day, I went to the massage parlor to finalize the plan (took a day off from my work without Bablee knowing). Rajesh was very confident that Bablee was progressing in the right direction and again commented that her beauty and the demand from his clients, almost all the clients met Bablee for body massage have inquired Rajesh about Bablee and her availability for other services. Rajesh hesitantly said “if Bablee isn’t your wife, I would be the first one to enjoy this cute innocent chick”. I was shocked that he made that statement but I again enjoyed the fantasy and replied that if I achieved the ultimate goal, my gift for you is Bablee for one night but it’s up to you to prepare her mentally for such things. He was so excited and thanked me for the offer and promised me that he will do anything to help me achieve my goal and in return will give Bablee the best night of her life.

We then started to unfold our plan for the evening, in the massage parlour there are three separate rooms with attached bathrooms, two of the rooms are actually designed for body massage (a single bed and all necessary accessories stocked for body massage), third room only has a double bed (this is for other services). So far Bablee was kept away from the third room and Rajesh made sure that Bablee was kept away from the masseuses (girls) working in the third room. All three rooms have hidden CCTV cameras for security reason and a monitor in Rajesh’s office, clients or even any of the masseuses doesn’t know this. Rajesh or Saneeta randomly watch activities in rooms for security purpose but we decided to watch and record Bablee’s progression this evening. Bablee’s room was specially arranged, Rajesh already has arranged and briefed three of his friends to go and act as clients that evening but they don’t know the CCTV cameras. Rajesh basically told them that Bablee is an inexperienced, shy and homely looking girl and only wanted to work in body massage section but there is a huge demand from clients for her to do other services, so you slowly need to seduce her and make her come out of her shell and slowly bring her into the art of sex. He also warned them that not to rush it and progress it gradually without any suspicion.
I didn’t involve in this arrangements as I was scared and felt uncomfortable in personally arranging people to seduce my wife. All finalized and I was so much looking forward for that evening.

I picked Bablee from the home and dropped her at the parlour as usual and pretended to her that I was going home but I parked my car couple of streets away and came through the back door into Rajesh’s office as planned. Saneeta was managing and organising in the front and told clients and masseuses that Rajesh was off on that evening. Rajesh and me were sitting in front of the monitor in the office, Bablee was sitting in her room unaware of we watching all her moves, first time I watched her in her uniform and got shocked… she was so sexy, she looked relaxed and was reading a magazine. As planned first of Bablee’s set-up client arrived, Saneeta took him to Bablee’s room and introduces her to him and told Bablee that this client has paid for an hour oil massage. Saneeta left the room, Bablee went and locked the room door inside as she was instructed during training. Rajesh pressed the “record” button on the VCR. My adrenalin was pumping and our eyes were glued into the monitor.
The set-up client was a 20year old handsome British guy called David, we could see that Bablee was very nervous and looking down while David was undressing, when David down to his underwear Bablee gave him a towel. That was the first time they both seen each other, we could see David was tasting Bablee through his eyes while Bablee was looking down. David then lied down on the bed only with a towel around his waist, Bablee hesitantly started oil massage on his body, David was instructed by Rajesh that not to make any move on the first day. All we could see was some questions from David while Bablee was carrying out the massage and very hesitant answers from Bablee as there was no voice recording. Once the massage completed David put his dress on, then he sat on the sofa in the room and looks requested Bablee to sit on the sofa for a chat, after slight hesitation Bablee sat on the sofa and David started the chat, we could see that Bablee was so nervous and looking down all the time and just answering the questions. After about 10 minutes of chat David took his wallet out and gave Bablee £20 tip (as prearranged by Rajesh), Bablee hesitantly but with a smile took that money from David. Then David went out of the room. Everything went according to plan but we were curious to find out the conversation between them.

After 5 minutes Rajesh called David on his mobile and put the office phone on speaker that I could hear the talking on the other end but David didn’t know that. Firstly David thanked Rajesh for arranging such a beauty…in his words “thanks Ragi, she is such a homely looking shy cutie, so beautiful, so clean and smooth…perfect for other services, men will queue up to explore her”. Rajesh asked him that how did it go and what did you talk (he was not aware that we knew the long conversation), David replied “She was so nervous and shy in the start, I had to encourage her to keep her going with her massage, she was always looking down and avoided eye contact…I think just to avoid people identifying her out side but I thoroughly enjoyed her body through my eyes…such a young body with cute face, I couldn’t believe that she is 35…she still look like a 17 or 18 year old school girl. In the start she was very scared to have a chat with me but finally she became bit relaxed and comfortable, I commented her that how beautiful and sexy she is, she acknowledge that with a smile. I asked her that she has any boy friend and she said “no”, finally I gave her £20 tip and asked her shift days, hesitantly accepted that tip and told me that she work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I told her that I will see you next Thursday, she said that see you too”.

Rajesh and me were so pleased that Bablee was progressing in the right direction because,
a) She didn’t tell David that she is married when she was asked about boy friend that was really encouraging
b) She accepted the tip and told David her actual shift days with the possible expectation of seeing him again
c) When David made comments about her beauty and body, she acknowledge it with a shy smile instead of getting angry

Bablee had two more clients on that evening in similar Position, one was a charming middle age black man and the last one was a attractive young white guy, nothing exciting happened throughout that evening as expected. We decided to set-up different type of men to find out who is Bablee with more relaxed and comfortable and showing interest on them.

At 9pm I picked her up as usual and asked in the car that how was the evening, she smiled at me and said that was ok, I asked her “did you enjoy it?” she said “yes…I also received £50 tips today” I asked that how many clients she had today and how they were, she said that three and they were nice. She was honest but she didn’t tell me anything about the comments clients made about her beauty and body.

On her next shift Rajesh arranged three more different young guys in similar position and made Bablee to earn £60 tips. On her third shift on Thursday, when Bablee arrived Saneeta said “we have some pre-booking today, because you are new, you chose the client which you would be more comfortable with then I allocate the others to other girls” and gave Bablee the list of 5 names and massage type next to it, as we expected Bablee chose David from the list even though David has booked for oil massage and bath. That was easier for us to isolate David and give him more opportunity to seduce her.
Saneeta Brought David into Bablee’s room and told Bablee that he has booked for massage and bath, Bablee greeted David with a smile and innocently asked Saneeta “what do I need to do with his bath, I was not trained” David quickly said “don’t worry Bablee, I been coming here for a long time and I know what to do and will teach you today” Bablee hesitantly looked at Saneeta, Saneeta said “yes Bablee, David is one of our regular client, you can trust him and learn from him and in return you give him some extra service” Saneeta said that with a cheeky smile and left the room. Saneeta then came to the office and said to us that all set-up and ready and wait for exciting things to happen in the next hour. Rajesh, Saneeta and me all three were sat in front of the monitor and eagerly watching the activities in the room. 4 CCTV cameras were fitted in the room 2 to capture the bed from both sides; one to capture the sofa and the fourth one was in the attached bathroom.

After couple of minutes of casual chat David undressed himself and went down to towel around his waist and lied face down on the bed. Bablee started oil massage on his back, while she was doing that we could see some sorts of request from David and hesitant from Bablee, after few minutes looked like with Bablee’s half hearted approval David took the towel away from his body while he was lying face down, now David is fully naked and Bablee showed very uncomfortable but without any choice carried on the massage on his legs, thighs and bumps. Once she has completed the massage on his back of the body, again looked like some sort of persuasion from David and hesitant and denial from Bablee. After few minutes we couldn’t believe our eyes…David slowly turned around and lied down face up, his fully erected cock was standing upright, Bablee looked shocked and covered her face with her hands in denial but didn’t leave the room or tried to cover David with towel…that showed us her half hearted approval. After few more minutes of persuasion from David, Bablee started her massage on his neck, hands, chest and was slowly moving down, we could see that there were some requests or comments from David which made Bablee to look his fully erected cock for the first time clearly and smiled still she missed his private parts and completed massage on his front body. After that looked like begging from David and Bablee looked struggling to reach a decision but she was comfortably looking the inviting cock and was smiling at David. Finally Bablee went and made sure the room door was locked inside, went back to David and hesitantly put some oil on her inner hand…then slowly reached the fully erected cock and started to rubbing it with her hands. Few more instructions came from David and the next few minutes Bablee’s both hands gave a through massage to the erected cock and testicles…Bablee must have decided either the cock was too good to miss or didn’t have a choice of escaping from that situation. Then David took Bablee into the bathroom and made her help him throughout his bath including putting shower gel all over his body, Bablee looked relaxed and comfortable when putting gel on cock and also seemed enjoying because when handling that cock, there was a smile on her face and often looked at David into his eyes with some expectation. Completed bath and she helped David dressed up, her eyes were lit up and shocked when David gave a £50 note as tip, while she was in shock David quickly grabbed her and started to kiss her on her lips, there was no real resistance from her as she didn’t expect that and couldn’t escape from her lips being tasted for a minute or so. While she was still in shock David said bye and left the room.

After David left the room, Rajesh called him on his mobile and asked him that how did it go today, David sounded very happy and said “it did go very well Ragi, she is almost done, in the next couple of meetings I should be able to fuck her and make her ready for anything”. Rajesh asked “how did she respond today”? David replied “as you may know she is a typical shy girl but after some persuasion she slowly came out of her shell and responded very well to gave me a very good massage on my cock, I could see and felt that she actually enjoyed it at last, during massage I asked her that how my cock was, she got shocked but finally smiled at me and said “nice”, I then asked her that why don’t she taste it, she gave me an angry look and said that was dirty, she didn’t refuse or shout but only said the cock was dirty (soaked in oil) that’s mean she was ready to take it into her mouth if it was clean and dry, I then took her to the bathroom and asked her to drop her clothes and join me in the bath, she again got shocked and said that not today, again she didn’t refuse, I said to her that she is joining me in the bath next time and also tasting my cock, without much choice she said ok with a smile and looked at my hard cock again, finally I gave her £50 tip and a kiss on her lip, I can promise you that this poor girl will drop her clothes on our next meeting and it’s up to you Ragi…do you want me to give her a good fuck or just oral tuning”? Rajesh said “don’t fuck her yet but you will get the opportunity to fuck her as you like”, David replied “ok, but I love to fuck this innocent chick into every holes as she is such a fuckable young girl, please don’t disappoint me”.

Bablee finished her shift and I picked her up as usual. When I asked she said that the day was ok and earned £110 tips, didn’t say anything else but I noticed a slight nervous in her. She recently has passed her driving exam and was saving money to buy a new car, I commented “you can buy your car soon if you regularly get tips like today”. We came home and I decided not to have sex with her for few weeks, just to keep her sexual feelings high that will influence her to surrender quickly to other men.

Before Bablee’s next shift, Rajesh managed to fix voice-recording devices in her room. So we were very much looking forward for action with voice.
Bablee went for her shift on the following week, Saneeta came into the office and said that Bablee has again chosen David from the pre-booking list for that day, Saneeta smiled at me and commented “this poor girl is definitely going to get fucked today”, Rajesh said “that’s what Bablee wanted, isn’t she, otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen David from the list”.

Bablee entered into her room, went in front of the mirror and made herself ready for the shift. After few minutes Saneeta and David entered, Bablee stood up and greeted them with a smile, Saneeta said in front of Bablee “David, Bablee chosen you from the pre-booking list, she must be liking you”, Bablee felt uncomfortable but David said “Bablee is a beautiful girl but very shy at times, let’s see how is she getting on today”. Saneeta finally said to Bablee that David has booked for bath and massage today, Saneeta left the room.

David straight away went after Saneeta and locked the room door inside, that was the first indication to poor Bablee about his intention. David approached Bablee and asked “how are you today Bablee?” she replied with a smile “fine”, David continued and asked “did you expect me today Bablee?” after few seconds of silence she nodded with a very shy smile to say yes, David said “good girl, I got a present for you today”, Bablee looked at David with excitement on her face, David opened his coat and took a single red rose and an envelop from his coat pocket and presented to Bablee, there was a slight hesitance in the start, then finally Bablee received those from David with a shy smile and surprisingly asked him that can she open the envelop, David said “go on”, Bablee firstly smelled the rose once and left it on the bed, then opened the envelop and found a “thank you” card, inside the card was two £50 notes and a hand written message read “advance thanks for keeping up your promises from last week…with love David xxx”. Bablee looked excited to find the money and confused with the message, David broke the silence and asked “can you remember that what you promised me last week”? after few seconds of silence she nodded again with a shy smile to say yes, David was delighted and said “good girl, let’s have bath first”.

David guided Bablee to the bathroom without further delay, undressed himself completely then told Bablee to take her clothes off, he got into that large Jacuzzi bath and opened the taps to fill and circulate the water, after setting up the bath David noticed that Bablee was still standing with hesitation. David said “what’s the problem Bablee, come on, take your clothes off and get into the bath as you promised last week”. After few minutes of resistance and persuasion Bablee finally gave up her resistance, slowly lifted her vest and put it in the hanger, after further small delay her leather skirt ended up in the hanger, she was down to her black lace bra and a purple lace panty. We could clearly saw that David’s cock was fully erected and stood up firmly. Rajesh also commented that Bablee looked gorgeous in her panty and bra and couldn’t wait her to drop those last pieces of clothe. Few minutes of further seduction by David, Bablee finally surrendered completely and took her bra and panty off and nervously waited by the bath fully naked but covering her boobs with her hands as a last resort. I just describe Bablee’s naked body for you… she has medium size firm round boobs, flat tummy, perfect size tight ass, smooth thighs, long legs and shaven pussy with very tight cunt. David gave her a hand and invited her into the bath, nervously and hesitantly Bablee stepped into the bath by holding David’s hand.

Rajesh went mad, ignored me and Saneeta and commented “what a fuckable beauty, you lucky David… but don’t fuck her yet please, I need to explore her first”, Saneeta angrily looked at Rajesh, Rajesh said “please forgive me Sanee, you know that I never laid my hand on any of the masseuses here but Bablee is one in a life time…I don’t want to miss it especially after Omair has offered me to fuck her”. Saneeta looked at me and asked “is this true Omair?” I hesitantly said “yes…I offered him as a gift for his help in achieving my ambition”, Saneeta asked “so, how many people are going to fuck this poor girl, she is so sweet and innocent, I feel sorry for her…ok, I understand your fantasy Omair, make a video of 2 to 3men fucking her or gangbanging her…no, she even can’t cope gangbanging because she is so young, skinny, inexperience and not strong enough to take more than one cock at one time , don’t let people to fuck her on a permanent basis. I will let you Ragi… to fuck Bablee just once, please don’t seduce that innocent girl”. Rajesh said “thank you my love, yes…just one night is enough for me to teach the art of love and fuck this cutie into every holes”.

While both are standing in the bath, we heard David saying ”Bablee, are you ok? why are you shivering? come on relax, all going to be ok soon” no reply from Bablee. David then turned Bablee towards him and slowly took her hands away from her chest and smiled at her, helplessly Bablee dropped her hands down, his cock was almost touching Bablee’s body while they were standing close to each other. Bablee was shivering and looking away from David with fear, David again comforted and encouraged her with words while closely looking Bablee’s boobs and pussy “you should feel proud to have this perfect body Bablee, you have such a lovely body, can I touch and feel it please?” Bablee knew that he is going to touch it any way regardless of her approval, she therefore must have decided not to resist and instead gave a smile as answer, David was really excited and quickly put his hands around Bablee and pulled her towards him, David was about 6” taller than Bablee, his face was above Bablee’s head and his cock was pressing on Bablee’s tummy, Bablee was helplessly melting in the hands of David.

David slowly lifted Bablee’s face and started kissing her on her lips, Bablee was helplessly standing still and letting him taste her lips, while he was kissing, his both hands were pressing Bablee’s bumps towards his body, after couple of minutes David made Bablee to kneeled down in the bath in front of him, he then brought his fully erected hard cock close to Bablee’s face, Bablee looked David’s face with fear but she knew that what she need to do next. David said “come on Bablee, taste my cock as you promised last week”, Bablee without any choice looked at the hard cock and then looked David’s face, after some hesitance Bablee slowly lifted the cock with her right hand and gave a quick kiss on the cock, David quickly said “no kiss Bablee, taste it” I couldn’t believe my eyes, in the next minute, half of David’s cock ended up in my wife’s mouth with the help of David, initially David was maneuvering his cock into my wife’s mouth but soon Bablee took over and started giving him a proper blow job.

David let Bablee to suck his cock for few minutes, we could see that Bablee was actually comfortably enjoy doing that without any fear. David then pulled his cock out of her mouth and signalled her to stand up. Bablee stood up and calmly waited for her next instruction, David could have easily fucked her in the bath as Bablee was in no mood of refusing that but David obeyed Rajesh’s instruction. David then started kissing Bablee again on her lips, then slowly moved his mouth towards her boobs and licked her nipples first, Bablee was standing still without any resistance, David then took her boobs into his mouth in turn and taste it. He then kneeled down in front of her, smiled at her and asked “are you ok?” Bablee shyly smiled and nodded her head to say “yes”, she knew that what he was going to do next, as expected he slowly placed his mouth between her legs and started licking her cunt. Bablee was standing still and her hands were rested on David’s shoulders while he was licking and eating her cunt, that activity went on for few minutes. They both then helped each other to complete their bath and got dressed. David gave her a kiss and said “see you next week” Bablee acknowledged it with a smile.

Rajesh and me decided not to send David on the following week to study more about Bablee, next couple of weeks all set-up clients were instructed to ask Bablee for additional service including fuck, Bablee only chose and agreed to give blow job to three of those attractive young men, surprisingly one of them was a tall white guy and Bablee was really struggling to take his monster cock into her mouth but seemed enjoyed it at last, she didn’t allow any of them to fuck her…hopefully expecting first fuck by David. In those two weeks we made her to earn almost £600.

Rajesh and me decided that she was ready for us to make the next move, On her next shift, Rajesh called her into his office and started a casual chat, he could notice that Bablee was nervous…believed that Rajesh had found out her activities in the room. Rajesh hesitantly started “Bablee, I have a proposition for you” she looked Rajesh with confusion, Rajesh continued “addition to this business I do an other business, making videos and exporting to India as there is a huge demand for this in India, I want you to star in our next video please, opportunity to earn around £2000 in three hours” Bablee was in shock even though that she didn’t know what type of video Rajesh was talking, Rajesh continued “don’t worry Bablee, you can trust me, a very good opportunity to earn quick money, I will also speak to Omair about it, the other girls here are begging for such opportunity but I want a homely looking family orientated young girl like you to star in my next video…I can guarantee that there will be a huge demand for you”. Rajesh didn’t allow Bablee to respond to his request instead he said “ok Bablee, you go and start your shift, I will speak to Omair and you discuss this with him tonight, in the mean time I will make all necessary arrangements for this shoot next week” Rajesh concluded the conversation without Bablee saying a word, Bablee went out and commenced her duty.

Bablee had completely trusted Saneeta like her sister and felt comfortable in having any conversation with her, Bablee has already indirectly told Saneeta of her experience with David and requested her to keep it secret, Saneeta encouraged her to be more brave and earn more money by agreeing to client’s wishes where ever possible and justified that is part of this job and promised her that she will keep this secret. Once again Bablee approached Saneeta for advice that day and asked her innocently “Sanee, Rajesh asked me today to star in a video, what do you think about it” Saneeta quickly replied “great, a very good opportunity…not all the girls gets this chance, do it and you could earn a huge amount of money in one day”, Bablee again innocently asked “what sort of video this is?”, Saneeta carefully replied “I am sure Rajesh will explain and prepare you, you can trust him…you are his best friend’s wife, he will look after you, you don’t even need to tell your husband if you are feeling uncomfortable” Bablee quickly said “Rajesh said that he is going to discuss this with Omair”, Saneeta said “this is a girly thing, he doesn’t understand, don’t worry I will stop him talking to Omair about this” and phoned Rajesh on her mobile in front of Bablee “Rajesh, you don’t need to speak to Omair about Bablee Staring in our video, she is feeling bit uncomfortable discussing it with Omair, she wanted to do it without Omair knowing it if it is ok with you (but Bablee didn’t agree yet), I will bring her to the office, explain to her bit more about this video”.

Saneeta took Bablee back to Rajesh’s office, Rajesh smiled at Bablee and said “silly girl, why didn’t you tell me this before, luckily I haven’t phoned Rajesh yet, that’s fine with me Bablee, thanks for trusting Saneeta and me, we wouldn’t do any harm to you and all will be for your good”, Rajesh told Bablee and Saneeta to sit down to discuss the video. Bablee was relaxed and felt comfortable because Saneeta was next to her and she still didn’t know fully about the video but we believed that she knew the video is not normal otherwise she wouldn’t request me to not to know. Rajesh started “this is our 4th video of this kind and we have sold over 2,000 copies of each of the previous three, I am sure we will sell much more this time because of Bablee” and smiled at her. Bablee smiled back without fully understanding the nature of the video. Rajesh continued “it will be easier for Bablee to star because you are going to star with two of our regular clients…David and James (tall white guy, Bablee already gave blow job)”, there was a pleasant reaction and excitement on Bablee’s face. Rajesh continued “this is a short story about 4 people… yourself, your friend Priya (one of the other girl work there), Priya’s boy friend David and his friend James, the important thing is Bablee that no one can identify you from this video because you will have different hair style and different make-up above all we will not focus people’s faces (Rajesh lied), so you don’t need to worry about any thing, only people will know who the girl on this video are myself, Saneeta, David, James, Priya and two camera men, you can trust me on this”. We believed that Bablee started to realising the type of video but kept silence.

Rajesh continued “this is the story…you and Priya are college mates and best friends, you are very shy and homely looking innocent girl like in real life but Priya is very modern and enjoying her life thoroughly while studying, she also has a boy friend (David) and enjoy having sex with him and his friends on a regular basis but you were a virgin, one day David and his friend James have seen you with Priya and really fancied your beautiful body, they requested Priya to bring you to their home for a party but Priya refused it by understanding their intension” Rajesh stopped and served cold drink from the fridge to Bablee and Saneeta. Saneeta said “very interesting story, isn’t it Bablee?” Bablee hesitantly said “yes”.

Rajesh continued “David and James continuously requested and begged Priya to bring you to their home one day, they also bought lots of presents to Priya and promised that if she bring you to their home they will by her a lap-top, Priya finally fell in their trap and decided to scarify her best friend, Priya was also asked to support their plan to seduce you when you visit their home. One day after college Priya asked you to come with her to one of her friend’s house to discuss her project work at college, you believed it and went with Priya, She took you to David and James’s house, you went inside without realising the danger because you have never met David or James before(in the story), Priya introduced David and James as her boy friends, they shake hands with you and you felt uncomfortable, they offered whisky to you, you refused and angrily looked at Priya, then they offered you orange juice while they all were drinking whisky, then all three started commenting about your beauty and how sexy you were, David started kissing and teasing Priya in front of you, you started feeling uncomfortable and fear but couldn’t get out of the house. You asked Priya that where is the project work discussion, they all laughed at you and David said that you are the project today but you didn’t understand the meaning at that stage. David then called james and handed Priya over to him and said to take care of her, David came and sat next to you on the sofa. You couldn’t believe your eyes that James started undressing Priya in front of you and David and started kissing all over her body, she was moaning in pleasure. You were looking to escape from that house but all the doors were locked and you finally realised that no way out, you started crying and begging them to let you go, all three were comforting you and begging you to join in the fun, after several minutes of persuasions and promises you half heartedly agreeing to their request without any choice and especially to avoid violence towards you, they all guiding you into the bedroom, you finding it a king size bed in the middle of the room and large mirrors on walls around the room, this is actually the story, the rest of it we will shoot it on the day according to the time left after capturing all these stories” Rajesh knew that he will have an hour left after capturing the story so far but didn’t want to scare Bablee that she need to act on the bed with others for one hour.

Once Rajesh has explained the story Saneeta said “great story, it will be a great success…I am sure that Bablee will become a real star, did you like the story Bablee?” Bablee shyly smiled and said “yes” without any choice, Bablee still looked confused with her role in the video as Rajesh didn’t say anything about once they have entered into the room. Rajesh and Saneeta were confident that they can make Bablee to agree to perform on the bed on the day after shooting the rest of the story and didn’t want to spoil anything today. They also had a secondary plan…if Bablee refused to perform on the bed on that day, they were ready to blackmail her with the videos taken in the massage parlour with David. Finally Rajesh asked “Bablee, you need to come early next Thursday as we need to go to East London at 10am for this shooting, is that ok with you?” Bablee hesitantly asked “what shall I tell Omair?” Rajesh said “you leave home as normal for shopping in the morning but instead of going to market come straight here, you don’t need to tell anything to Omair, he can come and pick you up as normal at 9pm, is that ok?” After few seconds of consideration Bablee hesitantly nodded her head and said “ok” by believing him completely. Rajesh Said “good girl”.

Rajesh and Saneeta started organising things for the shooting…Rajesh borrowed a countryside bungalow for that day from his friend, David, James & Priya were thoroughly briefed, two of his friends were arranged as camera men and all other necessary materials and clothing were arranged.

Bablee completely hided everything from me and acted as normal but I could see that she was really struggling to keep her normal. Following Thursday arrived, she pretended that she was getting ready for university, I noticed that she was dressed very smartly that day as the weather was very hot out there…she wore a tight white shirt and a full length loose skirt, she looked very sexy in that out fit. I as normal dropped her at the train station at 8 am for shopping and said “bye” (I should have said to her to have a good fuck) and I went to my work place, I couldn’t concentrate on my work I was thinking of how Bablee is going to respond but I knew that she will definitely get fucked today with or without her cooperation.

I didn’t witness the rest of the events on that day but I am explaining here after I have spoken to Rajesh and Saneeta. Bablee arrived at the massage parlour at around 9am instead of going to market. She looked bit nervous and scared, Saneeta took her in and comforted and encouraged her to be brave and promised that all for her good. Other people arrived and finally they all left in two cars, as pre-planned Rajesh put Bablee in one car with David, James and two of those camera men, Bablee ended up in the middle of the back seat both sides David and James were sitting, It was an hour drive to the bungalow, All four men were commenting her beauty and teasing her during the journey…just to make her horny, she felt uncomfortable and looked scared in the start but started to relax as they go along, David even whispered into her ears asking “were you missing my cock for the last two weeks?” she angrily looked at him and gave a friendly pat on his lap, James over heard that and whispered into her other ear saying “mine was much bigger than his, wasn’t it Bablee?” she was really embarrassed by those comments and repeatedly patted on both of their laps with angry but they knew that she was getting horny inside. Even the camera men joined in teasing her, camera men were two middle age guys, one of them asked “who is going to be the lucky guy taking this beauuuutiful girl for ride in the video?”, David quickly said “that’s me”, James jumped in and said “Rajesh said that me too”, the camera man now said “I love to join with you guys…she is such an angel”, David then said “Bablee is a good girl, she can take three in at a time, can’t you Bablee?” and all the men laughed, she was completely lost and didn’t genuinely understand their question and comments but she knew that they were talking some thing very nasty, she angrily said “I don’t know what you talking about, just shut up and leave me alone please”.

They all finally arrived at the bungalow, Saneeta took Bablee and Priya into a separate room and made them wear the dresses for out side shooting, Bablee was given a tight sleeveless top and full length skirt, Priya had same type top and a tight short skirt, Saneeta also did their hair, make-up etc, finally both girls looked immaculate and gorgeous. They all came out and met others in the front hall, all men’s eyes were stuck at the girls and all commented that how beautiful and sexy they were. Priya was only 19 years but she has been working for Rajesh since she turned up 18 and she already has took part in previous videos and Rajesh look after the girl very well because she was born and brought up in here and ready for anything and Rajesh make lot of money out of her, so Priya was relaxed and normal but Bablee looked nervous and shy in front of other men as this was new to her.

They all went out and started shooting the video, the following scenes were taken out side, Bablee and Priya were chatting and walking on the street, David and James were watching the girls from their car, the girls getting on and off a bus, finally both girls walking towards the bungalow. Around mid day they all came back into the bungalow, Bablee took Saneeta a side and asked “they are not taking my face, aren’t they?”, Saneeta replied “no Bablee, don’t worry, you can not be identified from the video, you will watch it first once we finished today, ok”, Bablee believed it as she always trust Saneeta completely. That’s why Rajesh arranged two camera men, one to take all the activities without focusing the girl’s faces, other one to capture everything including their facial expressions, at the end Bablee to show just the first video to make her satisfy that she is not identifiable from the video.

After lunch indoor shooting commenced, firstly they shot the conversation between David and Priya about bringing Bablee home, then Priya asking Bablee to accompany her to go to her friend’s house to discuss project work, finally they started shooting both girls arriving at the house. Camera rolled…David and James were sitting on the sofa, door bell rang, David opened the door and greeting and bringing the girls inside, Priya introducing David and James as her boy friends to Bablee, Bablee hesitantly shaking hands, Priya and the two guys having casual chat while Bablee hesitantly sitting on the sofa, James bringing and offering whisky to the girls, Bablee refusing it and angrily looking at Priya, Priya apologising and asking James to offer her orange juice. While Bablee was drinking orange juice all others were sipping whisky and continued chatting and laughing, then the men started asking questions to Bablee to bring her into their conversation but Bablee only hesitantly answered their questions and kept silence.

David then put the music on and took Priya to dance with him, James came and asked Bablee to join with him to dance but Bablee refused and angrily called Priya and asked “are we going to have project discussion or not, I need to go home”, the men laughed and said “you are the project today, we going to discuss it and complete it”, Priya said “don’t worry Nis, lets have some fun first”. Bablee angrily remained sat on the sofa, David and Priya continued their dance, James came and sat next to Bablee on the sofa.

Shooting continued…Rajesh and Saneeta were directing all the action, David started kissing Priya and taking her clothes off one by one, Within minutes Priya ended up just in panty, David was kissing all over her body and she was moaning in pleasure in front of the camera, Bablee angrily stood up and said “Priya, this is enough I am going” and walked towards the door, all three ran after Bablee and started comforting and persuading her to stay, David also locked the front door with key, Priya begged and finally managed to bring Bablee back to the sofa and also made her agree to watch their dance, Bablee sat on the sofa without any choice and looked scared because there was no way out, David and Priya continued with their dance, David now started undressing himself and went down to his under wear within minutes, his fully erected cock had made a huge bump on his under wear. David and James were in real mood and their cocks were fully erected because the expectation of fucking Bablee not Priya as they both have fucked and played with Priya several times in real. Next thing was Priya kneeled down in front of David and pulled his under wear down, his rock hard cock was bouncing up and down in front of Priya’s face, Priya gave a naughty smile towards the camera and then slowly started playing with that hard cock, after few minutes of massaging and rubbing David’s cock ended up in Priya’s mouth. Bablee was watching all these action without any choice and with full uncomfortable, James was now sitting very close to Bablee and was resting a hand around her shoulder, James was also encouraging Bablee to watch all action and was trying to make her comfortable. After few minutes of cock sucking David pulled his cock out and also pulled down Priya’s panty and both ended up fully naked.

Rajesh said “cut” and instructed James to take over Priya and David to come and sit next to Bablee, James quickly went close to Priya and undressed himself, then kneeled down in front of her and started licking Priya’s cunt and arse hole, David came and sat next to Bablee on the sofa still with his fully erected cock, Bablee was embarrassed and felt uncomfortable in front of other people, after few minutes James put condom on his cock and placed Priya on edge of a table and opened her legs, he then slowly inserted his cock into Priya’s wet cunt, he started slowly and then found rhythm in fucking Priya in front of Bablee and David, David was trying to make Bablee comfortable in watching all these action, David noticed that Bablee was shivering and her heartbeat was raising when James started fucking Priya but she started to calm down and relax after few minutes of watching that hard fucking, David took advantage of it and took one of her hand and placed it on top of his hard cock, Bablee with embarrassment looked at Rajesh and Saneeta, Rajesh signalled her to cooperate with David, after few struggle Bablee kept her hand there. James was told to continuously fuck Priya until Rajesh say cut, that fucking went on for about 10 minutes, camera men captured the action in every angle, in the mean time Rajesh ordered David to put one of his hand inside Bablee’s top and start squeezing her tits, Bablee resisted in the start but finally gave up without any choice, Rajesh then signalled David to start kissing Bablee, again after initial resistant Bablee’s lips ended being tasted by David, kissing and boobs squeezing were went on for few minutes while James was brutally fucking Priya. Rajesh again said “cut” and came to Bablee and made her hand to properly hold David’s erected cock, Bablee really felt uncomfortable when Rajesh first time took her hand and helped her to hold David’s cock as Bablee was treating Rajesh as a brother figure and her husband’s best friend but Rajesh’s intension was opposite. Finally David signalled Rajesh to say that Bablee was almost tuned and ready to be taken to the bed.

Rajesh then said “ok boys and girls, time to go into the bedroom now, come on, we now have an hour and 15 minutes more to shoot to make a 3 hour video”. James and Priya were looked very tired and exhausted after that hard fucking, so all decided to take a small break, energy drinks were served to every one but Bablee refused it and chose a glass of water without realising how tired she is going to be very soon, Bablee was still looked ok because she was still fully dressed while the other three were fully naked for the last few minutes but Bablee looked scared that she would end up in the same situation, she therefore approached Saneeta and quietly asked “what do I need to do in the room?”, Saneeta replied “don’t worry Bablee, Rajesh will guide you and the other three will take care of you, you looked nervous and scared…why?”, Bablee hesitantly said “I am scared…after watching Priya”, Saneeta said “you silly girl, Priya was actually enjoying it, she is younger than you and didn’t look scared at all…you also should enjoy it while acting, those two guys David and James are really good and give you the pleasure that you have never experienced in your life, ok relax and enjoy”.

Bablee was still in doubt and hesitantly asked “are they…going to…fuck me Saneeta?”, Saneeta said “don’t worry Bablee, they wouldn’t hurt you and you will be alright” she didn’t answer the question directly but Bablee understood that and took that as “yes”. Bablee now in tears and begged Saneeta “I will do anything you and Rajesh wanted to do…but please I don’t want to get fucked in front of the camera”, Saneeta said “ok, ok, Bablee, please don’t cry, people are looking at you…so you scared of getting fucked in front of the camera”, Bablee said “yes, and also in front of other people”.

Saneeta took Bablee to a separate room, made her comfortable, wiped her tears from her cheek and sat next to her and asked “ok, tell me why are you scared and why you look uncomfortable?”, Bablee hesitantly said “I don’t feel comfortable in front of strangers”, Saneeta asked “who are strangers?”, Bablee said “the camera men, I don’t like them, they teased me in the car and they told me that they wanted to take me for a ride…I don’t know what’s that mean”, Saneeta said “silly girl, why didn’t you tell me this before…so you comfortable with all the others?”, Bablee nodded with hesitation to say yes. Saneeta continued “ok, I will make sure that the camera men are kept away from the room and will ask Rajesh to take the video…you happy now?”, Bablee kept silence, Saneeta continued “so now will be only us in the room, you can relax and perform, ok”. Saneeta did Bablee’s make-up again and changed her hairstyle to a single ponytail. Saneeta asked Bablee to wait in the room and went out to speak to Rajesh to re-arrange video taking, Saneeta came back in few minutes and said “Bablee, all arranged as you wanted, Rajesh and I will be taking the video and the camera men wouldn’t come into the room, ok”, Saneeta then asked “do you want to go to bathroom before we start?”, Bablee said “yes”, Saneeta then said “ok Bablee, you go to the bathroom, I will go and get some drink for you, you must drink something as you will get very tired, what would you like?”, Bablee said “just water”, Saneeta said “no, no, water is no good, you need some energy drink or glass of milk”, Bablee chose milk, Saneeta brought a glass of fresh milk and made Bablee to drink after she came back from bathroom. Saneeta internally felt sorry for poor Bablee as how this shy Pakistani wife is going to cope for the next few minutes.

As Bablee is the star of this video, Rajesh and Saneeta decided to focus Bablee in the rest of the video, therefore Rajesh suddenly change the story line slightly, after the activities in the hall, all four went towards the room, once they went inside the room, Priya suddenly had a call on her mobile from her mother to come home urgently which Priya couldn’t refuse, Priya asked David secretly “what shall I do?”, David whispered into her ears “you go home but tell Bablee that you will be back in an hour after meeting your mother”. Priya then said “hi guys, I need to go urgently to meet my mum but I will be back in an hour, Bablee you stay here, when I come back we can go together, ok”, Priya didn’t give a chance to Bablee to respond, while Bablee was in shock Priya left the room and gone.

Now Rajesh explained to Bablee and others “the rest of the video only you three are going to star”, Saneeta took Bablee a side and asked “Bablee, would you like to rehearse some of the action with David and James or ready to act straight away?”, Bablee kept silence with hesitance, David said “she don’t need it we will teach her everything, don’t worry, come on Bablee, relax”. Rajesh told Bablee to sit on the bed and then he shot Bablee in every angels, then told David and James to open the room door and walk towards the bed and told Bablee to look at them with fear. Shooting continued according to Rajesh’s direction…David and James came and sat on the bed each side of Bablee, Bablee looked really scared and nervous, they started comforting Bablee and promising that Priya will be back soon. They then slowly started telling Bablee that they going to give her a good time before Priya come back and both of them laid hand on Bablee without her permission,

Bablee was in a real vulnerable situation, she knew that even if she asked to stop or started to cry, no body in that room was going to help her to come out without getting fucked, she finally realised that she was going to get fucked by strangers for the first time in her life but she didn’t know that how many men were going to enjoy her on that day.

Rajesh started the direction…Bablee and both men were sitting on the bed and chatting, then the men started undressing themselves and went naked, each of them took Bablee’s each hand and placed it on their erected cocks, Bablee was told to rub them and massage, after a while Bablee was asked to kneeled down on the floor and the two men came each side of her and their hard cocks were bouncing up and down in front of her face, she was told to slowly take them into her mouth and suck them in turn, in few minutes she was asked to stand up, she stood up and looked at the men, both men guided her to the bed, she looked at Rajesh and Saneeta, Rajesh signalled her to carry on, both men slowly placed her on the bed, David bend down and started kissing her on her lips and also held her both hands tightly above her head, James slowly placed his hands around her waist and loosen her skirt, while David was genuinely tasting her lips and tongue James slowly started sliding her skirt down, Bablee bend her knees in vain to stop loosing her skirt but she couldn’t physically stop James sliding and removing her skirt as David held her tightly against the bed.

Both men started to completely take over the action and some time even Bablee’s wish, Bablee was completely vulnerable and helpless as Rajesh and Saneeta started to ignore her reluctance. Bablee realised that things were started going out of her control, against her wish and the men were slowly started turning nasty towards her. David now kneeled down and Bablee’s head ended between his thighs and he tried to insert his cock into her mouth again, Bablee turned her head and refused to take it in, after few struggle Saneeta came closer and made Bablee to open her mouth and his cock ended in her small mouth, while all these were happening James slowly inserted his finger into her panty and started rubbing her cunt with his fingers and started slowly sliding her panty down with his other hand, Bablee couldn’t see or stop James’s activity because David was almost sitting on her face, as a last resort she bend her knees again to stop James sliding her panty down but all her efforts went in vain and James successfully managed to slide her panty through her legs. Her shaven pussy was exposed, she tried in vain to hide that by stretching her top down and placing her right thigh cross to her left thigh but cameras were managed to capture the glimpse of her cunt.

David again took her hands and tightly held above her head against her wish while manoeuvring his cock into her mouth that made easy for James to play with her pussy without any resistant, James slowly moved her top up and placed his mouth between her thighs while she was holding her thighs tightly together and crossed to prevent her cunt being exposed but after few struggles James was managed to place his tongue on her cunt, Rajesh signalled James to open her thighs and lick her cunt, James used some force to open her legs and held apart and started licking her cunt and found that was completely wet and sticky, he signalled Rajesh to shoot that activity and that went on for few minutes, Bablee started to show relaxation and her resistances started to slow down without any choice.

Rajesh signalled cut and break…David pulled his cock out of her mouth and James took his tongue out of her cunt and let her free, Bablee quickly got up and ran into the next room, Saneeta followed her quickly and found Bablee was sitting on the bed and hiding her face in her hands and wept. Saneeta asked “what’s the matter Bablee?”, Bablee replied “please let me go home” and continued sobbing, Saneeta replied in a high tone “why…what happened suddenly, you agreed to this video already and we have made all arrangements…now you can’t refuse, sorry Bablee you will have to finish this video”, Bablee didn’t expect that from Saneeta and explained “ok, I agreed but why those two men are treating me like an animal and you two are not saying anything?”, Saneeta replied “sorry Bablee, that was part of the story”, Bablee angrily continued “no, they were showing violence towards me and hurting me at times even though I was agreeing to all actions”, Saneeta said “sorry Bablee, we didn’t know that, we thought that they were making the video to be real and genuine, there is no need for them to hurt you but only thing they admitted that they can’t hold their cocks much longer as you were making them so horny and both were desperate to fuck you”.

Rajesh suddenly entered the room and asked “what’s going on?”, Saneeta explained Bablee’s concerns and reluctance. Rajesh came and sat next to Bablee and took her hands away from her face and said “look Bablee, I wouldn’t let anybody hurting and abusing you unnecessarily, I think you are scared of James and David of their western action and size, am I correct?” after few seconds of silence Bablee lifted her head and looked at Rajesh with still tears running on her cheeks. Rajesh went very close to her and put his hand around her neck and made her head to rest on his chest and wiped her tears with his other hand and comforted her with rights, Bablee felt comfortable and kept rested her head on his chest, Rajesh secretly signalled Saneeta to leave the room, Saneeta acknowledged it and said “ok, I am leaving you two to sort this problem, I am going to serve drink to every one, do you want any drink?”, Rajesh said “no, we are ok, we will come there soon, you go and make all the arrangements”. Saneeta left the room and shut the door behind her.

Bablee was still resting her head on Rajesh and looked at his face like a child and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all even though she was not wearing panty and keeping her legs crossed to hide her private part as her top was not long enough to hide. Rajesh asked “ok Bablee, tell me now, you scared of James and getting fucked by him don’t you?”, Bablee felt shy and looked away from Rajesh and finally said yes. Now Rajesh rested his left hand on her knee and started massaging that area and said “ok Bablee, I will take James away for the rest of the video, you happy now?”, Bablee smiled at him and kept silence, Rajesh slowly moved his hand up and now started rubbing her thighs, no resistance from her but Rajesh felt that her body was shaking in embarrassment of her husband’s best friend and her was in that situation for the first time. Rajesh then hesitantly asked “is that ok for me to replace James on the video please, I will promise you that I will handle you gently and softly?”, Bablee got shocked and looked at Rajesh with surprise and asked “would Saneeta agree to this?”, Rajesh replied “don’t worry Bablee, Saneeta also starred in our first video and got fucked by three men, then only she became my partner and we have good understanding between us”. Now Rajesh lifted Bablee’s face and gave her kiss on her lips without any resistance and asked again “you still haven’t answered my question”,
Bablee kept silence but shyly smiled at him, Rajesh asked “is that mean yes?”, Bablee finally said “ok” with a shy smile. Rajesh grabbed her in joy and repeatedly kissed her while his other hand now started rubbing her cunt, in embarrassment Bablee tried to push his hand away and failed. After couple of minutes of kissing and fingering Rajesh brought Bablee out to the main room.

New plan was discussed with everyone, Rajesh took James a side and secretly said “I know you disappointed but don’t worry you will fuck this girl today once she settled down a bit as she is now scared of taking your monster cock in, I don’t want to force her at this stage…let’s see later on”. One more important thing Rajesh and saneeta had to discuss with Bablee before start the finale part, they took Bablee to the next room again and Rajesh hesitantly started “Bablee, we want the video to be so real and erotic, therefore we have decided to take the fucking scenes without wearing condoms but don’t worry we wouldn’t release our cums inside you, for precaution we have contraceptive pills for you to take straight away, please cooperate”, Bablee got shocked and angrily refused for that, as usual after few minutes of persuasion they made Bablee to agree to their condition as Bablee didn’t have much choice.

Filming continued…Bablee was sitting on the bed, Rajesh and David approached her from both side and both were fully naked, Bablee greeted them with smile, Rajesh straight away lifted her top and removed it through her head, David went behind her and started undoing her bra hooks, within seconds Bablee ended up in fully naked and tried in vain to hide her private parts with her hands and crossed legs. Bablee was asked to open her legs for camera, she initially refused but finally ended in her wet cunt was captured on cameras. Then both men were started kissing her all over her body including her tits and cunt to make her really horny, once they satisfied that she was ready and wouldn’t resist, Rajesh asked her to sit on her knees and bend down (dogy style), David went in front of her and placed his cock into her mouth without any resistant, Rajesh kneeled down behind her back, placed his hands around her waist and grabbed her, she now realised that she was only a minutes away from her getting fucked by Rajesh, Rajesh then brought his hard cock close to her back and rubbed her ass hole and cunt with his cock, she pulled her mouth out and turned her head around and looked at Rajesh for the last time, Rajesh smiled at her and told her “be a good girl, I wouldn’t hurt you”, she smiled back. David turned her head around and inserted his cock back into her mouth.

Rajesh then slowly located her cunt and started pushing his cock into it, there was a slight resistant from Bablee and Rajesh was finding hard to insert his cock into her tight cunt, Rajesh used some force and grabbed her waist tightly and tried again to pushed his cock into her cunt, he then started getting some success and his cock was slowly sliding inside her cunt, once again he over came some resistance from Bablee and continued manoeuvring his cock in, cameras were capturing all the actions closely, While Rajesh was manoeuvring his cock inside her, Bablee was shivering and shaking in pain and pleasure. Finally Rajesh managed to insert his full cock inside Bablee, Rajesh grabbed her pony-tail and turned her head and asked “are you ok?”, she looked at him angrily first but smiled at last. Rajesh signalled David to move away from her face and camera to capture her facial expressions while he was fucking, Bablee knew that cameras were capturing the full action but she was helpless to stop that.

Rajesh then started slowly fucking her from the back and gradually found rhythm, Bablee was helpless and cooperated without any choice, often turn around and looked at Rajesh with the expectation of him stopping but he carried on for several minutes with increased pace, she was in complete pain and pleasure. Finally he stopped and pulled his cock out, Bablee with huge relieve got up and sat on the bed with full tiredness. Saneeta brought some energy drink and made Bablee to drink them this time.

Filming continued…Rajesh said “now is David’s turn to fuck you, you like him don’t you Bablee?”, she angrily smiled, Rajesh continued “he will give you the best fuck in your life…relax and enjoy, no need to be shy anymore, you been a brave girl so far”. David’s hungry cock was waiting for a long time for this opportunity and David approached Bablee with excitement. Rajesh explained “this scene should be like lovers having intimate sex, so Bablee you must genuinely involve in the action, ok”. David approached Bablee and started passionately kissing her all over her body while his fingers were rubbing her cunt, after few minutes Rajesh signalled David to start the fucking, David softly placed Bablee on the bed and lifted her right leg and positioned his fully erected cock into her wet cunt, Bablee was looking away in shy but let David to continue as he wanted, now David has placed his cock into her cunt and started pushing it in, as his cock was sliding in, Bablee jerked and bite her lips in pain and pleasure, David finally managed to push all of his cock inside her and started the art of fucking, Bablee’s facial expression showed that she was started enjoying the fucking, David gave her real pleasure for few minutes.

She then was told to stay in dogy style again, Rajesh came in front of her face and inserted his cock into her mouth and tightly held her face towards him by holding her pony-tail while manoeuvring his cock into her mouth, Rajesh then secretly signalled James to takeover her pussy without knowing her…they knew that was a risky attempt, James slowly came behind her and positioned his monster cock between her asses…she still thought that was David, James slowly moved his cock towards her cunt and started pushing into it, she must have felt some thing different and tried to turn her head around to looked at what was going on but Rajesh held her head tightly and didn’t let her to turn her head around, during this struggle James has managed to inserted most of his cock in and Bablee was jerking in pain but never thought that James was riding his monster cock into her, James actually couldn’t insert all of his cock inside her because that was too big for her and too painful but he started the fucking, Bablee was jerking in pain for every push and tried hard to get away from Rajesh’s hold in vain, James found rhythm and increased his pace in tearing her tight pussy with his meaty cock. While James was still fucking Rajesh took his cock out of her mouth and lifted her face towards him and noticed that she was in real pain and tears in her eyes. Bablee still didn’t know that who was riding his cock into her, Rajesh mercilessly asked while still holding her head towards him “how are you feeling Bablee?…do you know who is riding the cock into you now?”, Bablee got scared and looked at Rajesh in anger and shook her head to say no, Rajesh continued mercilessly while James was still fucking “have a guess”, Bablee now almost begged in anger “please let me have a look or tell me”.

Rajesh finally let her head free, Bablee turned her head around and found James was smiling at her while continue fucking, she got angry and tried to pull herself from him but all her effort went in vain as James held her waist very tightly and strongly, she looked at Rajesh and asked “please ask him to stop, it’s hurting me”, Rajesh said “I will tell him to stop if you would take his cock into your mouth”, Bablee angrily looked at him but without any choice agreed, James took his monster cock out of her pussy and came in front of her face, held her pony-tail and lifted her face towards his and smiled while Rajesh went her back and positioning his cock between her asses.
James now asked her “didn’t you like my cock?”, she angrily replied “no”, he asked “why Bablee…other girls love my cock inside them”, she said “it’s too big for me and hurting”. James smiled at her and said “you looked scared by looking at the size but bigger the cock is better the pleasure the girls get and your pussy is perfectly enough to take mine in…please give me an other chance from the front, I will give you the best ever pleasure in your life”, she kept silence but looked convinced by James’s explanation. James then brought his monster cock close to her mouth while Rajesh was locating her ass-hole with his cock as Bablee didn’t know what Rajesh was going to do next as that would be even painful.

Rajesh bend down and started licking her ass hole and made it wet while Bablee was struggling to take James’s monster cock into her mouth, Rajesh then brought his cock and positioned it out side her ass hole, she suddenly realised the danger and tried to pull herself away from Rajesh but Rajesh held her waist tightly and now even started pushing his cock into her ass hole, she started crying in pain and begged “please stop…it’s hurting”, but nobody listened her request and Rajesh carried on pushing his cock into her very tight ass hole, finally his full cock ended up in her ass hole. Rajesh started to manoeuvre his cock into her ass hole while she was crying in pain. James comforted her in saying “ok Bablee, all gone in now, it wouldn’t hurt anymore, please don’t cry”. Rajesh fucked her mercilessly into her ass hole for few minutes and finally unloaded his cum inside her ass hole, she must have felt that he has unloaded his cum inside her but she couldn’t do anything. Rajesh took his cock out and let her free, she lied face down on the bed and cried, everyone ignored her and decided to take a break.

Saneeta came and sat on the bed and placed Bablee’s head on her lap and started comforting her in saying “ok Bablee, almost finished, only one more scene to take that’s all, you been a good girl so far”, Bablee sobbed and said “I can’t anymore I am really tired, please take me home”, Saneeta said “ok, ok there is no rush, we will take break and have some drink, have a quick shower then you will be fresh for the last scene”. Saneeta helped her to stand up and guided her to the next room, Bablee was really tired and walked in real pain, Saneeta took her straight into the bathroom and helped her having a quick shower, brought her to the bed in that room and made her sit on the bed and covered her with a towel. Saneeta then went to the main room to bring some coffee for Bablee, all the men including those two camera men were in the room chatting and having drink, everyone looked at Saneeta with the expectation of Bablee following and disappointed that Bablee didn’t come out, James quietly asked “where is that little slut?”, Saneeta angrily said “shut up James, don’t call her slut, she is still crying in pain, you three have fucked her like a slave”, David said “she is so fuckable, I would love to fuck her all day long but she is over reacting a bit because she doesn’t want to get fucked in front of other people and cameras, I know she like me and I could have easily fucked her in the massage parlour but I left her for Rajesh to open her cunt first, I even felt today that she enjoyed my fucking”, Saneeta said “if you think she likes you, why don’t you go and comfort her and make her ready for the next shots”, Rajesh jumped in “yes David, that’s a good idea, prove us that she like you and she is your Barbie doll”, David excited and said “ok, I will make her ready today but in return I will take her my home for one whole day and teach her the art of fuck”, Rajesh said “if you make her to agree, there will be no objection from us”.

Saneeta gave the coffee to David to take it in for Bablee, David opened the room door and found Bablee was sitting in the bed hiding her face in her hand and wept, David went and sit on the bed next to her, Bablee lifted her face and got shocked, David gave her the coffee cup and said “Bablee, you should be enjoying this instead of worrying too much, trust me, I am your friend and I like you so much, I know you like me too. We both had good times in the massage parlour, why don’t you relax and enjoy, girls normally love this situations and enjoy getting fucked by different men at the same time”. Bablee angrily replied “but I don’t like this David”, David said “you agreed for this video didn’t you?”, Bablee hesitantly replied “yeh…but I honestly thought it was just you, me and Priya but now looks like all the men are trying to fuck me in front of the camera”, David then said “so you didn’t mind me fucking you…yes Bablee?”, she looked at him angrily but finally smiled at him and said “you also fucked me hard and didn’t help me when I was crying in pain”, David said “I am sorry Bablee, you know that I was only acting according to Rajesh’s instruction but to be honest I really enjoy fucking you…please forgive me if I have hurt you”.

Bablee finally forgive David and hesitantly said “David, I don’t mind you fucking me but I don’t like others fucking me again, please tell me that what they going to do next?”. David knew that the finale part of the video is gang bang and all men unloading their cums into her mouth but David couldn’t possibly tell her that, David said “Bablee, only about 15 minutes more to shoot, have you ever watched any adult movie?”, she said “no, why?”, David replied “no Bablee, all this type movies need to be end with….” David stopped, Bablee asked “end with what?”, David said “sorry Bablee, to be end with gang bang and releasing cum into the girl’s mouth”, Bablee immediately said “No, I am not doing that”, David said “sorry Bablee, Rajesh can’t complete this video without taking this scene, please cooperate only for 15 minutes”, Bablee said “there is no way I am going to allow James and Rajesh to fuck me again as they already have hurt me so much”. David tried his best to persuade Bablee but without any success he finally called Saneeta into the room and explained the situation. Saneeta joined with David and tried to persuade Bablee to agree for the last shoot but Bablee was adamant.

After consulting with Rajesh Saneeta came back to the room and said “we all are not happy because after all the hard work you just pulling out against your promise but we have decided not to force you further, Rajesh asked me to strictly tell you that you will have to act with David and act solo as we instruct for the next few minutes without any more refusal, is that clear?”, Bablee with relieve but without understanding their intention said “that’s fine as long as no one else is touching me”.

As change of plan Rajesh decided to shoot a bathing scene, Bablee was dressed up and explained how she need to act, Bablee walked into the bathroom and slowly took her clothes off one by one and finally went naked and had a shower while two cameras were capturing all her movements, a 10 minute long bath scene was taken, Bablee didn’t bother too much about her face was captured.

Then all briefing and arrangements were made for the finale scene. Shooting started…David was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, Bablee walking into the room fully clothed, both sitting next to each other and chatting and laughing, David asking Bablee to come to bed, Bablee refusing and angrily giving a pat on his lap and threatening to leave the room, David quickly went and locked the door inside, Bablee realised the danger and stood calmly, David said “sorry Bablee, I am not going to let you go without getting fucked, please cooperate with me”. Finally Bablee was taken to bed and fucked hardly for 10 minutes into her cunt and ass-hole, she seemed enjoyed the fucking. As pre-agreed David took his cock out and placed it into her mouth, within seconds he unloaded his cum into her mouth, it was sprayed on her face and dripping from her mouth, she was in complete discomfort but she was ordered to smile and lick the exhausted cock, she licked and tasted the last drops of his cum. All these actions were clearly captured in both cameras from several angles. Rajesh said cut and the shooting ended.

All men and Saneeta came around the bed and congratulated Bablee and David, Bablee felt discomfort and embarrassed. Saneeta took her to bathroom and helped her to clean her face and to have a quick shower, Bablee dressed up and all left the bungalow and arrived at the massage parlour.

I picked her up as normal that night, these all happened nearly 3 months ago but Bablee still hiding it from me and still pretending that she is innocent and believing that I am not aware of these things, she is still take care of our four kids at home and working two evenings at the massage parlour. She is also having regular sex with David at the parlour but several other clients tried to have sex with her and couldn’t make her agree. Rajesh and me decided to let it as it is for the time being. As Rajesh is my best and most trusted friend he has handed over both video cassettes to me and I completely trust him that he has not taken any copies of them, I have been watching these videos whenever I get chance without knowing to Bablee and thoroughly enjoying and fulfilling my fantasy. I still hard to believe that how a shy Pakistani wife turned into a complete slut within days.

Escort Agency of Bablee

My auntie “Bablee” was cash-strapped those days. She was that time doing her textile business. She was thirty five and mother of four children, but she looked young enough for people to think she is unmarried. She was athletic, slim and tall. She carried herself well; dressed elegantly and was very beautiful with lovely thick silky long hairs which fell below her shoulder. She had a sharp nose, full lips. a well defined chin; and large eyes. However, her striking feature was her figures. Though petite, her body looked full, endowed with large yet firm breasts and a tight but wide butt. I was twenty three, five feet ten inches tall. slim and fit. I used to be very close to her when I were younger; but over the last few years we had drifted apart; as she was busy with her work all the time, because her husband is in abroad and he did not come for last ten years. So she has to take care of her children by herself. She used to procure textile materials, get them designed into fashionable garments and supply them to retail outlets in Lahore. It was during a festival she needed lots of money to buy a large consignment – as that is the peak season for this business. She asked her friends to lend her money. But they could not.

I had been working for my friend’s business and was trying to get a new agency for a reputed tiles manufacturing company. Its sales manager came to Lahore for a business visit. I met him, and took him out for drinks and dinner. He asked me if I could arrange a call-girl for him. And trust me, I had no idea how to get one in Lahore, though I knew there was Shahi Mohalla, the red-light area of Lahore full of cheap whores, which would not help my cause.

I got back home, and was not getting sleep, not knowing how to get the sales manager satisfied, and possibly get the agency. I got up and then wanted to check my emails. While doing so, I just clicked on a search for call girls in Lahore. It went to a site on sex guide in Pakistan. One advertisement appealed to me. It read – A classy tall bold and beautiful modern girl, who knows how to please is available for making your fantasies true – if your purse can afford. You will find girl of your dreams – and someone you can share anything with – what you never shared with your wife or girl-friend. For reasons unknown I just filled in the name of the manager, Mr. David, his hotel details and asked her to come the next day at 1pm to the hotel. A while later I went to sleep.

Next day, I went to see the sales manager, Mr. David. We were sitting in his room. I did not divulge to him that I had tried to arrange a call girl as I was not sure if the girl would respond. We were discussing business and sipping beer. “It is quite boring here in Lahore. I wish I had some good company.” David said as he sipped his beer. I was looking at my watch frequently to see if it was one o’clock and if the girl would really turn up. We must have polished off three bottles each in the morning itself. Exactly at 1pm, the phone in the room rang.

My heart skipped several beats as I saw Mr. David picking up the phone. He said,” Hello, David here…..” and after a pause said, “but I ……….I do not know…..” I went unto him and gestured to him to give me the phone. I took it from him and said, “Hello, may I help you?” A female voice came from the other end, “Is Mr. David there?” “Yes Ma’am. By the way, are you Miss Afreen?” I inquired. “Yes, I am Afreen and I was supposed to see Mr. David in his room.” Wao!! I thought to myself… David will get a girl today and I shall get the agency…. “That is correct Madam, how much do you charge?” I asked. “It was in the net. I charge twenty thousand rupees for two hours. And it is to be paid in advance. For each extra hour, another ten thousand rupees. And for trying variations, I charge extra.” I knew I had to pay for this. So I wanted to be clear. “Madam, it is for two hours only. But the gentleman may like to try out few variations. Please let me know how much you are going to charge.” There was a pause. Then the lovely voice started again, “For anal sex, I charge ten thousand extra. But it is to be done with condom. For blow job with condom, I charge two thousand extra; and without condom, five thousand. If the man wants to come in my mouth and ass; my total charges are thirty five thousand rupees. And not a rupee less. And I can assure you, all my clients go back satisfied.” Fortunately I had the cash with me, as I had to make some payments. I spoke, “Please wait in the lobby. I shall come there and pay you in advance, and you can then take care of my client in his room. But how do I recognize you?” She replied, “I am in white top and black trousers. I am slim and tall, and am carrying a black handbag. My hair has shades of brown. I am wearing dark sunglasses. I am sitting in the corner-most sofa in the lobby.” I hung up the phone and then turned to Mr. David. “Mr. David, I am getting you a girl, and you can have all your fantasies fulfilled!!” There was a smile on his face. “Hey you… thanks man!!! You did not tell me, so that I could have taken a Viagra earlier!! Anyway, hope she is good. You can come back after she leaves.” While going out of his room, I turned back and told him,” I shall take care of her payments, you just have fun!!!” I opened the door and went to lift to go down to the lobby.

As I looked around, I saw a lady sitting in the corner of the lobby with her back to me. I went slowly towards her, and saw the black strap of her handbag on her white shirt. Her hair was open and cascaded down, some of them hanging behind the back of the sofa in soft curls.

“Ma’am, I came to pay you so that you can then go to the room for Mr. David”. I was shocked the moment the lady turned around to face me. I felt as if I would collapse. My mouth dried up, my heart was pounding against my chest and my legs wobbled as I saw her. It was my auntie – Bablee. I caught the sofa to balance myself, and staggeringly went around and sat on the sofa by her side.

“You…. Here…. .” I stammered as if I saw a ghost.

Her face turned pale; and her lips quivered. She was looking down. She was dressed very elegantly, in a pair of black trousers, though fairly tight with flares at the bottom; black high-heeled pointed shoes and a white silk shirt, which had top two buttons undone, just giving a hint of a cleavage, but not exposing anything other than a lacy white bra. The shirt was tight though and the buttons appeared a bit strained, as her shapely bust was trying to push through.

She started after a pause, “Well, you know I needed money for my children and for my business and I needed it bad and had to make it fast. I had no other choice. This way, I can make some fast bucks and then invest in my business. And I am taking all precautions. I go only to five star hotels, where I meet much selected people; and stick to all safe practices. What else could I do to get the money? I did not have any choice.”

“Yes, I understand.” I said, in an assuring tone. “Well, you have to be careful. You should make sure no one finds out.” I looked into her eyes which were hidden behind her sunglasses. “I actually wanted to get someone for this Mr. David to get the agency of tiles; and was just taking a chance in the internet. And that is how I contacted you. Actually I was supposed to pay for his entertainment.”

“Well, you still have to pay,” her voice was lighter this time. “Do not worry, if it helps you, I shall take care of him. But you know, we have to keep it to ourselves.”

“Thanks a lot Bablee.” I said softly. “His room number is 561.”

She got up, and majestically walked to the elevator. The shirt was short. It ended just at her waist. The tight black trousers stuck to her behind like a second skin. Her butts were tight, firm and were swinging with each of her steps. A white thong was peeking out over the waist of her low-rise trousers. The thin wisp of the thong was out, making itself tantalizingly visible through her sheer shirt. Her high heeled shoes made her ass sway provocatively as she walked. She waited in front of the lift for a while, and then disappeared as the lift opened and closed.

A million thoughts were crowding my mind; and I was imagining what David would be doing with my auntie Bablee. I was trying to get a mental picture of what would be happening in room 561. I went to the coffee-shop and sat there waiting for David’s call. Almost after an hour and half my mobile rang, and I woke up from my reverie. It was the hotel number on my phone. I switched on the phone.

“Ameer, David here. Can you come over to my room?”

I rushed to his room.

David had wrapped a towel around is waist as he came to open the door. Bablee was in the bathroom.

“She is wonderful Ameer. I really had fun and lots of thanks for arranging this wonderful lady. And now the agency is yours!!!”

Bablee came out of the bathroom. She was her usual composed self. Her make up was intact. Her hair was neatly arranged. Her attire was flawless. Her eyes were expressionless though. She sat on the sofa and put on her shoes, tied the lace and got up. She came near Mr. David, gave him a peck on the cheek; then took out her sunglasses from her bag, wore it. She was about to leave, when David spoke,” Thank you so much Ms. Afreen (fack name of Bablee for her escort agency). I enjoyed every second of your company; and shall cherish it for ever. Hope you have not forgotten my little souvenir I asked for.”

“Thanks to you too Mr. David.” Bablee replied. “Your souvenir is in your bathroom. I left it for you.” Bablee smiled and went out of the room.

I saw David ogling at the sexy posterior of my auntie Bablee as she went out of the room.

“And Mr. Ameer, give me a few minutes, I shall hand over the contract to you and then I need to sleep. I am famished!!”

David brought out the documents from his briefcase, signed it and handed them over to me. I thanked him and left his room with mixed feelings. I have used my own auntie’s services to get the contract, at the same time I was happy I got the contract. I returned home straightaway.

I went to my room, and was thinking of my auntie Bablee. On one hand I was shocked my auntie Bablee was whoring around; but on the other I was grateful to her for bagging the business contract. I did not want to be a moral police. I reasoned to myself, girls can be bed-hoppers for fun; so which way was it wrong if my auntie Bablee slept with different men. Well, she was using sex as a tool to make money – but what is wrong in that?” Then I thought of going to her room and thank her again for helping me in the business. I changed to my shorts and a T-shirt and went to her room. I knocked at her door.

“Get in Ameer”, she shouted.

I went inside. She was lying on her bed. She was wearing a tracksuit and a T-shirt and was lying on her stomach and going through some dress-design book.

“Thanks a million Bablee.” I began the conversation. “I owe you my life for helping me out with the deal. David was so happy that he signed the contract just after you left and gave it to me.” I told her in a very normal voice easing the situation as if nothing wrong has ever happened.

She did not sound even a trace perturbed. Her voice was steady. “He is a decent old man.” My auntie Bablee said. “Poor fellow’s wife does not sleep with him and he wants to make the best use of whatever active sex-life the old-man is left with.” She paused and without lifting her gaze from her book, continued professor-like, “These guys have sex in their minds, but their bodies refuse. They need it more, but cannot perform. When you make them think they are good in bed and fake a few orgasms, their male ego gets boosted; and they start thinking their pencil-thick cock is the best performing tool in the world! You know, what is important is, you got to please the man’s ego, not his sexual drive.”

“Whatever it is, David was head over heels for you. And he was ever so thankful.” I added.

“Yes, he also told me the same thing. He had never experienced anal sex before and he was so excited when I let him fuck my ass. After coming twice in an hour, once in my mouth and once in my ass; he was finished. He did not have energy left to handle me for two hours.” She was saying with a kind of pride in her voice. “By the way, you got to buy me a new thong. He took mine saying he needed it as a souvenir!!” She chuckled.

“Whatever you say Bablee. If you want, I can buy you a wardrobe.” I assured her. “But Bablee, this way, if you handle such clients directly, there is always a chance someone known would find out and you know how our relative will get pissed off.”

“That is right. But I try to be as discreet as possible. I entertain only those who are not from Lahore; and only if the person is not known any way. But considering what happened today, I have to find a way to carry this on properly.” She raised her head from the book and sat down folding her legs.

“May be, I can help you. I shall handle your emails, and contacts. And once I ensure it is a safe deal, you can go ahead with business.” I suggested.

“That is a good idea.” She said thoughtfully. But suddenly, she burst into laughter and said, “What a joke, nephew pimping for auntie!!!!”

“Manager…. Not a pimp” I too laughed aloud. “Like most actresses have their managers or secretaries, I shall be your secretary and manager. And I shall not take any salary or commission from you.” I said in a lighter vein. “I will do it to pay you back for all your help.”

She was sitting in the typical Pakistani style, with her legs folded. I could see a damp patch at her crotch of the tracksuit. As my eyes traveled to her crotch, she realized what I was looking at and nudged me and said, “Sometimes these old men provoke the desire in you, and when you need it – they leave you horny. I was actually feeling very horny after coming back and just before I heard your footsteps approaching my room I kept the vibrator in. I was shagging myself and that is why it is so wet down there. And I am not wearing any panties. So this tracksuit is wet!!”

“Ok my secretary. Let us go.” She said and jumped off the bed. “I need to change.”

“You want me to go out?” I asked – but deep within I was praying she lets me be there when she changed.

As if she listened to my prayer, she said, “Now that you are going to be my manager, you need to know what you are dealing with!!! You can stay in and see what you are going to manage.” She said with naughtiness to her voice and pulled off her top.

I was transfixed when my eyes fell on her supple breasts. They were firm, conical standing in their full glory. They were much larger than what I thought them to be. Her nipples were erect. The grape-fruit like nipples stood from the center of her brown areolas, which capped her large breasts. They were moving up and down like water-filled balloons as she walked up to her wardrobe. She picked up an off-white transparent satin bra and slipped it on. She placed her boobs in the bra cup and reached behind her back to fasten the hook. She moved her fingers underneath the strap to position them properly. I was hypnotized and my cock was up. The bra lifted up her breasts making her cleavage deeper. What a place for a man to keep his face in – I was wondering.

As if I did not exist in that room, she kept her both hands on the waist band of her tracksuit and pushed it down. She had to bend to take it out of her legs. As she did that with her back to me, I saw the finest piece of ass in the world. They were full, yet firm and quite large – appearing even larger as her waist is quite narrow. They were glowing. And as she bent, I could see her pussy lips peeping from between her legs. She pulled out a matching pair of panties and again bent down to slip one leg into it and then the other. She straightened up and pulled up her panties. She still had her back towards me. As she pulled up her panties, I saw a little triangular lacy piece of cloth covering a small portion of her lower back where the butt-crack started and a string descending down from it but vanishing between her two large globes of ass cheeks. I could not see her front, but could guess there must be a small triangular patch covering her pussy. And the material was almost see-through and lacy. I was wondering if she had any hair on her pussy.

She picked up a pair of jeans and waltzed towards me. And I could see her in the skimpy bra and panties. The bra was transparent, and I could see her dark nipples and areolas; and the panties were covering her pussy and could easily make out her pussy was shaved clean. She slipped her legs into the jeans and zipped it up. She picked up a top and wore it.

“Get up and let us get going.” She ordered.

I was embarrassed to get up as my cock was making a large tent and I was trying to push it down when she pulled my hand. I stood up, but my prick was up and standing within my loose shorts perpendicularly.

“What is that you have there, is that hard seeing your auntie?” She pointed her finger at my cock and before I realized what is happening caught it over my shorts.

“Ahhh… it feels so good….” It came out from my mouth inadvertently.” I pushed my pelvis forward as she gripped my cock as if I was fucking her hand. She gave a few jerks, and held it tight. My cock inflated to its maximum size and hardness and I – like a man possessed started moving my pelvis forward and backward. Bablee’s other hand came down and she caught my balls and gave it a tight squeeze. My cock sprang up again and I think it was attaining a size that is bigger than its biggest possible dimension.

“Well, my manager needs it bad…” She chuckled. “My manager needs my services first to serve me I guess…” My hands which had gone limp proceeded very tentatively to her breasts covered by her top. I could see her nipples poking through her top and I caught each one of them between my thumb and index finger and started rotating both ways and pinched them. She pushed me towards her bed and I fell on her bed flat on my back with my waist on the edge and my legs dangling down. She sat near my waist leaning towards me. Before any word could be uttered I pushed my shorts down exposing my rigid cock, standing like a flag pole. Bablee was moving her hand slowly and seductively on it, taking time to caress the underside and in between giving tender pokes into my asshole and clutching my balls. When she used her nails to tickle my balls and the area around my asshole, I felt my cock would burst.

My hands wormed their way under her top to her breasts and lifted her top which gathered over her breasts. I pushed her flimsy bra up and started squeezing her firm buttery tits. I almost tried to milk it out, as the milkman does with cows’ tits!!! I put my palm on it and rolled it under my palm. But not satisfied my hungry mouth went to her tit and took one in, as the other was being taken care of by my hands. She took off her top and then her bra. When I got access to the glorious mounds, my joys knew no bounds. I started playing with both her tits.

Bablee had her hand on my cock and balls. She was patiently jerking it, taking a long time. I could feel my balls tightening. I felt I was about to come. Bablee sensed it, and she went very slowly. She wanted to prolong my pleasure I guessed. There was pre-cum at the tip of my cock. She smeared it with her fingers on my cock-head.

Her speed increased and she came closer. My hand went down to the brass button of her jeans. I opened it and then pulled down the zipper. She pushed it down and got out of her pants. Now, there was a fantasy-girl, girl of many men’s fantasy, in front of me almost nude but for the small panties which made her look sexier. I cupped her pussy over the silky panties, and found it moist. I was eagerly waiting for getting a taste of her honey now

I myself got rid of my shorts which was around my knees it in a flash. No words were spoken, as if we were two self-programmed robots. I pushed my hand into her panties and started playing with her cunt. Delicately caressing her cunt, I ran a finger with slight pressure on the depression in the middle. With a little pressure one finger got in. My finger found its way in, and then I had two fingers slowly inching in and out of her hot pussy under her panties.

“I want to kiss you there ….. your pussy……..” that is all I spoke and got up towards her feet. I lied on her side, with my head positioned in front of her pussy and my cock in front of her mouth, both lying side by side facing towards each other’s legs. I wanted to please her for all she had done for me, and wanted it to be special. I lifted one of her legs and placed my face between her legs, right on her pussy. She clamped my head with her left leg lifting it up and folding it at her knees, as my head was resting on the right thigh.

I jerked when unspeakably pleasant sensation with its epicenter at my cock spread all over my body, she was lightly biting my cock with her teeth when it was coming out of her mouth and was pursing her lips around my cock when it entered her mouth. She was licking the entire underside of my cock. She was sucking on the glans and fondling my balls. I jerked my pelvis thus pushing my cock into her mouth halfway. A shiver ran through me as she started scratching on my asshole and pressed her finger in. She took some spit on her fingers and applied it on my asshole. She repeated it few times, soaking the place around my asshole with her warm saliva. Her pressure of sucking was increasing on my cock. I was taking cue from her actions. Just following what my experienced Bablee was doing. I pushed the thin strap of her panties sideways, and had her pussy exposed completely. I was lucky to spot the small protrusion between her outer lips on top. I nibbled at it, and started sucking it. She was now bucking against my mouth. I tried to cover her whole pussy with my mouth and tried to suck as hard as I could. I was fingering her pussy, sucking her pussy, sucking her clitoris, and caressing her posteriors by pushing the thin band of cloth which is supposed to be the back of her thong. Her pussy was a fountain of hot honey now. Secretion of her pussy was spreading all around. I dug my fingers into her cunt, soaked my fingers properly and repeated on her asshole the same assault, what she was doing to me. Both of us were at the height of sexual passion. Excepting animal grunts, there was no sound from either of us. I could feel my balls were going to release. I increased my tempo of fucking her mouth. Reciprocating this, she also started rubbing her pussy hard on my face, and I sucked her clit, and one hand had three fingers going in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her and the other was probing her asshole. As my index finger probed into her tight asshole, it just opened up. She relaxed her sphincter which I knew was used to allow entry to larger meat-shafts and my index finger was fully inside without much effort. I brought out my index finger, licked my index and middle finger and then had two fingers in her asshole. A while later, a third finger joined them. Now, I was fucking her cunt with my left hand, fucking her ass with my right hand and was sucking her clit and lapping her pussy. She was not left behind. She was sucking my rod, and taking it deep into her throat; she was fondling my balls, and playing with my asshole. Suddenly a terrible pain ran through me as her finger entered my asshole.

“Relax…. Just relax…..” she said without taking her finger out.

When I relaxed my anus, I could feel her finger going in and reaching some unknown corner of my body and somewhere behind where my cock originated I could feel her finger massaging my prostate and that drove me over the edge.

I was now fucking her mouth as if there was no tomorrow. She was pressing her pussy on my mouth hard.

In unison, animal cries came out from both of us….. “AAAAAHHHHHH ……. I ….. am…. C…o…m….i…..n….g….. … ” I announced as I ejaculated in her mouth. My cock went on spurting a load of semen in her mouth and there was a feeling of wonderful emptiness in my balls and cock.

She was the first to get up. Seeing her getting up from the bed, I felt dejected, and deprived of fucking her pussy. “I want to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy.” I said.

“Do not worry bro, you will get enough chances,” she stretched her arms and stood up. “Now that your cock is quiet, at least for a while, let us go for some shopping and then think of the grand finale at night. We can fuck the whole night.”

Her jeans and tops were crumpled on the floor. “Now I cannot wear them because of you…..” she said and went to her wardrobe to pick up another pair. She brought out a white pant and wore it over the soaked panties she was wearing.

This white pant was like a second skin, with a zipper on the side, stuck to her figure like body paint. The cloth was quite thin too, and I could easily see the small triangle and strings of her thong through the pant. She really knew how to dress provocatively.

“Your panty shows through this pant” I commented.

“That is a fashion statement these days – showing a visible thong line. It is considered sexy and men like you get excited!!” While talking, she picked up her bra, slipped her arms through and fastened it. The she put on her shirt, collected her purse and got ready to go. “In fact, most men find thongs sexy as it leaves butts bare and they get easy access to a woman’s ass or even pussy by just pushing the thin strip of cloth. I did not take off my thong when we did the sixty nine now. These days even you get peek-a-boo panties and tanga, which are as small as they can be, and a man can have access to a woman’s pussy without even pushing the panties. By the way, I too own some of them and shall show you those later!!” She smiled.

I just took a minute to slip into a pair of jeans, a shirt and sneakers; and got out with her for shopping.

I drove her to the Shoppers Stop. I parked the car and we went to the first floor which had all ladies garments and accessories. “I shall pay for everything that you buy.” I told her. She just smiled, and holding my hand walked unto western wear section. She picked up a few pairs of capris, couple of skirts and some tops. Then she headed towards the lingerie section. She looked into the small boxes of bra and panties and reached for the shelves which had 34C label. That is her size then, I thought. She opened some of them and chose several sets of bra and panties. They were in different colors and different designs.. They were either lacy or semi-transparent satin or just made of some strings. She collected them from the display desk and stuffed everything in her trolley.

Showing the trolley she said, “I am through for now.”

We went to the counter, I paid the bill and we carried the lot to our car. “That was quite a shopping,” I commented.

“Thank you Ameer, you are a darling.” She gave my cheek a peck, “You know it is important to dress well in an escort’s profession. And you have to ensure that you are really wearing naughty undergarments. This excites the men. Many of them have fetishes for undergarments and some of them even try to lick my ass and asshole or pussy over my panties. But again, you cannot dress too slutty when to go to the hotel. It must be sexy but not very revealing. But inside you can wear whatever turns on the men.”

“And people like David can steal them too…” I joked.

We laughed and returned home.

“Why not we create a web-site for your services?” I asked her. “We shall post your photograph covering your face; just showing your ass, pussy and tits and provide the rates there. Anyway, we will use a fake name, and give only email address. We shall ask for contact numbers of the clients and then call back once we ascertain they are genuine and are not known to us.”

“That sounds good.” She said enthusiastically.

“This way, you can be choosy, and you can charge high. And we can screen the clients.” I added.

“But you have to be very careful with photographs. Though it may show my ass or tits or even pussy; you must make sure no way can one recognize me. My face must be completely hidden.” She said with a definite concern.

“Of course it has to be like that. I will photograph you, and then we will edit it digitally, cover your face or make it blurry in the photograph; and then put it in your site.” I told her. “But, when someone sees your pussy, he will be able to recognize your pussy …” I joked, “And do we start now? I shall get the camera.” Without waiting for her answer I went to my room and got the camera. I ensured its battery was fully charged.

“We shall post a series of your snaps in different stages of undress.” I was readying my camera as I talked. “We start with one where you are fully clothed. Then I take photographs as you strip.”

“Ok. Do we start now? Will this light be enough?” She asked.

“My camera flash is very good. This will do.” I assured her.

“What do I wear first?” She inquired.

“First snap will be you fully clothed. You look fantastic in anything. I think western casuals – what you wear mostly is fine. Even what you are wearing now is fine. May be you can change the top to a button up shirt, where you can just leave a few buttons undone.” I suggested.

She went to her wardrobe, stood there for a while choosing her clothes. And came back with a black sleeveless shirt. She took off her top and put on the shirt leaving top three buttons undone.

“Please tuck the shirt in. One can then make out the actual size of your boobs and also will suggest your flat abdomen.” I suggested.

“OK” she said and did as I said.

She stood sideways bending from her waist letting her boobs face the camera. This way, both her shapely ass and large boobs came into view. I went to her and brought her hair over her face. I arranged her hair neatly in such a way that her face was covered by her hair mostly.

“Thrust your pelvis a little backward. That will make your butts more inviting. And stick out your boobs.”

She did as she was told. I clicked few shots in that pose.

“Now take off the shirt. You can have the bra on.” I asked her as I was focusing the camera. “Make sure the cleavage looks prominent.”

“OK.” She said and walked near the bed. She stood by the bed and leaned forward with her hands resting on the bed. As she bent forward, the cleavage looked deep and her hair fell forward covering her face completely.

“That is perfect!!” I said and clicked some snaps. “Now it is the turn of your trousers to be discarded.”

Like an obedient model, she took off her trousers. However, I felt bra and panties of bright color will look better on her fair frame. “Why don’t you change into some bright lingerie?”

“That is a good idea.” She said, and opened the boxes we had bought. She took out her triumph branded red bra and thong. She took rest of her clothing she had on and slipped into the new garments.

My jaw dropped when I saw her in that red lingerie. The bra was quite small, what they call quarter cup. It just lifted her boobs up, and made her cleavage more pronounced. It just covered the lower portions of her tits. Unto the nipples – even the top portion of her light brown areola was faintly visible. It was quite transparent too, and I could make out her nipples through the bra. Below the bra was her flat tummy. Her blemish less abdomen was fair, flat and the deep navel looked quite captivating. The thong was quite low, same lacy red material which was quite transparent. I am sure had it been worn even an inch lower, her pussy would be exposed. The lower portion of her panties narrowed down, and cut through her pussy lips, tantalizingly revealing her pussy making a camel-toe.

She shifted her weight from one leg to another. “Yes my dear manager and photographer, where are you lost?” She turned around to show me her back.

Her hair cascaded down, below her shoulders. Where her hair ended was the strap of her bra. Far below that, her hips flared to a sexy pear shape fleshy hillocks. The thong made her ass even more erotic, covering practically nothing yet making her posterior look inviting. It was like the previous one, a thin triangular patch of cloth, narrowing down to a threadlike strip which went between her big ass-cheeks. The thong drove a wedge between her two round globes of large ass cheeks which flared to a very womanly width. Her ass was looking a bit bigger on her slim frame and thin waist. The long legs tapered down and did not appear to end. I was hooked!!

“Why don’t you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes? That will make it look really erotic.” I suggested. She complied and wore a pair of high-heeled shoes,

“How do you want to shoot me?” she asked.

“I shall take photos of your back. Stand with your hands folded, resting on your waist. Part your legs a little; so that your ass looks even wider.” I said and focused my camera. She did what I asked her and I went on clicking. “Now bend forward, and spread your legs resting your hands on the bed.” As she did so, I could see the thin strip over her asshole. The red strip of her thong just formed a line over the brown star of her asshole. The brown pucker was uncovered, the thong only dissecting her brown asshole. One could just get a glimpse of her nether passage. The thong was pretty transparent, that the makers label was even visible below the elastic band.

I went on clicking several snaps.

“Now a full frontal as you lie down on the bed, you can lie down on your back with your head hanging. I shall take the photo from your feet. Have your knees folded, so I get a good snap of your pussy. Anyway, your face will not be visible if you tilt your head backward.”

She followed my instruction astutely. I focused the camera. Only her jaw and the tip of the nose were visible – and her face was hidden – something we wanted. Her bra-clad breasts stood erect like two sentinels. The thong went between her pussy as if the pussy ate it up revealing the outer lips. I clicked the camera. Then she herself pushed her hand inside her panties and moved it sideways, revealing her clean-shaven pussy and I clicked. I zoomed the camera and focused on her pussy. Her fingers were playing with her pussy and I could see it getting redder and glistening with her juices. My auntie Bablee was fingering herself as I was clicking photographs of her pussy!!!

I kept the camera on the dresser and knelt by the bed placing my face close to her pussy. She was still busy rubbing her pussy, and I could see her fingers entering her pink cave and also playing with her clit. I placed my hands under her ass cheeks and planted my mouth right on her pussy and sent my tongue in.

“I was awaiting this…” she whispered and clamped her thighs holding my head tightly into her. I lapped her pussy, and like a dog went on licking her vulva. I licked her entire pussy as she pulled her panties aside giving me easier access to her lovely pink clean-shaven pussy. I blew air into her pussy and she squirmed. I moved my tongue upwards till it encountered her clit and started sucking on it. I alternated between sucking her clit and pussy. She started humping upwards and her hands were pressing my head to her pussy. I was getting suffocated, but I went on increasing my suction pressure on her pussy. She started a rhythmic movement of her pelvis, wiggling sideways and then jerking upwards. I lifted my face and yanked her thongs down as she helped me to do it by lifting her pelvis. She took one leg out and then the other. I removed her sandals and then she repositioned herself on the double bed. She spread her legs for her Ameer folding and lifting her knees giving me easy access for eating her while resting her back against the headrest of her bed. I went on sucking her with all my passion, lust, and eagerness like a starving man jumping on delicious food.

“Yes… that is it… keep doing it…. Suck me… suck my clit …. Yes, that is right…. Now suck my pussy, …. Finger my pussy, …shove your fingers in…. suck my clit….. yes… harder … harder…. That is …it… yes… yes… yes… harder….” she went ballistic. She was throwing her arms and tossing her head. Her juice was flowing from her hot snatch and wetting the bed. As her juice trickled down her pussy and flowed down soaking her crotch and asshole, I started massaging her asshole. I was pressing my finger into her asshole; which was used to taking in cocks of different sizes. When I felt her body stiffening and she started crying out loud moaning like an animal, I shoved four fingers into her pussy and massaged her clit, which was hard now. While doing so, I placed my lips on her asshole, and I do not know what possessed me, I pushed my tongue in. Her asshole tasted sour and pungent, quite different from her pussy juice which was almost tasteless, or very slightly acidic.

“I am coming….. coming…. Yes…. Rim …me… rim me…. Rim my asshole….. yes… suck my asshole hard… that is … yes ….. Ameer… suck … me… suck my asshole… push your tongue further…. ..harder…..yes….. yes……”

I manipulated my fingers in her cunt, moving it around, massaging her clit and sucked her asshole as her body got into a frenzy of convulsions and then her whole body shuddered and she went still.

I was feeling elated that I gave my Bablee an orgasm.

I took off my clothes and climbed up the bed alongside her. Her breathing was now deep and relaxed. Her face was glowing and there were beads of sweat twinkling like small pearls on her body. Her hair was disheveled and spread around her lovely face making a dark halo. Her face looked divine, peaceful and her eyes were half-closed; looking at nowhere. Her arms outstretched and limp.

I snuggled close to her and was running my fingers through her hair, caressing her scalp and forehead moving those few strands from her face. I ran my fingers on her face lightly caressing her and my fingers traced down to her chin and then her neck traveling down to hear ample bosom. I pushed my other hand under her back and she turned to her side giving me access to her back. I unhooked her bra and she arched her back lifting her chest and took off the bra. I first kissed her on her forehead, then tip of her nose and finally planted a kiss on her lips.

Her hands caught my face and her mouth parted and our tongues were wresting with each other. She was sucking on my lips and I was sucking her saliva from her mouth. My hand reached for her breasts as our lips remained locked.

My wandering hands were enjoying the soft feel of her firm boobs and I was delicately moving my fingertips on them. Her erect nipples stood proudly on the tip of the pyramid of her breasts. I pulled her nipples. My mouth left her mouth and descended down slowly kissing her chin and I bit her chin softly. I kissed her earlobes and her long neck and kissed my way down to her clean but perspiring armpit. I sucked on her armpit which made her squeal and moved down to her breasts. I took her left nipple in my mouth and my hand was massaging her right breast tweaking her right nipple.

My body jerked when my auntie Bablee’s firm grip took control of my cock. She scratched my balls with her nails and my balls tightened with her touch. A shiver ran through my spine as she started moving her hand jerking my cock rapidly. My restless hands were playing with her breasts and my mouth was alternating sucking on each nipple. I opened my mouth as much as I could and tried to take her breast into my mouth sucking hard.

“It hurts… don’t suck so hard, be gentle….” she admonished me as my animal passion took over me. I did not say anything, but took my mouth off her breasts and tenderly licked all around her breasts. Then I zeroed on her nipple and started sucking slowly, like a baby suckling its mother’s breasts.

She turned on her side, and I nuzzled my head into her bosom resting my head in the warmth of her big boobs. Her ministrations on my cock were continuous. She was playing with my balls and medial side of my thigh and squeezing and jerking my cock. I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I would come soon.

“I want to come inside you Bablee”. I pleaded. “I am dying to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy.”

She smiled, and realizing I was about to come, left my cock for a while. She pushed me on my back.

I lied flat on my back with my head on two pillows. Bablee placed her knees on either side of my face and descended her pussy to my lips.

Her hair tickled my thighs as her face came down and took my cock head into her mouth. She licked it few times and rested her hands on my thighs and pushed them apart. As I spread my thighs, she went down and took my balls in her mouth. My balls contracted. She was trying to suck my balls and pushing my nut in the scrotum with her tongue. It was a heavenly feeling. I felt as if I had passed out and gone to heaven. She slowly and tenderly bit my cock and it twitched. “You should shave your pubic area. That will look clean and edible.” She said.

“I will, if that is what you want and what you like…” my muffled voice uttered as I was lapping at her pussy. She started taking my cock deeper and I could feel her lips on the base of my cock. My whole cock in my auntie Bablee’s mouth – the feeling and the sensation was driving me crazy and my cock jerked. Bablee’s experience told her I was close. The moment she realized that, she got up, turned around and went towards my legs. She positioned her knees on either side of my waist facing me, caught my erect cock in her hand and her pelvic descended down. Her pussy was just touching my cock tip, and I tried to push up. But she has me in her grip and did not let me in. She rubbed my cock along her labia and then gingerly placed it at the gateway to heaven, my auntie Bablee’s love channel. I closed my eyes in bliss and in anticipation. I could feel warm wet velvety tunnel engulfing my cock slowly and slowly. I wanted this feeling to last for ever. If I had to even die at that moment I would not have any regrets.

With my eyes closed my whole body feeling the exquisite joy making love to my auntie Bablee, I mumbled, “It feels so good… great …. I wish it lasts for a thousand years ….. I feel I am in heaven….. Bablee, it feels so good ….. you really know how to fuck. I would not mind if I die now… while I am inside you… I am inside you Bablee…. Feel me… I am there …. Deep inside my loving and lovely Bablee……”

She bent down and kissed me lightly on my eyelids, my forehead very lovingly. Her affections reflected in her touch. She held my face and brought down her mouth to mine and gave me a soulful kiss. We remain locked like that. Our lips glued to each other, my cock inside her pussy. My naughty hands worming their ways to her hanging breasts. She rotated her hips to make my cock fit in properly. She shook her hips and then descended completely with my cock fully embedded in her. She bent forward and her breasts smashed against my chest. As madly we started kissing each other, her pelvis started moving up and down. The friction of her tight pussy was bringing in a sensation of joy I never felt in my life. Her well trained and highly practiced cunt muscles were milking my cock tightly. She knew how to tighten her vaginal wall around my cock and it took me to the seventh heaven. I reached for the hanging breasts of my auntie Bablee and started playing with them. I was fondling her large hanging boobs and pinching her nipples and rotating them.

My auntie Bablee increased her tempo. As she raised herself, she tightened her vaginal wall, giving my cock tight friction and as she descended, she had her pussy relaxed. Her juice was flowing freely and my cock was slick with her juice. Her tempo increased and she went on like a bucking bronco riding a horse. And I started responding to her movements by raising my cock in unison as she came down on my cock. We got into a perfect rhythm. She was too adept at adjusting her movement to any situation and any cock of any size. My cock fitted tightly in her pussy and we started together now, in a flurry. I was sometimes squeezing her breasts and sometimes, holding her big butts helping her in moving up and down. When I have a hard push, “I am coming Bablee…” I announced. She again bent forward, kissed me on my lips and smashed her breasts on my chest; and was grinding her pelvis making my cock go in and out fast.

With one mighty push, I entered right unto her hilt and saw my cock completely buried in her, and it jerked feverishly. My whole body tensed up, and I could feel my semen going out through my cock and splashing her inside depths. She was rotating her pelvis and squeezing my cock with all her force with her vaginal muscles. As the first spurt entered her pussy, she again went straight and went up and down on my cock one last time and then rested her pelvis on my cock. As my cock continued spurting its juice in her pussy, her two hands reached her back. One cupped my balls hard, trying to squeeze out all my sperm and the other suddenly entered my asshole, which was wet with her secretions flowing down. I had learnt to relax my sphincter from the previous encounter. Her attack on my asshole made my cock even harder and I felt it growing still bigger inside her cunt. She manipulated her finger inside my ass thus massaging my prostate, and squeezing my balls – and I had now blown all my semen in her pussy. I gave one final push timing with the last spurt and was panting for breath with my mouth open.

She too ground her pelvis and held me tight and announced….. ” I am also coming with you… again….”

“I gave you all my semen which was stored in me all these years Bablee. I love you. You are the best fuck I ever had.” I said earnestly.

She kissed me lovingly bending forward and without disengaging herself lied on me.

We were caressing each other and were lying like that for a while. Both spent, drained, happy and content.

I was leisurely playing with her tits and my other hand was moving over her butts. My cock was still semi-hard and inside her pussy. My fingers felt her rose bud asshole and massaged it.

“I heard anal sex is the most exciting for a man,” I inquired. “I never had a chance to do it.”

“Most men find it that way as anus is very tight and fits very snugly on the cock. In fact, no one can last long in ass, they all come quickly. But it can be painful for the lady if she is not experienced.” She remarked.

“But you are quite experienced in anal sex, and I could feel how easily my fingers got in”. I replied.

“Yes, I am quite used to anal sex and can relax my sphincter easily. I get anal orgasms if my clit is massaged simultaneously. But it has to be lubricated first. Not everyone licks it and makes it lubricated with saliva. Secondly, saliva dries up quickly too. It is better to apply Vaseline and then perform anal sex. I prefer that way.” She continued, “when I get cornholed, I want my clit to be played with. Its with clitoral stimulation I reach my orgasm when I am having anal sex.” She said in a matter-of-fact tome.

“What about blow-job? How do you find it? Does it excite a lady or it is only for the man’s pleasure.” I asked sincerely.

“The recipient is always having fun. When you suck me, that is cunnilingus, I get orgasm very quickly and the orgasms are very intense. The same is for the man too. A sixty nine serves for both. And I have seen if a man’s prostate is massaged when he comes, for which I usually poke my finger into his asshole and press forward to press on the prostate, the man comes like a geyser.” She was sharing with me her knowledge and I was getting practical and theory lessons in sex.

My cock was getting harder in my auntie Bablees cunt now and was now filling her fully. She could feel it and started moving her pelvis slowly backward and forward. “Your cock does not seem to deflate…” she laughed.

“When I am inside the sexiest lady, and enjoying a taboo relation; it is making me so excited, even the mere thought that I am making love to my auntie Bablee is keeping my cock hard; and you are so sexy and sensuous and know how to please a man so well, that there is no chance my cock will go limp ever. I am sure if you walk by a morgue, the cocks of the dead and buried men also will stand up…” I laughed.

I was now jerking my pelvis from below. But this time, I thought of taking the initiatives. I held her by her shoulder and turned her and placed her on the bed, she was lying on her side. I pushed her onto her stomach, and now she was lying on her stomach with her ass up in the middle of the large bed.

I lied by her side and raised my leg and put it across her hips, my cock resting on her butts. I started playing with her butts and traced a line from her pussy applying a little pressure right unto her butt hole. Soon later, I climbed down a bit so that my face was on her butts. I placed my face on her ass, my nose getting into the crack of her ass and I started licking her entire butt crack. I licked her golden butts and massaged her thighs and cupped her pussy. While cupping her pussy, I licked her butt hole, and started sucking on it. I was putting as much saliva as my mouth secreted into her butt hole and was probing her butt hole with my tongue. As the assault of my tongue continued on her butt hole, my auntie Bablee spread her legs giving me full access to her pucker, knowing what was in my mind. Seeing her butt hole all lubricated I entered one finger, and this time, it just opened up. I was encouraged and pushed in three fingers straightaway. Her butt went rigid, but soon she relaxed. I took some more saliva on my palm and put it on my rod. As her sphincter opened up, I got up on my knees placing my knees on either side of her thighs and pointed the tip of my cock at beautiful brown star of her anus.

“Go slow; remember rectum does not have secretions like vagina.” She cautioned.

I pushed slowly but firmly and saw my bulbous glans disappearing in her butt as her sphincter relaxed letting me in.

It was tight as a vice. Her ass caught my cock in an iron grip and it was so warm, so tight and so incredibly naughty. I was beyond myself.

“Bablee, this is the best……. No wonder one cannot hold on for long in such a tight fuck-hole. You are fantastic Bablee and your ass is so tight, yet so receptive. It is better than even making love to your pussy.” Sis raised her pelvis allowing me to go in. I could not control myself, and pushed hard. She screamed, but by then, my cock was buried deep in her rectum. I stopped there allowing her time to relax.

I slowly raised my pelvis bringing out cock right unto the mushroom head and then slowly entered again. Very carefully, not to hurt her, I started thrusting in and out as slowly and tenderly as I could and I remembered what she told me earlier – I was cupping her pussy and fingering her clit.

She tried to crawl on her abdomen towards the side box of the bed, and I went with her as if she was carrying me on her back. She opened the drawer and took out a cylindrical object – a pink transparent mid-sized vibrator. It had a base below where there was a switch. She held it in her hand and took it towards her pussy. She found it difficult to put it in her pussy. I took it from her, she understood and complied by raising her pelvis, this caused my cock to get completely buried in her ass, and I could meanwhile maneuver the dildo into her pussy. I switched it on and it started off with a buzzing noise.

The switch of the vibrator possibly ignited some switch in my  Bablee. She started humping against the dildo and simultaneously letting me hump her asshole. Her sphincter relaxed and tightened alternatively. What she had earlier prophesied was coming true – no one could last long in her ass without coming… I reached under her armpit to play with one of her breasts as with other I was pushing the dildo into her cunt. I filled her cunt right unto the cervix with the dildo, and simultaneously increased my tempo.

I could not take it any more. I fell on her, my cock still in her rectum, and nuzzled my face at her neck kissing her and fondling her breasts from both side. She was rubbing her pelvis against the bed, to keep the dildo in place and I was going in and out of her tight asshole.

“Bablee… there I am… coming in your tight asshole. ….. This is the best place to deposit my cum…. I want my cum to get lost inside your body … in your tightest hole…. The most pleasure giving orifice of your body… take me in Bablee…. Take my cum…. OHHhh …. Aa hhh …. I am … coming…….” And my cock erupted like volcano hot lava in my sweet Bablee’s glorious asshole. As I was coming, she started whimpering. Her hand reached below and she caught hold of her dildo and was pushing it in and out rapidly. And then her body stiffened under me as my last drops squirted into her rectum. She clutched the bed sheet with her hand and bit into the pillow. I gave her breasts a hard squeeze and both signaled a mutual orgasm and collapsed on the bed side by side. I pushed my arm under her neck bringing her head onto my shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my hairy chest and, exhausted, satisfied, and satiated – we slept.

We got up after a couple of hours. Took a shower together, and cleaned the room of any evidence of our incestuous love-making. At about 9.30pm parents returned from their work, and we all had dinner. We came upstairs to go our respective rooms, but stopped in the corridor as our eyes locked. There was mischief in her eyes, and expectation in mine.

Let our parents sleep. I shall come to your room.. She promised and vanished to her room. I came to mine, took off my clothes and did not bother to wear my shorts expecting my auntie Bablee would be joining me. I was so much at peace with myself, and so much full of happiness that I even did not bother to think what happened was right or wrong. My mind was empty after the prolonged lovemaking with my auntie Bablee. I do not know when I fell asleep.

I was in deep slumber and did not know if I was dreaming. There was an immense feeling as if my cock was being sucked. Wet slurping engulfing my cock and my cock was being bathed in warm saliva in a hot mouth. Sometimes, the cock-head was being sucked hard and sometimes, my cock was being deep-throated. My balls were being tickled. If it is a dream I do not want to wake up – I was thinking to myself. Let me sleep ……

The pressure on my cock was increasing rapidly, and I could feel a strong sucking pressure on my cock and something was bobbing up and down on my cock – a warm mouth as it was reaching her throat. Then I felt my cock sliding out, till only its head was inside her mouth and I could feel sweet sensations of someone softly nibbling on it,

Mush as I wanted to sleep and enjoy this dreamy sensation, a rush of adrenaline or testosterone woke me up. In the dim light I saw Bableesitting near my feet and was giving me a blowjob.

“Bablee, you are so wonderful…..I am falling in love with you, it feels really good. If this is the way I can wake up every day, I will think myself very lucky.” I whispered.

“Hmmmm…. “That is all she could say as she did not leave my cock and started fondling my balls.

“Please turn around; I want to eat you as well. Come on top of me.” I panted.

“Hmmmmm….” That is all she said, and without taking off her mouth from my cock she turned around crawling on her knees and positioned herself over me, and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Needless to say, she was completely nude.

We indulged in a sixty nine. I started sucking her pussy. I had already learnt the art of pussy licking by practice that afternoon. I was patient this time. I lapped up her cunt from top to bottom and licked her right unto her asshole. For some reason I never felt it was dirty to lick her asshole as in the heat excitement earlier I had done it, and I was finding it exciting as it made me enter her intimate orifice.

She was silent all the while, other than her groans and she started rubbing and pressing her pussy to my mouth. At times I was slow, soft, kissing and licking her pussy and giving her vulva a tongue bath; and at times I was trying to fuck her pussy with my tongue. My hands were on hear butt, and I was trying to spread her ass cheeks apart when I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I was trying to lick the insides of her pussy by moving my tongue in. Meanwhile, my auntie Bablee was sucking on the bulb of my cock and holding the base of my cock was rhythmically jerking it.

This went on for a while, neither of us was in a hurry and we wanted to enjoy every bit of it, every second of it.

Her pussy was getting wetter and my mouth was receiving a good lot of her honey. My jaw, my face was getting wet as I went on lapping her juice.

Her pelvis now started up and down movement, and she was fucking my mouth. She increased her speed and force and as she did that, I pushed my fingers in her pussy and took her clit between by lips. When I flicked my tongue on her clit and started sucking it, she went out of control. She was making animal-like grunting noise, as her mouth was stuffed with my cock. She now started bobbing her mouth on my cock, and I started reciprocating as if I was fucking her mouth. I started now fucking her pussy with my fingers – three at a time, and moving them in and out as hard and as fast as I could, and slowly bit her engorged sensitive clit.

That took her over the edge, and she held my balls tight and sucked on my cock while jerking it with the other hand. I was getting smothered by her pussy when her whole body started jerking. Copious hot fluid discharged from her pussy that soaked my nose and face as I kept sucking and nibbling at her clit. When my cock started jerking and ejaculating, she just kept my cock crown in her mouth and milked the shaft of my cock and squeezed my balls, making sure my balls have been emptied.

We stayed in the sixty nine position for some time, and then she turned around and slept by my side. I turned on my side, and she spooned herself, pushing her ass to my crotch. I positioned my softened cock between her ass cheeks and wrapped my left hand around her catching her breast. I buried my face in her silky hair and took in the wonderful fragrance which was a heady mix of perfume and her feminine smell.

“Tomorrow I shall set up a website for you. You need to look at the photographs and then we decide which ones we put there.” I started the conversation.

“Ok. We shall do it when nobody at home.” She asserted.

“Obviously,” I reassured her. “I am sure you can make a lot of money in a short time, and then build up your business in a big way.”

“I too hope so. I do not want to do it for long. I want to stay very selective”. She added.

“Since when you are into this?” I inquired. “And how did this idea come to your mind?”

“I started about two months back. You know my friend Nazia, don’t you? She provides escort services. I once saw her with someone in a hotel and she confided in me that she is an escort. She got into this more to fight out her boredom as her husband stays out of the country half the year. But then finding it too lucrative, she got hooked into this.” She replied. “I felt very apprehensive when I went to my first client. But my previous relationship with my boyfriend before marriage – had made my inhibitions diminished. We had swapped with few boyfriend and girlfriend couples in the past. That made it a bit easier to sleep with someone unknown. But initially I was a bit scared, no doubt. But now, I have learnt how to tackle different clients.”

“Does anyone – like Nazia know you are into it?” I asked..

“No, I have not told anyone else. You are the only the person who knows this secret of mine.” She replied in the negative.

“How many clients can you service a month?” I asked to work out a business plan.

“Well – five days a month is out of question!! But I possibly go out once or sometimes twice a week. But then I have been in this for only two months and David was my tenth client.”
“So you must have made a couple of lakhs (It is a typical Pakistani expression for hundred thousand) by now, that is good money.” I said thoughtfully.

“Around that. But it is easy money. Only once I had a difficult customer, who after having sex wanted his partner in a threesome with me. And he was offering me double the amount.” She stopped.

“Did you do it finally – threesome?’ I asked.

“Yes, and it was not bad, I think it was rather fun. I had done it before during one of the orgies my boyfriend took me to. Moreover, I have a high sexual drive and I do not get satisfied that easily. I am multi-orgasmic. The threesome actually satisfies me sexually.” She was giving me a description of her sexual exploits. “You saw the dildo today that keeps me company otherwise, particularly when I am home. And I have few of them in different sizes and shapes.”

“You can dispense with the dildo; you have a live one now.” I said and my cock was regaining its life. It was again getting harder and I started moving behind her, trying to hump her ass.

“Once you have a website, I am sure you will be very busy and you will get plenty of cock to keep your pussy happy.” I explained.

“Not really. In the past, I do not think I got my big O with any one excepting during the threesome. These guys are usually old and they come too quickly. Some of them even have erectile dysfunction and some of them get spent after a blowjob. Every time I have to get back to my good old dildo.” She complained.

I was pushing my cock into her butt crack and she was stiffening her butt muscle which was trying to clamp my cock.

My hand was now playing with her breasts more actively and I was squeezing her breasts and enjoying the wonderful feeling of the soft flesh in my hand.

“We can work it out. May be you can go out fifteen days a month. And once a day. That would make you over four lakhs (hundred thousand rupees) a month.” I thought for a while,” And if we can get some foreigners who pay in dollars, it would still be better.”

She was now pushing her ass back at me and I was moving my cock between her warm ass cheeks.

“And as such we shall charge extra for additional services like threesome or anal sex. But you got to be careful about AIDS.” I gave my expert opinion in a business-like voice.

“Excepting oral sex, I insist that the man must use condom. I play it safe. And I do not have any ulcer or cuts in my mouth. So it is safe sex always.” She assured me. “And mostly I choose ly men with family. I make it sure those guys are forty year old or more. That is much safer, though sexually frustrating. They leave me high and I have to always feign I am coming.”

Without telling her anything, I just got up and went to her room. I knew where she had the vibrator. I brought it and picked up the Vaseline jar from the medicine cabinet.

“Where did you go leaving me?” She inquired.

“I want you to have a threesome now…” I chuckled.

“Oh… you went to bring the dildo… “She said as if reading my mind. “Trust this time you got Vaseline.”

“Yes ma’am, am fully prepared this time….” I too laughed.

She reached for my cock, which was obviously at its full-mast, caught it and asked, “And which hole does this gentleman want?”

“Well, this man needs all your three holes, but now it needs to come in your tight pussy.” I replied.

“You can alternate though, if you do not want to miss my bunghole.” She gave a few jerks to my cock. “I think horniness runs in our family. Only today you lost your cherry and your cock seems to be hard always. That is good. I need it like that when I get back from work.” She pulled me by my cock to her mouth and gave it a kiss. “But tomorrow you are going to shave yourself down here. I like it clean.”

“I will.” I promised to her.

“But I am not sure how that large dildo will get in all the way in my rectum. Actually there is a thinner beaded dildo in the other drawer which is for anal masturbation” She murmured.

“This dildo is just an inch longer than my cock. If my cock can get in fully, I am sure with proper lubrication, the dildo can enter fully. Anyway, I shall go slow and shall stop if it hurts.” I wanted to get her ass banged with the large dildo.

I knelt on the bed behind her. I kissed her pussy and then her asshole. I thought of rimming her asshole first before applying Vaseline so that it opens up for my adventure. I tried pushing in the tip of my tongue into her asshole. Her receptive sphincter opened up immediately as I pushed my tongue in. I knew from my experience she loves anal rimming, and I wanted to give her all the pleasure of sex. After rimming it wet, I took out a glob of Vaseline and applied on her asshole.

“Try with your finger first, and when it gets used to, do my ass with the dildo.” She guided me.

As instructed, I pushed in a finger and then two, and applied some more Vaseline. Now her ass was opened up, and I could see the brown passage opening up to a fairly circular hole. Hen it could take three of my fingers, I knew it was the time for the dildo to invade her inner depths. I started fucking her ass with my fingers and my other hand was playing with her pussy and clit. I was kissing her lovely fleshy buns.

“Bablee, I was really horny imagining you having sex with others; and when I saw you changing your clothes, I was excited and it did not matter to me you are my auntie Bablee. I am very happy about what happened with us, but I did not ever imagine you would let me make love to you. I did not know what I was missing. You are not only beautiful, but your body is smoking hot and you know how to satisfy a man.” I confessed. I was still fucking her ass with my fingers, and it had become slushy and her pussy was also wet with my ministration of her clit and fingering of her pussy.

“Honestly I even did not know how I let you fuck me. I was in a bit of a shock when I saw you there and that you came to know what I was doing. In addition to that, David left me excited and horny. I was halfway to my climax with the vibrator when you came in. Moreover, when you knew that I am sleeping around, and I have tasted so many cocks, I found another willing cock in you. My horniness and open sexuality erased any hang-up I could have in having sex with you. And as one thing led to another, I let you fuck me in all my holes. I needed it that moment as much as you needed.” She confessed.

“It is nice that it had to happen. Now, not only we can have fun together, I shall help you make more money as well. And sex with you is so much different from the sex I had with my girlfriend. She was passive, uncooperative and frigid. She even did not give me a blowjob – forget about anal sex!! Whereas sex with you is complete and I ejaculated much more than I ever did in you.” I took out my fingers from her asshole now, and took the vibrator. I applied a generous amount of Vaseline on it and placed it at her chute. It slid in fairly easily, without any resistance with very little force. I first pushed in a little and fucked her asshole pushing it in a bit and taking it out. Gradually I inserted more of it, and in no time, the vibrator was half way in. I started flicking at her clit with the other hand. Suddenly, I felt the dildo is being sucked into her rectum. She was giving backward thrust to take the dildo completely in.

“Yes Bablee … the dildo is in …. Your asshole has swallowed the entire dildo.” I complimented her.

“Now, get two pillows and place them under my hips so that my pussy is lifted up for you to get in and my asshole is also accessible from top.” She commanded.

I did what she said, and now, she arched her hips up, and her asshole filled with the vibrator was almost resting on the pillows. Her pussy was exposed for my penile entry. I positioned myself properly between her folded thighs. She arched her pelvis up, exposing her pussy and it was slippery and wet to take me. In one mighty push, all of my thick seven inches were inside her.

It was a bit difficult for me to fuck her pussy and asshole at the same time. She realized this. “Let us change to doggy style.” She suggested. I disengaged myself from her. But the vibrator was still there. She changed her position and knelt in a doggy style arching her bums up. This was better I thought. Her asshole was now up and the pussy was still exposed for my penetration, and it would be easier to fuck her pussy with my cock, and dildo her asshole at the same time. I thought to myself. The vibrator was almost completely inside her rectum, but for the base which had the switch. I went on my knees behind her ad rammed my cock in her pussy. Her pussy felt even tighter in this doggy style and it appeared so erotic. I also had an access to her hanging boobs as she rested on her elbows and knees. I drove in my cock and started moving in and out. I flicked the switch of the vibrator on and started fucking both her holes at the same time. Fucking doggy style increased the friction on my cock. Her pussy was tight, and fitting my cock like a glove. I also did not forget to manipulate the dildo in between.

“I can feel the vibration of your dildo on my cock.” I told her of my discovery. The vibrator was sending tingling pulses to my cock. I could feel as if there was something else from top, as my cock was pounding in.

“Yes, that is how it feels in double-penetration. My first threesome during an orgy with My boyfriend was painful as I was not that experienced and both My boyfriend and her friend were a bit rough. But you are doing it so well, quite tenderly.” She encouraged me.

That was music to my ears, and my pace increased with her compliments on my sexual prowess.

“… yes… fuck me… keep fucking my pussy.. Ram the dildo in… yes … do it … do it hard. I want it hard and fast now … I want it rough … fuck both my holes … yes … harder …. Pound into me ….. fast … move faster …. Give my pussy your cock … give it fully ….. yes …” she was panting.

I reached for her breast through under her armpits and started squeezing them. She started rotating her delectable ass and her whole body began moving forward and backward. As she thrust backward, I pushed in forward.

“Fuck my pussy, rub my clit, yes … that is it … that is the way to do it …….. you are doing fine …….. I love it …. I am loving it …… fuck me Ameer …. Fuck me …. Come inside me ….. come in my tight pussy …… faster and harder ……” her voice was incoherent and she was gasping for breath.

“Take it in ….. I am going to come inside you ….. Take it Bablee …. You are great …. You are really a great lay …………. You fuck so well …….” My velocity doubled. Her pussy started contracting and my cock was getting squeezed by her pussy walls. Her pussy was now flooded with her come and our convulsive and rapid movements made the bed shake and creek.

“Yes… aaahhhh… I am going to come …..” she was shaking her head. I dug in deep into her pussy and left playing with her pussy. In stead, I caught the dildo and started fucking her ass in unison with fucking her pussy. I took the vibrating dildo out completely and shoved it in fully. There was no resistance to its movement in her bunghole. Simultaneously I fucked her cunt, with long and hard strokes.

“I am also coming … I am fucking my auntie Bablee … I am fucking your pussy … I am coming in the forbidden pussy … take me …. I am fucking your ass and pussy …. Yes… I am coming….. I am going to deposit my sperms in your womb… take it ….Ohhh … what an incredible feeling …. You are making me come…. My auntie Bablee is making me cum in her pussy”. I slurred and stepped up my momentum, my cock vomited out all my jism in her pussy. I gave few more strokes as my cock started erupting, and impelled my cock fully in, and I ejaculated.

Mixture of liquefied Vaseline, her pussy juice was wetting her thighs. My cock went limp and popped out of her pussy. She collapsed on the bed and I took out the vibrator from her ass. Her ass was wet and sloppy and it still remained gaping open even after I took out the dildo. The area around her pussy and ass was soaking wet.

I too lied down on the bed by her side and held her to my chest. She shook a little and then came closer and lifted her leg and put it across my waist and placed her face on my chest. I kissed her lightly and we passed out spent, exhausted and satisfied.

After a while she spoke, “Not very often I get the chance to fuck to please myself. This was one such fuck.”

“Are not there male escorts, do not ladies require escort services?” I inquired. “In that case I also can join in the same trade. We can participate in foursomes, group sex and even swap with other couples.”

“I am not sure, but definitely there will be ladies who would like to have sex – there must be a lot of unsatisfied females whose husbands are busy making money. We shall try in the internet and see. Now, let us go to sleep.

“Many men have fantasies for women in sexy lingerie, women playing with sex-toys and we can buy those things for you. You can charge them extra for this.” I was mentally picturing my auntie Bablee in baby-doll nighties like fashion TV models. She was no way inferior to them. Rather she had a suppler and fuller body than many of those flat and skinny models.

“And you look better than many of those FTV models. You are sexier with larger breasts and fuller and bigger butt.” I complimented her lovingly. “I am quite proud to have you as my auntie Bablee and fucking partner.”

“I always use sexy under garments. But when I go to hotels, I have to dress conservatively; cannot afford to make hotel staff suspicious. I cannot go to them in baby-dolls or similar sexy wear.” She replied.

“You can carry them in your bag or else, if we can line up clients properly, say have two of them in a day for special services like sex-toys or lingerie fetish, you can check into a hotel and stay there for a day. You need to serve two clients in a day and you can make enough money to cover the cost of the hotel. Secondly, this service will not be a regular one; it will be at a very high price and will be available for very selected client.” I proposed.

“That sounds fine. But where do we get sex-toys? Other than few dildos, which I got from Nazia, I have no more sex-toys…. I do not think you get them that easily here.” She replied.

“We shall try the internet or may be the once fly down to Bangkok and buy every thing from there and come back. Bangkok being the sex-capital of Asia must have stores selling everything.” I suggested.

“Yes, that sounds wonderful. We can see new places. In fact some of the lingerie I bought was from the market of imported items. I shall show you next time – some of them are very naughty.” She smilingly told me.

“I do not want to see them like that. I want to see you modeling them.” I replied as my hand rubbed her back and roamed down to her ass and caressed it.

I was getting surprised with myself. My cock was again beginning to show signs of life, and getting up. It was pushing against her lower belly and she pushed herself forward. “Will you never be satisfied? Your flagpole is hoisted up again.” She said.

“When I have a horny Bablee lying by my side in her birthday suit, what do you expect of me?” I gave her butts a squeeze.” I want to fuck your ass now … please… I want to come in your tight asshole. And it is so slippery and open now with a load of Vaseline already applied, I am sure we shall need no preparation. And can let the vibrator fuck your pussy. Double fuck again … I want you to have as many orgasms as you can have tonight.”

“Then do it quick, I need to sleep. But my clit is still very sensitive from that maddening session of fucking we had. When it is so sensitive, you just have to fondle it lightly.” She was teaching me techniques of fucking.

I got up and made her lie on her stomach and I spread her legs. I placed the two pillows under her butts. I picked up the vibrator which was lying on the bed. She herself lifted her ass several inches giving me an access to her pussy. I ran my fingers in her pussy and felt it was still as wet. I patted on her clit and then fingered her for a short while and slowly inserted the dildo. I did not have to waste time on preliminaries. The dildo went in like a knife going through butter and as it went in fully, I switched it on and a humming sound filled the room. Hardly had I switched on the vibrator when she started undulating her ass.

I positioned myself between her spread thighs and held my cock at the opening of her asshole. It was already prepared and loose from the previous ass fucking and I could enter her asshole quite easily. Her asshole was still warmer and tighter than her pussy. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed. I knelt between her spread legs and right below the pussy where the dildo was in was her asshole inviting me. I propelled myself into her asshole and the vibrator was shagging her pussy.

Pretty soon we were humping each other meeting each others thrusts and got into a wonderful rhythm. I could see her hand coming down and going below her abdomen. I knew she must be attending to her clit; as my two hands were attending to her mammary and nipples.

This time my fucking was slow and tender. I was giving slow yet deep thrusts. Taking out my cock almost to the tip and then burying it deep in her asshole. And when my cock was deeply buried in her asshole, my cock could feel the presence of the vibrator which was vibrating strongly.

After a while of continued mutual movements, she started lifting her ass up. That signaled she is getting ready to come. When my cock entered fully my thighs were hitting her butts and the feeling was out of the world.

When I realized she was getting close to cumming I knew I had to go fast. She always loved fucking to be harder and faster. I accelerated my movements. As her butt hole was open and slippery, I had no problems in fucking her ass with rapid thrusts.

I felt her ass firming up, her butt muscles becoming tight. That gripped my cock tightly and the feeling on my cock was even more delightful.

“Fuck my big ass…. Fuck me… harder … do not slow down or else I will bobbitize you shall chop off your cock …. Come on Ameer, come like a king, give me your seeds and fuck hard…. Yes …. Squeeze my titties hard…. Go on …. Keep doing it……” she panted.

“Take it Bablee …. I am going to come in your ass …. your ass could be so tight and so good to fuck … I will fuck you always ….. take it …. Yes … I am coming now…..” I brought down one of my hands to her clit and started rotating my finger on her hard knob.

That brought the climax… she was throwing her legs and arms. She was now giving mighty pushes upward to engulf my entire cock. My cock started throbbing and she tightened her sphincter. She had immense control, which must be due to a lot of practice on her asshole and pussy. I gave few more thrusts as my cock filled her rectum with its juice. I continued with her clitoral stimulation, as she came and her pussy was leaking warm fluid onto my hand. I fucked her with the dildo a few times and pushed it as deep as it could go. Her juice trickled down the dildo.

I deposited the last drops of my sperm in her rectum and stayed in for a while. When both of us were spent, I took the dildo out slowly licked her juice from it and my limp cock came out of her asshole. Completely satisfied, we both lied down side by side caressing each other tenderly.

She spoke first, “Let us go to sleep now. Tomorrow we shall work out our business plan.”

“The plan is ready in my mind, we just have to execute it.”

“It is already late and I am feeling sleepy. I shall have a good sleep tonight. If I fall asleep here, mom will find us nude on your bed in the morning. I better go to my room.” She walked out of my room nude swaying her lovely ass.

“Good night my sex-goddess Bablee… fucking you has been the best experience of my life” I said.

“Good night my fucker lover-boy…” she said turning her head back towards me and went out of my room.

We have to make a business plan. I thought to myself.

I was trying to recollect the events of the whole day … but my mind was blank and I felt asleep very soon.

Next morning as the alarm went off, I got up at seven in the morning; and wanted to catch up with my parents. I quickly brushed and washed and came downstairs to meet my parents. My dad was sitting on a chair by the dining table sipping his morning tea and mom was preparing breakfast.

I wished them and sat across my dad.

“What is Bablee doing, still sleeping, so late…” my mom inquired.

“She was working all night, slogging hard to design some new patterns for festival Market.” I defended her. Well I could not share what work she was doing and why she was busy.

“I felt guilty I could not support her as an elder brother in law when she wanted money to expand her business.” My dad said remorsefully.

“I think, still she is doing fine, and is managing it all by herself.” I added.

“Mom, you have breakfast with dad; as you have to leave early. I shall have it with Bablee did when she gets us, and then I shall finish up some procedural requirements for the agency and paperwork. Once I am through I shall join you at the shop.” I excused myself from breakfast.

“Fine son.” Mom came and sat by dad’s side. They had their breakfast. Took their bags and keys and left for the shop. I bolted the front door.

With trepidation, and my heart palpitating I went up to my auntie Bablee’s room.

I entered noiselessly, slowly opening the door and closing it behind me. She was still asleep. In a typical lady-like position, on her side, her one leg folded and she was covered up to her breasts with a thin sheet. I was wondering if she was nude inside. I inched near her and from the bottom started taking the sheet off her. As I raised it up to her thighs, I found my guess was right. She must have come and slept after exhausting herself following so make rounds of coming.

Her puffed pussy peeked out from between her firm shapely thighs. I nestled myself at her back, approached her big round ass with my face and advanced to her pussy. I started licking from top to bottom of her pussy right up to her asshole and tickled the area between her pussy and asshole running my tongue on it firmly. She squirmed and pushed her back onto my face and lifted and folded one of her legs even more to give me better access to her quim. Our incestuous secretions had dried up from the previous night and there was a film of cum coating her thighs and a part of her butts. I went to town and continued licking her pussy. She started rotating her ass and pushing it backwards and realizing that she was enjoying my services, I pushed my tongue in. I licked the area around her asshole, pussy – cleaning it properly.

She raised her folded leg, swung it over my head and turned herself onto her back, my face now positioned between her thighs. I went to work on her pussy now. She was wet from my licking and was releasing her honey for me. I started lapping it like a dog and pretty soon, she started gyrating her hips and humping my mouth.

“Keep sucking ….. now work on my clit ….. what a wake up call … keep waking me up every day morning like this. ……” Her pelvis started its rhythmic movements and her whole body went stiff. My hands reached for her boobs and I did not want to neglect her erect nipples which were demanding my attention. Her whole body spasmed and went into fits of convulsions.

“I am coming … harder ….. keep sucking my clit …. Yes ……. Keep it on….. aaaahhhhh…. Hhhhhmmmm…..”.

Her legs collapsed on the bed and I crept up on her lying on top of her. I kissed her on her lips. She sucked my tongue and tasted her own juice.

My cock was hitting her at her pubes. She knew I too needed to release my load. Her hands reached for the waistband of my shorts and pushed it down. My cock sprang up and was now knocking at her pubes. As my shorts came to my thighs I got up and got rid of my shorts. We were both completely nude. No more foreplay was necessary. I mounted her positioning my hands on either side of her chest and raising my pelvis with my steel-hard cock dangling close to gateway of heaven. Hardly had her left hand caught it and positioned it at her pussy-lips when I gave a mighty push to have my cock swallowed by her sloppy pussy. In one smooth stroke it went fully in.

Very soon we started thrusting into each other. Both needed relief from our newfound incestuous sexual acts and the excitement associated with it.

I mauled her boobs and fucked her with fast deep strokes. I was too excited to hold on, and released my sperms in her.

We kissed each other and caressed each other till she got fully awake. She finally got up. “I really slept well.” Her voice was vibrant with joy. “One really gets into a sound sleep if sexually satisfied.”

She jumped off the bed and rushed to her bathroom. She did not bother to shut the door. Sat on the commode and I could hear the hissing sound of her urination. She then cleaned herself. She was literally running. She came to her wardrobe, picked up a pair of spandex bicycle shorts, something she usually wears at home, and a loose T shirt. She was about to enter the bathroom, I asked, “Can I join you Bablee?”

“She looked at me with mischief in her eyes. “Well, give me a few minutes, I shall call you.” She bolted the door.

About ten minutes later she called me.

I went in. The hot shower was on. She was – obviously nude and standing underneath it. She had applied shampoo on her hair and was applying soap all over her body.

I went under the shower. My prick was saluting my  Bablee in attention. I went behind her stood closer. Took the soap from her hand. I tentatively positioned my cock at her butt-crack and started applying soap on her back. Then I knelt down and applied on her lower back, her butts, crevice of her butts. While soaping her butts, my finger just entered her bunghole – effortlessly, soap having made it slippery. I moved it a few times and then pushing my hand between her legs, soaped her pussy and vulva.

Then I concentrated on her muscular thighs, shapely calf, ankle and feet. Once her back was completed, she herself turned around. I started from her feet. I soaped her legs, knees thighs and then her pussy. She spread her leg wider giving me access to her pussy. I soaped it, and with water trickling down from the shower, her pussy was very slippery. I fingered it for a while; and proceeded upwards. However, after her flat tummy, I was treated by her big tits. I soaped them, the nipples were erect by then. I played with them a little bit, and soaped her armpits, arms, shoulders and neck.

She took the soap from my hand and started applying soap on me. She started on my face and slowly came down to my neck, shoulder, chest and back. She gave special attention to my nipple and tickled it. I never realized my nipple could be that sensitive. My cock sprang up fully and it was about to burst. She left my nipples and then soaped my whole body. Then she soaped my buttocks and groin. She soaped my balls and thighs and soaped my legs. She walked a few steps and from the cabinet brought out a new disposable razor. “I shall fist shave you down there.” She knelt in front of me. She first started shaving the thick growth of hair around my prick. She slowly and carefully shaved it. Then she caught my balls which had now contracted – from her touch and from getting soaked. She lifted my cock in one hand and slowly applied the razor. But the wrinkled skin was too difficult to shave. She had to use one hand to stretch the skin while shaving with the other. But my cock was coming on her way.

Nonchalantly, she held my cock in her mouth and said, “You got to hold it up. I need to use both hands to shave you.” I was overwhelmed with the feelings I was getting with my cock in her mouth. “You can hold it in your mouth and then use both hands to shave my balls.” I suggested. She took her mouth off my cock and replied, “That will not be possible. I will not be able to see your balls if I suck you. For now, you have no choice but to hold it up!!” I complied. I held my cock bending it upwards and she started shaving my balls. My balls were tickling, and I started moving my own hand to and fro on y cock unable to control myself. “Patience …. Just hold on …. See it will be much better for me to suck you after it is clean. Hold on for now. Do not move.”

Obediently, I stood still. My prick was almost in the verge of bursting. I could at times feel her large breasts rubbing against my thighs. In no time my pubes was clean. My cock looked even longer with no hair at its base. My balls looked cleaner too. Now I realized why she wanted me to shave there. She got up, and increased the force of the shower and stood underneath. I too joined her. She was facing the shower, which was positioned on the wall. I was behind her. I was trying to wash her body with the water cascading down every fold and crevasse of her body. I could see water coming down below her shoulder and flowing between her ass cheeks and the dribbling along her thighs. My cock was in its full-blown size. I knew it was impossible to control myself. I held her from the back and my hands reached for her breasts as my cock nudged against her ass. I retracted my pelvis and holding my cock at her ass-crack started rubbing it up and down. She bent and lifted her ass up. She was so willing and so giving. I kissed her soaked back as water flowed on her. I positioned my cock at her well-used and clean and slippery pussy and slowly inched in. She parted her legs to accommodate my cock in her pussy by bending forward and lifting her butts supporting herself with outstretched arms resting on the wall.

“I do not think my cock can stay out of your holes even for a moment.” I commented.

I started moving forward and backward pretty soon her wide pelvis was synchronizing with my movements. She was pushing her ass back when I had my cock in her pussy from the back. We caught up a nice rhythm. Her tight pussy was sucking me in every time I came out. I increased my tempo and she did the same.

“Hold my cock tight in your pussy …. Yes… like that … hhhh it is so tight….. it is gripping my cock so tight …. I cannot …. Oooo… hhhh …….I am commmm…….iiii. nggggg…” My cock jerked and spurted its secretions in her pussy. Water from the shower was giving an exhilarating feeling giving me goose-skin. I reached for her clit and massaged it and she started crying in her climax ……” Yes …. Harder …. Ameer ….. keep doing it…. Fuck …me …. Fuck …. Me….. fuck….. me…. Ooo hhhhh Ameer …. Fuck … me …. Fuck ….me …Give me your sperm Ameer ….aaa…..hhh.. mmmm…..” She started moving violently.

I came quickly and my cock went flaccid soon after ejaculating semen. It popped out of her cunt and our secretions got washed away with water flowing on our body.

We stood under the shower holding each other and after our mutual panting stopped we cleaned each other.

We toweled ourselves dry and came out.

She took out a black thong and slipped her legs in one after the other. She had a matching bra. She threw on a loose t-shirt and slipped her legs into her blue bicycle shorts which appeared more like a body-paint on her..

I went to my room to get dressed and she brushed her hair and then came down for breakfast.

“So you are thorough with the assets you are going to manage?” She chuckled.

“Yes. But still have to find out more!!” I joined.

“More? What?” She was puzzled.

“Well, some other special services are still there. I got to know about them too…” I replied with mock seriousness.

“You rogue…..” she punched me on my ribcage lightly.

We finished our breakfast and came to my room to work on her website.

My auntie Bablee pulled a chair next to mine. I docked the digital camera to the computer and loaded her photographs. I only selected the ones where her face was not visible. I picked up her snaps in different stages of undress. May be, because I love women’s butts, I chose several snaps showing her shapely butts. She was nodding every time I selected a photograph. I also selected a couple of them showing her pink pussy, and one, where she was had her finger inside her wet pussy.

We decided both on the snaps which were to be posted in her website.

“Now, what do we write about you? Your own description was good though. But having enjoyed sex with you, let me write narrate what the man is going to enjoy with you.”

“Go ahead”, she quipped.

“How will this be?” I asked as I went on typing, “A young beautiful and sensuous seductress, with 34C ….”. She interrupted, “34C-25-36″ will be a better way to describe my body.”

“OK, I just nodded and continued typing and reading it out, “A young, beautiful and sensuous seductress, with 34C-25-36 hourglass figure, will be your ideal companion to make your fantasies true. You would love her dark tresses caressing your face, as much you would like to fondle those big and firm breasts with perpetually erected nipple. You would love to suckle and squeeze them. She is athletic with shapely legs. Her thin waist tapers down to an expansive swell of a very feminine ass, and you will love to knead this soft flesh. Her buttery ass and the brown puckered hole will work as the perfect Viagra to increase your passion. Her tight pussy will milk you dry and will make you wish to come there again and again. She is the embodiment of your ultimate sexual fantasy. She is not only just a great fuck,she is educated, pleasant to talk to, cooperative and will make the perfect companion for you. She is witty, intelligent and understanding and can keep you occupied with intelligent conversation or practical experiments of Kamasutra – whatever you desire. You can share all your fantasies with your dream girl.” I stopped typing and looked at her. “How is that?”

“Yes … go on …; are you writing from your own experience with me?” She said and looked at the monitor reading the text.

“You can have the seductress seduce you with sexiest of lingerie; tempt you with her magical touch and excite you with erotic massage using her tits. Her red lips and willing mouth will swallow you fully and her expert tricks will make you cum like never before. You will love to rub your peter in her butt-crack and your peter will love entering the tight passage for a memorable experience. She is knows all your erogenous points and knows hot to trigger you to a sexual high. She will pleasure you till you cannot take it anymore!! When she leaves you, you will wonder was it a dream or did it really happen?”

“Is that ok?” I asked as I paused after typing.

“You got to mention the rates.” She said.

“I am not done yet.” I replied and my fingers went working on the keyboard.

“A normal service for one hour will cost only three hundred dollars or fifteen thousand rupees. Service for two hours will cost you five hundred dollars or twenty five thousand rupees. But if you want oral or anal sex, please do not forget to add two hundred dollars or ten thousand rupees each per service. But when you are with this sexy beauty, you would not like her to go without enjoying all her holes. By the time you feel spent, she can make you horny again for the next round sooner than you can expect.”

“I guess it happened with you…” she whispered.

“I am sure this will happen with everyone.” I retorted.

I went on working on the keyboard muttering to myself, “She can be your demure and shy Indian beauty or she can be the aggressive woman of today – any way you want. She can present herself like a classical Indian beauty in the traditional Indian attire, or she can dress sexy for you. She can also dress herself in exotic little things which you would like to get rid of as soon as you can. She can perform striptease to make you yearn for sex and when you get her – you will fuck her till your balls are drained. She can be wild, she can be soft. If you want her to use sex toys, or want her for a role play, you have to pay hundred dollars or five thousand rupees extra. She can play any role to perfection. She can be the dominatrix riding you to a world of joy or she can be an obedient school girl. She can be your mistress or even your maid. For any other additional fantasies which you have only dreamt of, do drop a line to inquire the cost. For spending an entire night in a dream-world with her, you have to pay one thousand five hundred dollars or seventy five thousand rupees. And for a night full of all excitement and limitless fun her charges are two thousand dollars or hundred thousand rupees.”

“However, penetration will be only with adequate protection, which is good for both. All payments are to be made in advance. You must provide your phone number in your booking details so that her manager can fix up a date with you. You must bear in mind that she is not into pain.”

“Mind you, she is very selective and provides service only to the discerning elite. You have to book her well in advance not to be disappointed.”

I created a different mail id, and gave that as the contact.

I leaned back against the backrest of my chair and asked, “How was that?”

“Sounds fine to me.But hope those guys do not think of pain or torture or any other perverted act.” She sounded a bit unsure.

“We shall clarify those when we contact the clients.” I assured her.

“I never charged so much…”

“You deserve this … for all that you provide.” I dragged my chair close to her and my hand traveled down her back into her bicycle shorts. Though it was very tight, it was stretchable and my hand had no problem in going inside. She moved a bit forward letting me an access to her butt. My hand roamed over her butt and my index finger was tracing the crack of her butt. I took my hand off and led her to my bed. She stood near my bed. I knelt in front of her slightly parted legs and placed my mouth on her pussy over her clothing. I opened my mouth fully and had almost whole of her pussy in my mouth. I exhaled hot air into that area. My hands reached for the waistband of her shorts on either side and pulled it down. It came down to her ankle and she pulled up her legs and got rid it. The moment she got rid of her tracksuit, I had my face buried between her thighs inhaling the intoxicating womanly musky aroma. My nose was tickling her clit as my tongue went up and down her passage.”

“Wait a minute.” She moved away from me. “Let me get something.” She said and rushed out of the room in her t-shirt and thong, giving me a small display of her tight ass. I used the time she took to remove all my clothes. My cock was engorged and impatient to enter my auntie Bablee’s pussy.

She came back with a tube. She made me lie on my back and my cock was perpendicular pointing at the ceiling. She moved the foreskin back and bent down to give its tip a few flicks with her tongue. She tickled at my piss slit holding the shaft of my enlarged cock. The purple knob was like a mushroom and she just took the knob in her mouth and started sucking it. She gave me a wet blowjob with her warm saliva in her mouth. She then took out some clear gel from the tube and applied it to my cock. It felt funny. “What is that for? I do not need lubrication to enter your pussy. I am sure it is we, otherwise shall eat you making you all wet and ready.”

“This is a desensitizing cream. It will make you last very long. You have unleashed the slut in me and I need to be sexually satisfied. You will have to go on and on. I need you to fuck me the whole day till my cunt is sore. I need to achieve as many climaxes as one can.” She said as she applied the cream all over my cock.

The moment I caught the hem of her t-shirt, she raised her arms letting me take it off. Her breasts encased in a transparent small bra were right in front of my face – very inviting. The transparent bra revealed the light brown ring and her erected chocolate nipple at its center. I took her nipple in my mouth with the bra and started sucking it. In a few minutes the bra was soaking wet. We almost wrestled with each other and both fell down on bed, me on top of hers. My mouth found hers and there was a deep passionate lingering kiss – which lasted for ever bonding us. I held her tight, pushing my hand under her and she wrapped her arms around my back. I bit her lower lip and then moved down to her neck and earlobes. I got up and said, “Let me kiss you everywhere.” I started my journey from her forehead and came down to her feet. I took her toes in my mouth and sucked them. I kissed her heel and her calves. I kissed her back of the knees. I went up till I reached her pussy, where I stopped for a while. I kissed it more longingly but soon my kisses were becoming savage. I pushed her thong aside and sucked her hard.

Next, she pushed me down and started kissing me. She unclasped her bra and slipped it off and threw it. Next to go was her panties which joined her bra on the floor. She started with my forehead and came down to my nipples. She spent a lot longer time on them and as she did, my cock responded. Every time she flicked or bit my nipple – my cock jerked. I bent my head and reached for her shoulder. Her collarbone was prominent. I kissed her on the flesh just below her collar bone. When she bit my nipple, and I reacted by biting her involuntarily rather hard.

She screamed, “OOOHHH …. aaa … hhhh…..” I had bit her really hard and my teeth left a deep reddish purple mark on her shoulder. I patted it softly and kissed it soothingly. My hand came southwards to her cleavage. I kneaded her boobs She continued licking and biting my nipple. That it was so sensitive – I never knew. Now she left my nipple and I went to hers.

I tried to take a lot of her tit-flesh into my mouth and licked it and sucked it. I started doing that all around, till at one point I was beyond myself, and out of sheer excitement I bit her breasts. I was out of control.

“Oh …. No….. Not again…. Do not bite ….. do not leave these love-bite marks.” She pleaded.

“Sorry Bablee, I was just carried away……I fail miserably in controlling myself when I am with you. Your mere presence near me makes me horny and when I see you my cock does the thinking!!” I lightly kissed those marks.

“It is ok, but be careful not to leave any marks on my body.” She said and took my cock in her deft hands and with a firm grip started stroking it.

“I want to tit-fuck you …. ” I grunted. And without waiting for her reply, climbed over her and sat on her abdomen. I positioned my cock in the valley of her breasts and my palms pressed her breast upwards and my cock was sandwiched between her fleshy boobs. The felling was warm, soft and quite different from entering her vagina and asshole. I began moving my pelvis and my cock was rubbing against her spongy boobs. She stretched her hand and dragged the pillow and placed it under her head her mouth few inches away from my cock-tip. I started moving my cock deeper into her valley and it just touched her mouth. I had my thighs pressing her breasts together which held my cock snugly and started moving with faster strokes. When I went forward, she welcomed my cock into her mouth and flicked her tongue on the engorged cock-head. It was a mind-blowing feeling – my cock pushing its way through between her breasts and the tip going in and out of her mouth. I released her breasts by spreading my thighs and lunged forward. Her head was cocked forward which helped my cock enter her mouth. Her cheeks went concave as she commenced her blow-job. Seeing her giving me the blowjob, I wanted to fuck her mouth deep, right down her throat. She gagged a bit when I attempted to ram my cock in. I was trying to force my cock deep down her throat. She lifted her head and crooked it backwards aligning her oral passage with her throat. Now, I had no problem in plunging my cock down her throat. Her mouth engulfed my cock all the way and I could feel her lips at the base of my cock. The passage down her obliging mouth and receptive throat was smooth. I went fucking her mouth supporting myself on my arms on the head-rest of the bed and my pelvis started moving in frenzy with my cock moving like a piston..

I was enjoying every bit of this incestuous mouth-fucking with my auntie Bablee, but I knew I was not even close to cumming. The desensitizing cream did not numb the cock really, but definitely deferred that urge to cum. She suddenly started pushing me out of her mouth and when very unwillingly I obliged, she said in a throaty voice, “I need you in my pussy now. My pussy is itching ….. it needs a hard cock … fuck me now …. my pussy is thirsty for cum. It wants to feel your cock throbbing inside and fill it with your hot juice……”

I descended down. She lifted her legs and spread it for me and I positioned myself between her spread legs, my cock pointing at her pussy. She rested her legs on my shoulder lifting her ass, thus apposing her pussy right in front of my cock. It was soaking wet. I held it with one hand and rammed into her. She wriggled her ass and my cock glided into my auntie Bablee’s slick passage.

“I will fuck you till your pussy is sore,” I groaned as I started humping into her. ” ….. I never knew you love cock so much …. And even after so much of fucking your pussy still needs more ……”

“My pussy loves cock-meat, but it must be large ….. Yes…. That is it…… fuck me hard and fast …. Quick ….. yes… you are there …. You are going right in …. Harder …. Go in till you hit my cervix …. Come on Ameer …. Fuck your Bablee ….. fuck ….. hard….” She made animal like groans.

With all my might and energy I started pumping my cock into her pussy. My cock could feel her pussy getting sloppy with her juice. Every time I entered her fully, my balls banged against her ass and my thighs slapped against her body. She was reciprocating my thrusts with jerking her hips up.

“I am coming …. I am coming ….. yes … fuck me…. Harder … ram your cock in deep you Bablee-fucker. Fuck your Bablee … harder …. Yes…… keep doing it…. Yes … quick …… go on …. Stay in ….. ooohhh….hhhhmmmmm….harder …..stay inside … now shove it hard into my cunt ……. Y..e….s…s..s….. am c…o…m…i…n..gggg.” Her whole sexy body shuddered and I fucked her hard hitting her cervix with my cock every time. Her body tensed and she dug moved her legs off my shoulder and tried to pull me into her encircling my back with her legs and pressing with her heel.

She went still and I slowed down. Slowly and tenderly fucking her. My cock was still rock hard, and I knew because of the cream I was nowhere near to coming. I thought of again using a double penetration, and slipped out of her and rushed to her room to pick up the vibrator. I searched for the other one she mentioned about. When I opened the lowermost drawer I saw her intimate belonging. There was a black dildo, much thinner than the other one, but beaded.

When I got back, she was lying on her back, but turned at her waist with her knees folded sideways. I think this is a posture in which only a lady can lie down! Her eyes were half-closed in a post-orgasmic bliss. Her breasts were heaving up and down. Her ass was thrust back and her puffed up pussy was peeking out, and there was clear secretion of hers dripping down. I went behind her switching on the vibrator and touched her asshole with its tip. She responded by pushing it onto the vibrator, but not letting it enter her. I stopped the vibrator and lied down by her side. I tried to turn her towards me. “Why don’t you ride me this time? I shall fuck your pussy from below and your asshole with your anal dildo. How can I now manage a single day without fucking my slut? You make me so horny……” I urged.

She languidly got up. With feline grace she climbed facing me. She lifted her pelvis and impaled herself on my cock. My cock went in fully. Then she bent forward mashing her fleshy balloon-like breasts against my chest and that allowed her asshole to be exposed. I reached for that tube and took a small glob of its content and smeared it on the vibrator. I took a little at the tip of my right index finger and my finger reached for her asshole and probed in. Her asshole welcomed my finger the moment it touched her rosebud. She was rubbing her pelvis sliding on me slowly and fucking me at a leisurely speed. We knew we had the whole day for our lovemaking.

I fingered her asshole to prime it for the vibrator to enter. I tried to crook my finger inside her butt-hole and tried to massage the interiors of her tight passage. It opened up and allowed my second finger to join the first. Now it was my turn to pick up her vibrator. She was moving her pelvis rhythmically forward and backward. I wrapped one hand around her back and held her tight and with the other holding the vibrator reached for her asshole. Rotating the vibrator slowly and I eased it into her asshole. The beaded vibrator went in notch by notch. She went on riding me and when she pushed back, I pushed the vibrator deeper. In no time, the vibrator had filled her ass.

“Hhhh..mmmmm ……. Hhhmmmmm… hh..m…m……” She groaned like an animal and accelerated her movement. Her breasts were mashed against my chest. She was rubbing her vulva on my pubes stroking so efficiently that her clit was getting massaged against me and my cock was moving in her pussy in and out; and getting her asshole fucked with the dildo. Her face rested on my shoulder and her long silky hair covered my face. The sensation was romantic and erotic.

“How did you turn into almost an insatiable slut? You are the sort of girls who would even enjoy three guys to fuck at the same time!! I never ever imagined my own Bablee is such a slut, ready to take any cock – even his Ameer’s. Were you always like this or was it after you started working as escort? You are damn sexy… and anyone you fuck will need it more and more…Not very many girls please men with all there three holes and even some of them may do it passively, but not initiating it like you and enjoying this too.” I finished in one breathe.

She did not reply but just prodded hard. When she was lurching back, her both holes were getting filled. I was still holding the vibrator and fucking her ass and was moving my pelvis up and forward making my cock slide into her tunnel. I moved the dildo faster and flipped on its switch and left the vibrator deep in her ass to massage her rectum. I wrapped my arms around her hugging her tight. This went on for a while and we continued fucking this position. My sis’s body went into a rigor and she then pressed herself tightly onto me and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and soon we were kissing each other passionately and both of us were moving our pelvis filling her up to the hilt. My cock was now ready to shoot after this prolonged, deep and fast fucking. I embraced her tight and intensified my movement. “I am going to come….. ohhh …it feels so good…. I am going to cum in buckets…….”

In a flash she lifted her pelvis and her pussy released my cock completely. But very quickly she turned around, and placed her knees on either side of my waist, but this time facing my legs. She did not let my cock feel neglected for longer and holding it in her hand, brought down her pelvis and took it in. She bent forward and her asshole was facing me and the vibrator was vibrating inside her rectum and its base protruded out of her asshole. I fondled her heavy ass with one hand and with the other started fucking her asshole with her anal vibrator. Every time the beaded vibrator came out, it came out by a notch with a pop. I went fucking her asshole as fast as she was fucking my cock. Her lovely ass was rotating in front of my eyes and my cock was moving in and out of her stretched pussy.

“Go hard on me…. Fuck me hard …. Yes …. That is it……. Keep…….fucking. Ride me fast….. yes…..yes…. faster….. hold my balls…… yes ….. that is it….. I am going to come …. Aahhh…. Ohhhhhh ……. Harder……” I felt all my blood rushing to my cock and the pressure on my prostate and balls made me shoot my juice harder. I left the vibrator in and my hands reached for the two full moons – two globes of her ass and squeezed them. She caught my balls and squeezed them in her hand quite hard. I relaxed my asshole when I felt her wet finger touching it. She shoved it in and her finger found my prostate. I came and came and came. She firmed her pussy canal and her whole body shuddered and went stiff. I could see her butt muscles tightening. My cock jerked endlessly and released my hot semen in my auntie Bablee’s pussy.

Her hand reached for her own ass and took out the vibrator. Her open asshole looked like a yawning dark cave. My cock shriveled and she dismounted me. My cock was daubed with our combined juice. My whole body was sweating and I never had felt my climax to be so enormous. I remained in that position, unable to move. She turned around and slept by my side pressing her body to mine and we cuddled for some time.

“How frequently do you get to fuck My boyfriend? How is he?”

“Whenever we get the opportunity, we fuck. He is quite adventurous. He only introduced me to anal sex and rimming. He loves to fuck as much as I do and we have tried almost everything from threesome to group orgies. He only introduced me to swinging lifestyle.” She replied.

“Who do you swing with?” I was inquisitive.

“His very close friends only. There are three more couples – only one couple is married and the rest are like us. We had the swinging parties in a farmhouse.” She responded.

“You did not feel awkward – even the first time?” I inquired.

“Of course I did. Actually one day my boyfriend took me to the farmhouse for a party. His other friends were there. We all drank and smoked some joints. I did not know how it happened, but I came to my senses when I found myself lying on bed and my mouth was getting fucked. I was startled when another cock entered my pussy; and I could not see whose cock it was as my view was blocked by my boyfriend ramming into my mouth. I could not protest as mouth was full, and before I could really protest, I started enjoying it. With that all my reticence was gone. Subsequently, in my drunk and stoned state, when I saw My boyfriend was fucking someone else’s girlfriend, and that guy was approaching me. I spread my legs for him.” She responded. “A few moments later we changed positions and I started riding him. While riding my boyfriend’s friend, I saw my boyfriend approaching and he bent me forward exposing my ass for him and that was my first double-penetration. I cannot remember how many climaxes I had that day. From that tie onwards, we fuck whenever I get a chance. But after I started this escort services, sex has not been fulfilling mostly. And I could not get hold of my boyfriend as he is out of Lahore for last three months. I have been perpetually horny and resorting to my vibrators.”

“Do not fret over his absence. Now you got me. If he is not around, I am always there for you. Fucking you is such a welcome change from fucking Anita – my girlfriend. She is one cold boring fuck.”

When I looked at the clock on the wall, I saw it was two hours past noon. We had been fucking for last four hours. I was sexually and physically spent and was feeling hungry. We have to go out, get some lunch and take a new mobile phone number for our business.

“But how can you keep this number a secret? If you call someone he will see this number.” She questioned.

“There are ways. I can even call the person using Voice over internet. That would not reveal the number. But I shall contact the person after I study him and find him genuine.” I assured her. “Let us go now.”

“Ok. Let me get dressed.” She picked up her shorts, t-shirt and underwear and went to her room. She came back dressed in a loose skirt and a lacy top. We locked the house and took the car to the nearest shopping mall. She was looking very pretty in the long skirt that flowed down in frills right to her ankles. She had her hair tied in a loose casual pony-tail. She had a small gold chain around her neck with a pearl pendant and matching pearl ear-tops. She was looking demure and homely far from her sexy and slutty self.

We bought a telephone connection and a mobile handset. We wet to the Pizza hut in the corner to eat pizza. Then we loafed around the mall window shopping. When I saw a pharmacy, I remembered I would need cialis, a more potent version of Viagra. I asked my auntie Bablee to wait outside and bought a couple of strips of the medicine. While walking out of the pharmacy I popped in a couple of tablets as I knew it would require an hour or so to exert its effect. I came and joined my auntie Bablee. As we were finding our way out of the mall I saw a liquor shop and stopped in front of it and asked her, “What would you like to drink in the evening?” “Either Vodka with orange juice or Bacardi with coke, whatever you can get, would be fine.” I got a bottle of Bacardi and some cans of coke. After an hour of wandering in the mall, we headed back for home to finish the unfinished work of making her website.

I had my eyes on the road, and the afternoon time it was not very crowded. I switched on the music system. I was humming with the song.

“Your junior is very quiet now.” She said as she kept her hand on my crotch. It was soft after coming so many times that day and particularly the last time when it ejaculated after our extended fucking applying desensitizing cream. My balls were drained out. “Wait till we reach home. And do not forget you got to model for me some of your naughty lingerie.” My right hand was on the driving wheel, and my left hand reached for her pussy. My hand began pulling the skirt up and being loose it could easily be lifted over her thighs. The loose cotton skirt gathered on her thighs. My hand sought out for her pussy and reached its destination. The window panes of the car were dark, and I knew nothing could be seen from outside. My cock sprang up when my fingers touched her pussy. I could feel a strip of cloth on one side of her puffed pussy and another strip running down the other side. There was another thin strip that ran along her slit. But that was all. My fingers could feel the skin of her pussy. I rubbed on the strip that ran in the middle on her slit and caressed her pussy. I just turned my head to look at her. She just smiled, “That is a peek-a-boo thong. Now you know what it is, right?” When eyes followed down to her breasts, I could see her nipples erect. “Is your bra like that too?” You will soon find out.

In a few minutes we reached home. I parked the car and opened the door for her. I followed her and closed the door behind me. I dropped our shopping bags on the sofa and rushed to her, I bent forward and caught the hemline of her skirt and lifted it up completely. “Waoo: I exclaimed seeing her undergarment, The front of the thong was made of three thin strips all originating from another tied around her waist. One was going on one side of the pussy, the other going on the other side – making a framework inside which her glorious pussy was enclosed. The tight strip or rope pushed the pussy lip inward making it appear puffier and the same on the other side too. Only the central strip ran on the slit but rest of the area or most of her pussy was left bare. All the three strips joined one another at the base and come together just below her pussy lips, from where a lone ultra thin strip passed through the crack of her ass to meet the strip around her waist. She herself took off her top. “Ohhh Nooooo” I almost screamed in disbelief. There were again only three thin strips, they were making futile attempts to cage her boobs, as they never could cover them. The strips ran from below her breasts upward converging at one point; from where a solitary string went upward and to her back. My mouth hung open at this sight. The bra cups had been replaced by these three strips, which neither covered her breasts; and was not sure if they could provide any support to her boobs like a bra. Even her nipples were fully exposed with the central strip on her breast passing by its side. The strips did leave a depression on her soft flesh, and were possibly trying to push her breasts up. But her breasts were spilling out and completely exposed.

I looked at her intently and my cock was up. No, I really did not need the cialis, my auntie Bablee is the most potent cialis actually. As my eyes stayed on her, she swirled around showing me her body from different angles.

“This is a peek-a-boo bra and thong, she announced. You wanted to see them, didn’t you?” I went close to her and caressed the flesh on her breasts left uncovered. My left hand moved down to her pussy and I ran my fingers along those strips on her pussy. Her hand fell on my cock and she traced lines with her nails on it. It was erect and hard now seeing my auntie Bablee in such erotic lingerie. “Under your conservative clothing was this sexy stuff …… this is so sexy.” I mouthed. “Let us go to my bedroom” – I held her by her waist and led her to my bedroom. She did not leave my cock. Se had it in her grip. “This one again wants some of his Bablee’s pussy.” But this time you have to do it slowly and tenderly. My asshole and pussy are sore from the fucking I have been getting in the last twenty four hours. They have become utterly sensitive.” She alerted me.

“All fine with me. We shall go slowly. There is the whole evening. Let me fix you a drink first.” I went to the refrigerator in the kitchen to get a can of coke and some ice; and picked up two glasses. I came to my room. I poured the Bacardi in two glasses and mixed it up with coke. I gave one to her. “Cheers, for the success of our new venture” I toasted with her. “Cheers!” She joined me and gulped down the drink in one go. I followed the suit. “Let me make one more drink.” I said and got up to make another round of drinks. This time I made it quite stiff. I mixed it with coke, added a dash of lime and few ice cubes and brought the glasses to my room. She was sitting on the bed, her feet dangling down. I sat by her side and started sipping my drink handing over her glass to hers.

I took the cold glass to her breasts. Her nipples went rigid and touched her breasts with the cold glass which was covered by droplets of cold water which condensed on it. She got a goose-skin from this. My other hand roamed on her breasts. There was nothing to be removed really as her tit-flesh was exposed for my caress through her peek-a-boo bra. Her nipples protruded through the large gap between the strings which almost cut through her soft flesh.

“Let me get a joint. That will give you a high. By the way, have you ever tried it?” She asked as she got up.

“No, never tried one, but would not mind experimenting once.” I answered.

She returned with a joint. “I got some from My boyfriend and this is the last one I am left with.” She commented and placed it between her lips. “Since when did you start smoking hash?” I asked inquisitively. She lit it, dragged on it hard, her cheeks sucked in. It was an erotic sight. The room filled with a sweet acrid smell. She took a couple of drags and passed it to me. I took a drag. “Hold the smoke inside.” She suggested, “I am not regular. I just take it once a while, when I really want to get high.” After few puffs I passed on the joint to her. “This is great stuff. You will realize it in half an hour.” She said and took the joint to her lips. She presented a very erotic sight sitting in her daring undergarments smoking the joint. She sipped from her glass in between the puffs. I was nursing my glass. “What do we do when dad and mom return? I asked worried. “We will behave normally when they are here and you know they will retire to their bed soon after dinner and we shall continue from where we leave it.” She answered offhandedly. She passed me on the joint and after two drags, it had burnt completely.

I took her empty glass for another refill. I came back with two glasses and sat on the bed gesturing her to come there. My head was buzzing, and I was feeling very light-headed. Even the few graceful steps she took to reach the bed looked to me like she was doing a ballet. She soot in front of me, her breasts right in front of my face. She took a glass from me making one of my hands free, which caught her left breast. With one hand she held me to her bosom. My face automatically proceeded to her right breast feasting on her nipple. I did not want to waste much time on the drink, my prick was getting stiff. My head was now so light… it was a funny feeling. My whole body sort of felt numb but there was some tingling going inside somewhere. I was on a high and my prick was slowly and slowly getting enormous. I finished the drink and shoved the glass under the bed. As I got up I saw her glass empty too. I took it from her and pushed it to the same place. I caught her around her thin waist and pushed her on the bed. Both of us fell down at the same time, she on her back, with her breasts up and me I on my abdomen. I turned to my side facing her, my face near hers. I nibbled her earlobes. Her eyes were half closed. “When I am drunk and stoned, I feel horny”. She whispered. “When do not you feel horny?” I teased. “Now, I need it hard and rough. I want to fuck and be fucked like animals” she continued, “it brings me intense orgasms and I really pass out with my big orgasm I get in this condition,”

Both the alcohol and hash had gone to my head and I was very high. It was my first taste of hash. But it was good. I took my hand to the breast which was distant and brought my face to the one which was closer to me. I went sucking her nipple and pulled it with my lips. I squeezed her boob hard. “Do you smoke hash when you go to your clients?” I asked. “No way, I go there just to please the man and the moment it is over I come out. I actually want always to make him come quickly. In some cases, even after the first round of sex, the man was happy and let me go; paying me full. He was a sixty year old man. I sucked him for a minute, and he was about to come. He mounted me and the moment his cock entered me, he shot his load!! It all depends on the kind of people you get, their age, health and experience. As I said, in most cases I came back getting myself excited. That is all.” “Poor girl,” I sympathized with her patting her pussy. “It needs cock always.” I climbed on her from the side, and caught her thong and yanked it down. She untied her bra and it fell open. “I wish your thong did not have the string in the middle running along your pussy, I would have fucked you without bothering to take it off.” She helped me by lifting her hips and I slipped it down her lovely legs and feet and put it on the bed. “I have one like that too…..” she replied. What was the use of wearing a pair of panties where the crotch was completely uncovered? Other than providing a frame for the pussy, it would do nothing. “What is your favorite position Bablee?” I thought of making love in a position she loves most. “Any position in which a hard cock gets into my pussy deep is my favorite position. I love all positions in fucking. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Now you start in the classical missionary style. We will see how it goes.” She spread her legs and lifted her knees exposing her bare pussy completely. Like a Marine taking position, I knelt between her legs to shoot with my cock. I bent forward and kissed her deep navel and sucked it. She squirmed with pleasure. I licked down my way to the tip of her pussy. I flicked on her clitoris and with the tip of my tongue massaged it. It was hard. I slowly sucked it first. She held my head with her hands and pressed it hard onto her. My hands reached for her breasts and I mauled them. I pinched her nipples hard. I caught each of her breasts in each hand and squeezed them at the same time. She was forcing my head forcefully to her crotch. My sucking pressure stepped up. I pursed my lips on her clit and created a strong vacuum in my mouth into which her clit was sucked in. My assault on her breasts was getting rougher. Far from objecting to it, she encouraged me by holding my head and simultaneously pressing her crotch to my face.

“My slutty Bablee wants it rough, does not she? She wants her Ameer’s cock in her. You are my whore from now on. I shall fuck you till your juice dries off. I shall fuck you till you pass out …….” I said after raising my face from her clit and crawled forward bringing my cock close to her pussy.

“You bugger, fuck me and do not talk. My pussy needs a cock and not words. Fuck me you Bablee-fucker.” She slurred. The booze and hash must have gone to her head and she started taking dirty. “Look at my pussy, it is slick and wet. Do not you love a pussy when it is so shiningly wet?”

“Which moron would miss a chance to fuck this pussy? Now, be ready as my cock is going to invade you.” I rubbed my cock-tip on her clit and slid it down till it reached the entrance of her sex-canal. I just plunged in hard. She raised her waist making the passage straight for my intrusion.

“When I am high I also get powerful anal orgasms. When I am stoned my climaxes become staggeringly mind-blowing. Dope and alcohol increase my libido. I love fucking, but love it more when I am stoned. Now, keep fucking me. Go in hard and bang me. Yes…. Harder and faster … I need it that way.” She rotated her hips and my cock was reaching all parts inside he puss, filling her completely.

My cock was harder than what it had been earlier. Thanks to cialis. I kept on fucking her. My ram-rod was going into her cavity and coming out. I bent forward to pay attention to her sensitive tits. She responded by lifting her pelvis up with each of my downward thrust. We fucked as if there was no tomorrow. Every thing appeared hazy to my intoxicated mind excepting fucking my auntie Bablee hard and rough. I went on driving into her with full force and bringing out my cock unto its head only to shove into her again. My movements were complemented by her fierce push ups of her pelvis. She clamped her legs around my waist and her arms embraced me tightly. Our bodies united in an incestuous union. She dug her nails into my back. My hips only moved up and down pounding her pussy.

“Ohh …… ooohhhhhh …….. aaaahhhhhhh ……..arrrrrrghhhhhh…………..” she growled and her pussy was flooded with its secretions and my cock started moving in and out easily. “Oooooohhhhhh …….. fuck ……. Fuck ……. Fuck me Ameer………”. Her lovely dark hair was spread around her face on the pillow. Her breathing turned shallow and quick. Our groins hit each other as the ferocity of our fucking increased to a new crescendo.

“Take your Ameer’s cock you cock-loving slut. The only thing you ever need is a strong and thick cock plowing your pussy always you cum-crazy Bablee.” I grunted. “You need cocks filling you in every hole. I want to see you getting fucked by three different cocks at the same time….. Take it Bablee …. Take me in …. Feel me ….. Can you feel me all the way inside you ……?” I bent forward and smooched her. She was overwhelmed by the orgasm that hit her, shrilled, “Yeahhhhh… eeeeeehhhh ….. ooohhhh…… am coming … am coming …. You are making me come again ….. Ohhhh Ameer … you bloody dick …. Fuck ….. I am coming …… aaaahhhhhhhh……….”

This was her longest-lasting climax with me. Her whole body trembled as she held me tight and kissed me back passionately. I stayed in her till she flooded her pussy with her secretions.

The orgasm subsided and her body lied in a state of tranquil. Her boobs were slowly heaving up and down. I restarted plunging in and slowly. I wanted to come n her tight asshole. I got up from her and tenderly turned her around. She lied prone on her abdomen, her face turned to a side. I placed my knees on either side of her thighs and rubbed my prick along her butt-crack. The moment it touched her bung-hole she lifted up her butts provoking me to enter her asshole at that instant. Her breasts spilled out on the mattress on both sides of her chest. She had her hands lifted up and folded at her elbows. I rested one hand near her armpit, and with the other I placed my cock-head at her asshole. It was soaked up from her pussy juice that trickled down through her crevice, but was not very wet though. I knew it might hurt her. In her inebriated state she would not feel the pain when I pound her tight ass. But when she comes into her senses she would realize that her bum hole was opened up and a thick rod had invaded it. But my cock was doing the thinking now, and unfortunately for my cock, compassion or patience was not a virtue. My cock was coated with her juice though. I pushed in forcefully into her asshole. “Aaaahhhhh …….. slow ……. It hurts ……ahhhhh …… you fucker ….you are tearing my asshole …….. aaahhhhhhh……” “I am going to fuck your ass bitch ….. I am pushing my cock into your tightest hole now you bitch ……… take it in ….. it cannot hurt you ….you have ass-fucked enough cocks and you know how to swallow my cock inside your bowels. You can take a donkey’s cock in your asshole my darling whore ….. take it ….” With that I plowed my way through her tight passage. It resisted a little but her resistance wilted against my force. Soon enough I had my cock buried in her asshole right up to its base I moved slow first, but soon picked up speed.

“Yeah…. Yeah ….. it feels me up ….. I feel something huge has gone right inside me …. I feel your cock inside me ….. I feel my Ameer’s cock inside my asshole …. Yes, Ameer buggering Bablee ….. you ass-fucking Ameer …. Yu love fucking your Bablee’s asshole… don’t you….. fuck me …. Harder …. Keep fucking ….. don’t stop ….. keep moving …..” She panted and lifted her butts to meet my invasion.

We were now moving ourselves together in a synchronized way. I did not realize how long I butt-fucked my auntie Bablee, but I saw her hand coming down, going between the mattress and her body to her lower abdomen to massage her clitoris.

She clenched her butt muscles tight and her sphincter held on to my cock like a snug glove. As I pulled out during my movement, her rectum sucked me in. I was now on the verge of coming.

“I am going to fill your asshole. I love filling your ass. I will fuck my whore every day in her sexy ass ….. take your Ameer’s seeds in your asshole you slutty Bablee…. Come on … jerk hard … take me in fully ….. yes…. I am coming….. I am coming … I am going to fill your entire rectum with my cock-juice. I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before you bitch…. Take my cock you filthy cunt … you sexy bitch …. Aaahhh.. ooohhhh… yes ….. I am comingggg……” I rumbled as my cock spewed a large quantity of semen in my auntie Bablee’s asshole in innumerable jerks … . My cock pulsed inside her asshole and she went rigid.

“I am also coming… my Ameer … we are coming together…. We are coming together…. We are making each other come …. Ooohhhhh …..yesss…… I am coming….”

She collapsed.

The orgasm which built up in me with continuous fucking for such a long time subsided with my cock emitting all its juice inside my auntie Bablee. I too collapsed on her back leaving my cock inside.

Now, my mind was clearing up. I had come like never before in her ass. But my cock was still semi-hard. I knew with so much of fucking, it should not last so long, but booze, dope and cialis made it possible.

When I brought out my cock, it was washed with my own juice. I had no patience and I wanted to come in her mouth. I turned her around and went to a sixty-nine.

“Your cock tastes funny …” she commented.” It smells funny too.” She said as she licked the entire length of my cock.

It was in her asshole and must have got her pungent flavor. In a no hold-barred sexual liaison we indulged in a long sixty nine. She used all her tricks on me, caressing and pressing my balls as I went on sucking her pussy and fingered her clitoris.

We went on for a long time in this position and I ejaculated in her mouth, completely spent as she also came again.

We lied down for a while and then got up. We cleaned the room of any evidence of our incestuous sex might have left. We arranged my bed, and cleared the glasses and bottles, used some room-fresheners to mask the smell of hash.

We got dressed in what we usually dress at home and waited for our parents like two normal siblings.

Another Nice Story of Bablee

Another Nice Story of Bablee

Sweetie how was your first day today? Asked Omair cuddling his lovely wife Bablee.
Nice. Bablee said dreamingly. Infact she immediately went in flash back remembering all the events that happened today in the school where she performed her first day as a Teacher. “Yeah! It’s going to be great Omair.”

Omair is a deputy general manager in a multinational bank. They were married for fifteen years and have four kids. Bablee feel bored at home because their kids are in boarding school. So they decided that Bablee will start doing a job so she will not feel bored at home. Omair’s sister Nazia studying in final year B.Sc also living with them and enjoying the fun of college life.

As soon as Bablee entered class 12th for her first lesson of English the boys sitting on the last bench almost popped their eyes out. They were the most notorious boys of the school and Sam was also the captain of their School’s basket ball team. As soon as they saw Bablee they were overjoyed that such a sexy and beautiful teacher is now coming daily to teach them. They were so bored of their old and filthy teachers. Though there are some young cute teachers also but they were not allotted higher class to teach so these guys are just not lucky enough. But luck seems to have changed now.

Bablee remembered how the boys simply glared at her and specially Sam who was just speechless for a while and stared at her so foolishly that whole class laughed aloud and made her blush with embarrassment. But after that all went well. She could see the back bencher’s interest in her body but she thought that was harmless and in fact loved the attention she was getting.

Nazia in her final year was enjoying the life to the fullest. She was having few good boyfriends and Harsh in particular was very close to her. He was a student of final year LLB and also working part time as fashion photographer. He has some reputation in the college and once he also saved Nazia from some local goons and that’s why Nazia has some real affection for him.

Omair is a workaholic and at his age these days often guys work day and night to make it big leaving simple things out of their lives and most of them rue it afterwards but then it’s too late. Omair and Bablee still looks a couple like they married yesterday but the fizz of their life seems to have settled down sooner than later. Bablee often wonder what went wrong with him though as soon as he comes up to her he is a very loving and caring hubby but soon whole days exercise force him to settle down on the cozy bed of their love room and soon she see him in his dream world leaving her all alone and unsatisfied.

Sam trying hard to sleep but couldn’t. Every time he closes his eyes there comes the Sexy face of that sexy English Teacher. “God damn she is so sexy. He just kept remembering her every movement her smile her glimpse of lovely creamy boobs when she just bent down to pick up the marker. “Oh have to shag for her tonight” he quickly pulled out his dick and went inside the bathroom. In the Bhabhie of his new teacher.
Few days passed and Bablee now was quiet sure that some of the boys of higher class are only interested in ogling her body. Though it was not clear to her that why she likes such a wrong thing. Why she felt a little itchy between her legs as soon as she found them trying to get inside her clothes. She herself found this tall hunk Sam quiet attractive though he must be 10 years younger to her but still she felt something in him and when she saw him performing in the basketball game she just loved the way he played and the way he marshaled his team . Sam also liked when he saw his favorite teacher watching his game. He got so excited that after winning he even threw a flying kiss towards her. She was shocked at first but took it sportingly and smiled back at him delighting him no end.

“sweety r u having a good time at school, any good co teacher, trying to flirt you haan?” Omair winked at her and smiled.
“ not any I think.” She told him she doesn’t know if she could tell him that not her co teacher but her students trying to flirt her. She just cuddled herself in the strong arms of her hubby and he loving took her kissing her on her soft rosy lips. His hands started moving over her hard boobs.
“hey honey u seems already excited.” Omair mentioned when he moved his fingers over her nutty nipples. He himself got very excited and his roaming and caressing and also thinking about the young boy Sam she also got very excited and soon their passion started to flow and soon her flimsy nighty was lying near the bed and She was making it fast to remove his clothes.
“It’s a long time Omair.” She sighed “ And you forgot your condom”.
“yeah” He was very excited now and that was the right time to cover his rowdy dick with the umbrella of protection. And soon he was riding his beautiful chick wife in that missionary position he only knows and she was terribly excited humping to meet his thrust and as soon as she dug her nails over his plum ass he ejaculated.
“ohh wait pleeeeeease.” She tried hard to meet the thrusts .tried hard to make herself cum with him but in vain it was too early for her as his dick slipped softly out of her hot cave.
But she stilled smiled seeing the worried face of her loving hubby. He didn’t tried to meet her eyes and rolled back and soon he was in sleep leaving her hot hands between her hot pussy and soon she was thinking about Sam’s wonderful virgin body playing on a basketball court and She came panting heavily before going to sleep beside her dead log husband.

“Bhabhi kya aaj aap mere saath shopping chalengi” Nazia asked Bablee.
“Sure” Today being holiday she was also planning to go shopping and it was a good idea to go with Nazia. Omair has to go to bank so they both headed towards City Centre a newly built shopping mall. There was a healthy rush in the market seems all nice creamy gentry of the city has headed towards this mall. Bablee and Nazia were enjoying every moment there When they were in clothes lingerie section and both were ruffling through the undergarments for their best fit Then suddenly a voice came
“Nazia.” They both turned around and Nazia found that it was her boyfriend Harsh.
“Hi Harsh! Bhabhi this is Harsh my College friend and Harsh this my Bhabhi my friend.” Bablee smiled but harsh offered his hand for a shake and Bablee obliged.
“Wow Nazia you didn’t tell that you have such a sex.. arr beautiful babhi.” He fumbled.
Bablee smiled at his comment. Nazia glared at him. “Really bhabhi because its my profession that’s why I must admire a beauty as soon as I get one and here I am lucky that I have got two.” He casually said like they both are his property.
“What do you do, Nazia was saying you are in college?” Then they both explain that besides doing law he is also a fashion photographer. “Ohh” sighed Bablee admiringly. Then they both blushed when they realized that they both have a pair of bra each in their hands. Seeing that harsh said, “Hey cool down I have just coming out from a photo shoot of this lingerie section only .” and winked at Nazia, “ the model was so sexy Nazia.”
“You stupid, What babhi will think.”
“come on Nazia you are my girlfriend and Bhabhi is your friend and so she is my friend too , right bhabhi?” Bablee smiled and nodded but asked Nazia with mock anger
“Nazia you never told me about your boyfriend?”
“Sorry bhabhi.” Lets have some coffee. Soon they were inside the café. Bablee observed that Harsh was trying to get all the minute details of hers. may be he must have taken all the details of Nazia by now, she thought They were talking continuously and to Bablee Harsh seems like a very nice guy he knows how to impress girls and even women like her. He has complimented her so many times but never forget to copy the same for Nazia so that Nazia didn’t feel offended.
“Bhabhi, harsh has given me the offer of modeling for a foreign fashion magazine but I don’t know if bhai would approve that.”
“hey Nazia its your final year and besides no one in our family is in this line.”
“Come on bhabhi” interrupted Harsh, “ Modeling is a respected profession these days, People are sending their daughters for appearing in Miss India contest very proudly and often these girls are barely 18 and my Nazia is already 21.” He very adoringly used the word “My Nazia”.
“But Nazia do you like to join this line?”
“Yes but only if Bhai approve of this.”
“Ok let me try.” Said Bablee though she is not against it but she knew that you cant trust every one in this field. She will have a talk with Omair, She thought.
“ But bhabhi I have to give them some snaps of her so that if approved We can start the shoot on Sunday.”
“You must wait till tomorrow then it will be decided that if you can start the shoot immediately or never.” She said sternly. Seeing that both Harsh and Nazia kept quiet. Harsh like a gentleman paid the bill.

“What are you saying Bablee, no one in our family has done that.”
“But times are changing honey.” She kissed him softly to melt him down.
“But she could be exploited in this field.”
“No I have met Harsh and they are very good friend, He seems to be a nice guy. And still you should respect the decision of your sister as she wants to go ahead only after your approval.”
“ I am not sure but I can give permission on only one condition that you will be remain with her during that shoot.”
“But Omair I have to go to school daily.”
“That’s your look out, take leave adjust your time whatever but I don’t want to leave my sister alone in this new profession of modeling.”
“Ok Omair I will take care of that.” Bablee smiled in fact she was very happy that Omair has surrendered so easily.

“Wow bhabhi you are great.” And in her enthusiasm Nazia kissed Bablee on her lips and then blushed after realizing. “Sorry bhabhi”.
“Lagta hai Harsh ko khoob kiss kar rahi ho aajkal?” Nazia shyly lowered her head..
“Aab Harsh se mill kar decide karo aur mujhe batao ki how he will adjust the timings.
“OK bhabhi.”.

“Sam, you wait here.” She called sam when whole class was going out for recess.
“Yes Ma’am”.
“What did you do yesterday.”
“What Ma’am.”
“You blew kiss towards me.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Why you know this can lead you in trouble.”
“Yes Ma’am, but I couldn’t help it. You are too tooo tooo.”
“What Sam?”
“Nice Ma’am”
“Look Sam your are here to study right”
“Yes Ma’am but I like you Ma’am I want to make you my friend Ma’am.”
Bablee was stunned by his boldness.
“Please Ma’am can you be my friend Ma’am, Just friend, that’s all.”
“You go right now.”
“Please Ma’am.”
“Go right away.” She ordered rudely. And he left immediately. Bablee felt perspiration all over her face. Whats going on, why she let him say all those things. Should she agree to be his friend. Is it possible. My God, she shrugged and went out for lunch.

Harsh was delighted when he heard the news of Omair’ approval and he was all the more delighted with the condition he put in that Bablee has to accompany Nazia on the set. It was more than he bargained for. He quickly set the timings for first shoot at his own studio for making a profile of hers so that he can get final nod from the producers. He called both Nazia and Bablee in the evening at his place. They both informed Omair about the program and reached there. Harsh welcomed both of them and took them directly to his studio. It was an apartment and Harsh live here with his servant come assistant Shaukat a 40 years old.

“Make yourself comfortable bhabhi.”
“Wow Harsh you have made a great studio at your place” exclaimed Nazia.
“Yeah thanx. Let me tell you the schedule. We will be shooting prepare your profile today in different outfits. Though you are almost finalized but final nod will be only after your profile is placed on file. And after that we will be shooting for this Italian magazine according to their choice and locations. Is it clear Nazia, … Bhabhi.?”
“Yes but locations?”
“Yeah it can be in Pakistan or abroad too but all the expenses will be borne by the producers. You don’t have to worry girls.” He said smilingly. Bablee smiled at his use of the word “girls”.
“So common Nazia I will show your changing room and clothes you have to wear.

As soon as they both got inside the room harsh grabbed Nazia in his arms and planted a warm kiss on her wet lips
“hey bhabhi yahin hai.”
“comone jaan itni der baad chance mila. Kiss to karne do.”
Later he instructed her about what dresses she has to wear. She objected a bit about his choice of lingeries but he assured her that it will be in good taste.

Nazia remained inside the room and Harsh came out and joined Bablee.
“Bhabhi to kaisa laga mera mini studio?”
“Its nice really.” Bablee smiled.
His assistant Shaukat is adjusting the lighting arrangements and also planning about the background of the stills. As long as harsh was inside the room, Bablee could feel that he is eyeing over her body. Shaukat was very please today to see such a beautiful ladies in shoot.

Nazia got out of the room wearing a modern denim skirt and a very short top which was as short as a blouse showing all of her lovely midriff and skirt was also short and so tight that her cleft of hips was clearly visible as and when she moves. Bablee was impressed with Nazia, she was really looking like a professional model now.

“Hey Nazia don’t come out first let Shaukat have some makeup applied on you take your seat inside. He ordered in such a professional manner that Nazia quickly turned and sat inside the room in front of a huge dressing table. Bablee was wondering that how this brute looking man Shaukat will perform his task over the lovely Nazia.

Shaukat came beside Nazia and smiled. She tried hard to smile. She was a bit angry with Harsh that why he has not chosen some lady beautician for her.

“Relax babe you will be fine.” He started with tying a cloth over her neck so the dress she was wearing will not get. Then he sprinkled water at her face. She was wondering that if she is sitting in a barber’s shop. He soon was massaging her face. He was making sure to be very close to her body so he can get the lovely smell of her. He was soon applying cream and eyeliners on her. Though Nazia did not like him at first but She found him to be an expert in his job and his touch felt soothing and making her relaxed.

Harsh meanwhile using this precious time chatting with Bablee and telling her the tales of his different shoots with famous models. He also showed her the profiles of some famous models and movie stars. Bablee was surprised to some of the topless poses and one or two total frontal nudes made her feel a little embarrassed. Harsh though acted in a very professional manner and showed all these pics if there is nothing abnormal about them but in his mind he knew that he has deliberately shown these sexy pics to this sexy married wife.
Soon the shoot began and Harsh started clicking expertly , Nazia too was posing sexily and making very sexy gestures at him, in between Shaukat also coming behind Nazia and grabbing her shoulders to make her pose perfect or sometimes lifting her chin up to be in perfect angle. It felt odd to Nazia at first but soon she got used to him touching her at harsh’s instance. Bablee was very engrossed watching this shoot, one thing Harsh does every time he finishes the act that he slapped Nazia’s ass and say” Go change babe”, this really amused Bablee. And Once in a while he also get very excited when a pose is really exceptional and then in his excitement he would grab her and kiss her right there in front of both Bablee and Shaukat. Bablee saw Shaukat smiling every time Harsh does that. The effect could very well be seen on Nazia as she was blushing yet excited. She was very well aware that there are two people watching but that was making her all the more excited. Now the difficult part has come she has to come out in two-piece now. She chose red laced Bra and panty. She hesitated in coming out as she felt herself almost naked in that dress. But at harsh called her in his commanding voice she slowly came out of the room. Bablee sighed when she saw her, she was looking really a sex bomb immediately Bablee’s eyes went towards Shaukat who was watching Nazia with open eyes and Bablee could clearly see his eyes full of lust. His professionalism must have thrown out of the window. But Bablee got the shock of her life when Shaukat looked at her this time he looked very boldly and even winked at her lustily. A stranger wave of fear ran through her body. Nazia meanwhile just looking lovingly at Harsh who whistled wickedly at her arrival and started clicking the snaps. Then after few poses he called Shaukat
“Are Shaukat zara iska pose theek kar iske kandhe jhuke jhuke lag rahe hain.”
Shaukat was waiting just for that he quickly went behind Nazia lustily admiring her voluptuous body Nazia could feel his heavy breath over her shoulder and then his rough big hands were over her he softly caressed her shoulder before making her shoulder straight and asking harsh, “Theek hai?”. Shaukat’s dick was feeling the effect and trying hard to broke the zip of his pants while Harsh was focusing he cam too close to her and lightly rubbed his dick in pants over Nazia’s lovely ass. Bablee too saw and she was surprised that harsh letting this guy touch his lovely girlfriend and that brute is now rubbing his monster over her sister in law’s sexy bums.
“Theek hai Shaukat.” Harsh Okayed and they proceeded further and this went on a long as this lingerie shoot and this made even Nazia wet in her panties. Strangely Bablee to got excited watching all this live in front of her. She got more attentive when she got the glimpse of that huge bulge over Shaukat’s pants and when she saw that Nazia has not objected any of his movement then she thought it was just harmless fun and its natural reaction of a man close to such a sexy body.
“Bhabhi ab aapki baari.” Bablee’s thoughts broken when she heard Harsh calling her.
“Haan bhabhi aap bhi kisi model se kum nahin let me make your profile too. Ho sakta hai Nazia ke satth aapko bhi koi package mil jaaye.”
“Nahi Harsh main nahin.”
“Why not bhabhi? You look too sexy and if you don’t tell anyone no one will know that you are married.” Harsh hit the right chords. Nazia too came forward supporting Harsh.
“Haan Bhabhi aap bhi try kijiye naa.”
“Par Nazia tere bhaiya kabhi nahin manege.” Harsh smiled .
“Par bhabhi you don’t need to tell him. These pics will not be publishing anywhere. Let us make a profile you look it at yourself and then its up to you to decide.”

“Bhabhi Chaliye andar. Shaukat bhabhi ko light makeup laga.” Suddenly Harsh authoritative tone has come back. Bablee tried to object about Shaukat but then she thought what Nazia would think that when it was her turn she didn’t raise any objection about Shaukat. As soon as she went inside Shaukat was behind her and as soon as they both went inside Harsh grabbed Nazia who has put on a gown over her bra and panty of last shoot and very quickly removed her gown.
“kya kar rahe ho.”
“apni jaan ko pyar kar raha hoon.”
“Are bhabhi andar hai.”
“Are abhi itni zaldi bahr nahin aane waali. Itni der mein to tumhara pura kaam kar sakta hoon. Bolo tyar ho.”
“hush.”She pinched on his cheek..” he put his both hands inside her panties over her buttocks and grabbed her ass tightly and pushed her towards his bulging dick.
“mmmmm lovely gaand hai tumhari, Saale Shaukat ka bhi khada ho gaya tha.”
“Tum tum tumne phir bhi use kuch nahin kaha.”
“Jab tumne gaand par ragadwa kar bhi kuch nahin kaha to main kaise kehta?”
She felt very ashamed of herself. And hide her face under his chest. He grabbed her ass a little more then brought out his hands. Lift her chin up and forced his tongue inside her wet lips their tongue met and they kissed each other very violently for few minutes. Harsh snapped the hooks of her bras and soon he was squeezing the hard virgin melons of this beautiful model. Nazia was feeling very wet and excited but like always she managed to control this time too and topped Harsh for going any further.

Shaukat’s hands were itching to have the feel of this wonderful young wife. He started harmlessly over her hair and took his time to groom them and when he finished with them Bablee was impressed with his work till then he did nothing objectionable of sort. Now he has come in front of her and started at her face she shivered at his touch and he could feel it too he enjoyed the reaction by this lovely woman he was rubbing lotions of all sorts over her face and doing it very slowly and sexily. She got a bit excited when he rubbed his lips forcefully with his thumb she could feel her whole body jerked. No man not even her hubby has touched her like that. Shaukat could feel the effect of his touch over this lady.
“Bablee main ek baat bolun?” He didn’t address her as bhabhi and directly calling her Bhabhie.
“Nazia ko mat bolna par tumhari skin Nazia se bhi jyada chikni hai.” Bablee smiled.
Then very obscenely he adjusted his cock in his pant right in front of her face and then again started to do her eye brows but this act of his has her focused on his bulge. She was watching this for a while but it was from a long distance but now it’s just too close to her comfort and for the first time in her life she was staring at some stranger’s dick through pants though. Then she realized her status and readjusted her composure of an elegant woman.
When Harsh called Shaukat was just about to finish his job and after completing he smiled at her, she also smiled back then encouraged Shaukat pinched her cheek lovingly and said, “ mast lag rahi ho.” Bablee didn’t mind his action this time because she too admired herself on the mirror, this guy certainly knows his job.

Nazia has again put on the gown on her bhabhi was about to come out. When they both saw Bablee they were pleasantly shocked they immediately turned towards Shaukat who was smiling proudly. Bablee was wearing a decent saree Harsh quickly started focusing his camera and after setting the background he started clicking the snaps. In between he regularly sent Shaukat to correct the pose of Bablee and Shaukat eagerly obliged but didn’t forget to rub his hard on over her fleshy ass. Nazia now watching and could feel her bhabhi’s situation. Then Harsh said
“ okay bhabhi change.”
“Par kaun se kapde.”
“Aao main batata hoon.” And he along with Bablee came inside the room.
“Look bhabhi you are looking damn photogenic so don’t hesitate you are a natural. So let me make your full fledged profile I am sure I will have a dual contract of Nazia and yourself. Ye dekhiye these clothes will be perfectly fit on you it’s a bit larger size then Nazia’s. and this is for lingerie round.” Bablee blushed and said,
“Nahin main ye nahin kar paaongi.”
“Come on bhabhi be a sport act like a professional, look how Nazia did her shoot?”
He lovingly caressed her face, and tell her the sequence in which she has to wear those clothes. And said, “Chalo jaldi se change kar lo I am waiting outside.” Bablee’s mind was in dilemma, is he doing the right thing, Omair has sent her to look after his sister but here his own wife is posing in front of two strangers who are not only getting the glimpse of her lovely sexy body but also touching her in every which way like they know her for a long long time. She slowly started to change.
Seeing Bablee in a short top and a very mini skirt I a treat in itself. Shaukat’s heart was coming out of his mouth and Harsh whistled and smiled. Seeing their reaction, a pang of jealousy ran through the body of Nazia but she too had too admit that Bablee her bhabhi is looking really killing. Bablee was not in her usual self she was feeling a bit awkward in a dress which she don’t remember if had worn even in her unmarried college life. The little black skirt was exposing her milky thighs more than required and the sleevless red top with its V low neck is exposing her milky boobs like she has never shown to even her hubby. The sexy sight of this damsel is making every one in the room really mad.
“hey bhabhi don’t be nervous relax.” Harsh came beside Bablee and put his arm around her and this way caressing her milky arms and shoulder and enjoying every moment of it. He knew his girlfriend is watching but at the moment he doesn’t want to miss any chances. Bablee on the other hand was experiencing this very first time in her life its very strange feeling when this young man was holding her in a passionate way and she is not objecting at all, is this called the professionalism ?
“You all right dear.” Harsh is now calling her dear.
“Yes I am Ok.”
Bablee went to the set and started giving poses. First simple and then on Harsh’s instance some sexy poses bending forward showing lot of cleavage. From the corner of her eyes she also noticing shaukat’s intent interest and his always-prominent bulge also could be seen. Shaukat in fact waiting for his turn when Harsh will call him for some adjustment. He doesn’t have to wait for long as son as harsh called he quickly went behind Bablee and caressed her hands and put her shoulder in right position then picked her chin up in right direction he was standing right in front of her and they were looking directly in each others eyes. Then he said, “Bahut shandaar lag rahi ho sweety, man kar rah hai yahin daba doon.” Bablee was a bit surprised at his bold confession but didn’t mind as much as she should be and just managed to deliver a faint smile. Then in one pose she has to put her leg on a short stool and bend forward, but as soon as harsh focused he shouted,
“No bhabhi ye pose theek nahi aa raha, aapki panty dikh rahi hai.”
This was the most embarrassing situation for Bablee, she quickly put her foot down and turn her face towards Nazia. Nazia by now was enjoying the situation of her bhabhi and also remembering how Shaukat has used this situation and put her hard thing on her ass. She changed her pose and Harsh started clicking again, and then he came very close and started taking close ups of her.
“yes baby come on make a sexy face yes like that yes show me how good are you .” Harsh has now changed from bhabhi to baby he was very close to Bablee and hence he was just whispering that only Bablee could hear.
“yes babe you are looking very gorgeous go a little back yes like that, yeah bend a little yeah show me those sexy boobs yes make a pout of these sexy lips make a kissing pose yes baby too good, aapka profile to koi fail kar hi nahi sakta ok last snap bus ho gaya.” And finishing this he stopped and then as he was doing with Nazia he slapped her ass lovingly and said go change for lingerie. Bablee quickly turned and walked towards the room, thinking on her way that, “ how this guy has mesmerized her how she was acting on every order of his show me your boobs and she was bending like a whore, my god and he slapped her ass in front of her sister in law and that ugly looking Shaukat. What’s happening to her she is not objecting any action of his . He is a boyfriend of Nazia, even Nazia is not objecting anything. Do I like this, yea its getting interesting but what next, oh god its lingerie section. But this time Bablee felt more of an excitement than fear.
Every one is eagerly awaiting Bablee’s arrival. Nazia was very curious to see her bhabhi in bikini. As soon as Bablee entered the room it was a sight to withhold, Shaukat’s eyes almost popped out. Bablee was in white bikini with black dots all over complimenting beautifully her milky white skin. Her boobs were jutting out and challenging everyone her ass was jerking with every movement of hers and making both guys’ cocks jerk even harder. Harsh smiled and said, “Great bhabhi you are looking like a sex goddess.” Bablee blushed at his statement. But today she was a bit more confident and walking slowly but proudly. She glanced towards Nazia and Nazia shouted, “Carry on bhabhi you are lovely.” Bablee walked towards the shooting area and lastly looked towards Shaukat and immediately Shaukat blew a kiss on her. Bablee thinking that How Omair would react if he sees her in this condition standing almost naked in front of two strangers She felt a strange never before feeling of excitement. Harsh started clicking the snaps of this beautiful ass. While giving pose Bablee’s panties will often stick inside the crack of her ass and when she removed it out it was a sight they didn’t want to miss. While focusing on the lenses his hands were also busy in adjusting his dick in his pants. The Shaukat’s snake was also very eager to come out in open and attack. And then harsh made the customary call to Shaukat to set right her pose. And Shaukat almost ran towards her. He came right behind her and including Bablee everyone in the room knew what’s going to happen now. Only Shaukat knew how hard it was to be in such a close position of a beautiful topless girl and not able to grab her, squeeze those milky melons and slap those lovely butts. While adjusting her shoulder from behind he came and pressed his hard cock over the crack of Bablee. Bablee felt wave of excitement went through her body. She had seen this happen to Nazia and now its happening to her a cock of this ****** guy is pressing against her almost naked as and she could feel its hardness very well . “oh god”. He caressed his hands over her shoulder and her sexy arms and whispered in her ear, “ Saala control ke bahar jaa raha hai.” Bablee’s face went red and Harsh could not miss this and captured that pose in his camera though Shaukat was also in the frame. Bablee suddenly realized that and straightened her body and immediately objected this to Harsh.
“Harsh how could you take my pictures with him.”
“Relax bhabhi, it was the impression you gave that time that was precious.”
“but still you know I am a married woman.”
“I know bhabhi and I promise I will remove Shaukat totally from behind you just don’t worry but I didn’t want to miss that lovely expression of yours. This made Bablee a bit relax.
“Ok that’s all for tonight I will show both the profiles two days later and may be we will be shooting for the company next week. Both Nazia and Bablee changed to their original attire and while saying goodbye, Harsh grabbed Nazia right beside Bablee and they were in embrace for a while as if Bablee and Shaukat was not there and kept kissing each other. “Chalo love birds ab der ho rahi hai.” Bablee smiled at the boldness of her sister in law. They smiled and left each other reluctantly. Harsh then grabbed Bablee by her shoulder and planted a soft kiss on her forehead though he wanted to kiss her on lips but he knew that the time has not come yet. And Shaukat kept licking his lips just imagining that his time will come too, …. Hopefully

Sam’s dad forgot some important papers at home so he called Sam to bring them to his office. Sam gave papers to his dad and just about to leave his chamber when there was a knock on the door , “yes come in Omair, meet my son Sam and Sam he is my deputy GM Omair. Sam’s eyes widened when he shook hands with Omair and suddenly said, “ Are you husband of our teacher Bablee… Arrr Ma’am?” “Oh Yes, how do you know?” “ Once I saw you pinking her from the school.”
“Oh Ok! Guess she is not a bad teacher.”
“Oh no sir, she is damn good, There was a twinkle in his eyes. “But the same can not be said about me.” They all laughed at it. Sam was delighted that now there are some more hopes of getting in touch with that sexy teacher apart from usual meetings in school.

Bablee was all alone in the library apart from the librarian searching for a decent play she has to prepare for annual function of school. When she heard Sam’s voice, “Ma’am”.
“Sam You here What’s that any problem?”
“No Ma’am just wanted to be with you for awhile. Bablee was surprised at this boy’s boldness. The other day he was offering her to be his friend and now he wanted to spend time with her.
“Hey don’t you have nay friend here.”
“No better than you Ma’am, please.”
“Ok Ok but first help me find some good English plays.”
“Sure Ma’am”. Said delighted Sam and they both started to search books after randomly selecting 10-12 books they went and sat on a side table for two. Bablee was happy that she is out of the direct glare of the librarian, happy???? Why??? Even she didn’t know.
“ Ma’am now there one more reason I can ask you to be my friend.”
“Sam you are again on the same old track.” Though Bablee expecting he will try it again.
“Ma’am I met your hubby yesterday he is the deputy GM in the same bank where my Dad is GM. We met each other and also asked him about you.” Bablee looked a bit afraid.
“No no Ma’am I just told him that You are our teacher, I guess he is a nice man my Dad seems to like him.”
“So if my hubby is your dad’s deputy then why I have to be your friend, your dad can demand just the same.” Sam looked visibly hurt by her remark but said
“But Ma’am Dad is more that double your age.”
“And may be I am double your age.” Sam had no word to speak, Bablee was enjoying this boys innocence, he may be a hunk a leader in school but still he was just a kid who has the experience of flirting with chick school girls of sixteen. But the fact is he is just a kid a school boy. Bablee liked the expressions on his face
“oh I was just joking ok what you want from me.”
Sam’s face brightened up, “ I want to be your friend.”
“What you want from this friend? Want to take me on date or what?”
“Sure why not, On date, movies outings I would love to.”
“But don’t you think its not possible for a married teacher like me.”
“I know I will not force it but whenever we get a chance you just like we have it here we can have coffee some day or in movies please Ma’am please.” He was pleading His dream seems to be coming true.
“Ok let’s see but be careful and behave yourself in class, ok?”
“Ok Ma’am.” He quickly lifted her hand placed a kiss on her fingers and almost ran out of the room very delighted as if he has won NBA shield.

“Congratulations Nazia you and bhabhi both have been approved by the producers and We have been given a trip of Palace on Wheel to visit Northern Area and shoot whole through the week.”
“Wow great news. Palace on Wheels that’s some expensive train.”
“Yeah baby paid in dollars We have to start our journey from Lahore and we will be visiting whole Northern areas plus in bonus Karachi, the magnificent Ocean.”
“But you were saying we could go abroad?”
“Yes but these are foreign producers they are mesmerized by the natural beauty of Pakistan in Northern areas or Karachi but then they say its right time to visit Northern Areas.
“Wow Harsh I will tell this news to bhabhi.”
“Yeah wish her from my side too and be careful not to tell your brother that bhabhi is going for her shoot but tell him that producers has agreed to give her tickets to accompany.”

“What’s that a great news its strange that they spend so much for their shooting campaign these days.”
“Bhaiya they are foreign producers this must be nothing going with their standards.”
“yeah I know you silly girl but still it amazes me that you have got the contract so easily.” Omair tone was of a typical suspecting brother. When Bablee interrupted
“Relax Omair I will be with her and you don’t have to worry about us, secondly I have heard that the whole trains passengers were always remain together and tour is the safest thing in Pakistan.”
“Yeah you are right, I am sure You will have a nice time, Guess I could join you too but due there is a very busy time ahead up to march so its good luck . When will be you leaving. In six days time we have to leave for Lahore.

“Bablee, so gayi kya?”
“Nahin kya hua.”
“Tomorrow my GM will be coming home for dinner.”
“What you are telling me tonight.”
“Its got settled today itself. When my GM himself invited me but instead I requested him to come to our home.”
“You know his son Sam is your student.”
“Sam yes he is your GM’s son?” Bablee acted.
“Yes he was praising your teaching skills.” ‘Teaching skills or my beauty only he knows ‘ Bablee thought.
“So is he coming too?” Bablee is now interested.
“Yes infact the reason I invited him here because they both are living alone these days his wife is out of country for a month. So they both will be coming. Ok.”
“ok sweety.” Bablee felt ashamed that she has become excited a bit hearing the news of Sams arrival.

Omair’ boss Mr. Victor arrived exactly at 6.30 pm Nazia was out for movie with harsh. Bablee wearing chiffon Yellow Sari with matching sleeveless blouse is looking really great welcomed both Sam and his father. Sam was having the usual looks of “I love you baby” but his father also clearly impress with what he saw. After exchanging pleasantries all sat in the living room GM and Omair was sitting on besides each other whereas Sam quickly sat beside Bablee on the opposite side.
“Ma’am your house is beautiful.”
“Yes indeed Mrs. Omair.” Agreed his father.
“Thank you Sir.” Bablee said They all began chatting about each others family and atmosphere and all that meanwhile with the help of her maid Bablee served coffee. And soon chat topic turned towards banking business and both Omair and his boss Victor were engrossed in their chat when Bablee said
“You two are boring both of us I am going to kitchen and prepare for dinner, Sam would you help me?”
“Sure Ma’am.” Both Omair and Victor smiled and nodded and again engrossed in their valuable chat. Bablee and Sam went inside the huge kitchen they are having. Their maid was inside and preparing dishes Bablee also started her work and Sam was also helping her in different chores but he made sure to remain very close to her.
“Ma’am I want to hug you.” He whispered Bablee glared at him as to say how dare you?
“ Send this lady out for a while Ma’am.”
“Sharda dekho saab logon ko kuch mangta hai ki nahin.” Bablee surprised that he agreed to her students request.
“ji memsaaab.” Sharda went out. And as soon as She got out Sam quickly grabbed Bablee and hold her tight. “oh God it’s a dream that came true so easily.” Sam thought having the voluptuous body in his possession. “Oh God this boy half my age is built like a hunk.” Bablee feeling first time the hug of a man other than her hubby. Sam’s both hands were roaming around the strong ass of Bablee and he was holding them tight.
“Chalo bas Sharda aati hogi.”
“Bas ek minute.” And with that Sam brought his one hand behind Bablee’s head and kissed her full on her luscious lips and sucked her lips thoroughly like there is no tomorrow and let her go very timely just before Sharda came inside. Bablee controlled her panting somehow so that Sharda could not guess something fishy and went to fridge and took out a water bottle to drink. Sam was delighted and now know that she is now his babe he can have her any time he wants. He also realized that she is just another unsatisfied wife who after a good nice fuck by a big dick like he has will always remain to be his private bitch while his lallo husband is busy in finance matters.
“Ma’am where is the toilet.”
“ Haan Shar…” Bablee was telling Sharda to show him but he glared at her with his eyes and she understood. And said, “ Sharda tum yahan ka dekho main ise batakar aati hoon.”.

They both went out and Sam gave side to let Bablee in front of her so that he can closely watch the lovely swing of her hips Bablee though realized that but didn’t mind as She also got hots for him now and strangely she got very excited thinking that she is almost cheating her hubby in his presence in his own house. Just a moment she gave a look towards living room where both bank officials have now took out their laptops and discussing bank strategies very seriously. Bablee smiled wickedly and now walked towards their common bathroom.
“Here it is.” Bablee said and smiled.
“Your ass is beautiful Bablee.” Sam has quickly changed Ma’am to Bablee. She slapped his face lightly with mock anger.
“Get inside and relieve yourself.”
He got inside and said
“Just leave this door open let me show you something.” He went inside and Bablee stay there standing on the door He turned around unzipped his pants shifted his undies a bit and took out a monster of a cock out which was hard as a rock and aiming like a gun towards Bablee. Bablee was shocked to see such a hard dick so big that too of a boy of class XII. Immediately She felt itching inside her pussy She felt her legs trembling she was just about to turn when Sam said
“Like it Bablee?” Bablee couldn’t say anything; Sam came close towards her so close
“Say like it.” Bablee nodded.”
“Touch it” He didn’t have to repeat this time Bablee’s hand automatically went forward and she grabbed it in her hand, “Wow what is this.” It felt like a hot rod in her hands.” She was melting down all over when she suddenly realized that where was she and quickly turned around and shut the door and went to the kitchen, but just before entering the kitchen she didn’t forgot to sniff the smell of his cock from her hands.
Dinner was served and Nazia too arrived Victor was very please to see that his deputy has a lovely sister. Though Sam also appreciated her beauty but at the moment he was clearly obsessed by his teacher and teacher only and no other thing can distract him from her. After dinner Bablee let her maid go and Nazia excused herself for sleep as she has to get up early. Victor after praising about the delicious food she prepared asked Bablee
“Mrs Omair how’s Sam doing in class.”
“He is basically a sportsman so his more focus is towards basketball but still he is doing
well in studies too.”
“Its nice that you will be there to look after him.” Bablee Smiled. Then they started to leave. Sam desperately wanted to be with Bablee alone once more to give her the last kiss before departure but he couldn’t get that chance and had to leave like that.
“Thank you Bablee, it was great.” “ its Ok dear hubby.” Bablee smiled and thought “Yeah it was great.”

In school Bablee was again a normal teacher she tried to avoid Sam’s eyes all the time as she did not want to give other students or teachers any ideas. Principal has fixed a meeting today after school hours regarding the annual function going to happen last week of the month. As Bablee was coordinating in the English play she has to stop for that too. So she phoned Omair and told him that she will be late. As soon as Sam got this news a wicked smile went through his lips. When school was over all the students were going to home and the teachers concerned going towards the principals room when suddenly Sam cam beside Bablee and said, “Ma’am I will not be coming to school tomorrow please give my application to our class teacher.” And before she could say anything he was out of her sight. When she sat on her seat she opened the application Sam gave her as expected to her it was no application instead it was written “COME TO CLASS XII  AFTER THE MEETING I M WAITING.” “What how could he, how can I he is so stupid.” Bablee kept thinking. Meanwhile meeting had started but all the time Bablee’s mind was thinking about the letter. Meeting ended at 7 pm its already dark out side. There was only one chowkidar was waiting to let all the teachers go home and lock the main shutter and go to his quarter nearby. XII class was on second floor and Principal’s room was on ground floor. Teacher’s started out talking to each other, Bablee calmly turned her towards the ladies room and she took a while when every body out of that corridor she came out and quickly turned towards the stairs and went up. “What am I doing for this stupid boy, what if he was not there, even if how I will get out of here what will I tell Omair if I could get out why?” All these question coming to her mind but her feet were moving towards first then second floor. As soon as every one out Chowkidar locked the door as She comes to school by taxi there was no vehicle left in the parking. She was moving hesitatingly towards class XII A as soon as she get inside Sam grabbed her inside and started kissing her it was no light there but sufficient lights coming from outside and they could each other comfortably. Soon the heat catch up with Bablee and she to reciprocated the kissing and forced her tongue in Sam’s mouth and her hands were roaming over his head and back. Sam’s hands were roaming all over her body squeezing her bums with both hands and kissing her passionately. After few minutes when the initial tremor was over they both separated and sat on the benches.
“Why have you called me u stupid boy how we get out of here you should have called me somewhere else we could have coffee or something lese together.”
“I don’t want have coffee today I want to have you and its possible only here sweety. And don’t worry about getting out of here I know many ways of this. It’s my XIIth year here.”
Bablee somewhat relaxed that there is another way out but, “
“What do you mean by having me.”
“Should I tell you in open that I want to fuck you right now?”
“Sam how dare you talk like that. You wanted to be my friend I agreed you hugged me kissed me that doesn’t mean ki,,,,” Sam stopped her by kissing her again.
“What did you think when coming here that I wanted another hug or kiss haan?” Sam was holding her lovingly and caressing her body moving the hair from her face and kissing her all over her face.
“Tell me sweety what did you think coming in the dark room all alone with just for a hug or sweet kiss. No babe you are here for a good tight fuck haven’t you longing for it since you have seen my cock baby tell me dear ?” Sam was teasing the bitch in heat now.
“How could you talk like that to me how do you know these things.”
“I have been to camps for baby and I I have got my first fuck when I was in X in sports camp a girl basketball player and since that I have had many, but not like you no Bablee you are someone special I got mad when I first saw you , you are mine you re my property. I love you Bablee. “ Sam didn’t stop his caressing and kissing while saying that Bablee‘s pussy was soaked till now she was excited as hell once she has never heard a talk like that and the fact the she was cheating on her wimpy hubby is making , that a young school boy is totally mad over her making her all the more excited.
“Tell me Bablee what you are here for?”
“Tell me babe.”
“Love me Sam Love me.”
“Don’t acts like an English teacher babe; you are an unsatisfied bitch in heat act like that.” Sam degraded her further and she couldn’t say anything.
Say it babe say it.”He grabbed her hair hard.
“Oh Sam , Fuck! I am her for Fuck.” Tear drops came out of her eyes as she saw her own down fall.
“yeah babe you will get it here a nice tight fuck that your hubby has never given mmm “ He kissed her again and this time Bablee grabbed him hard and started kissing all over his face yes he was right she was an unsatisfied bitch in heat.
“Take out my cock Teacher.” She fumbled with his zip bring it down and inserted her hand in anticipation of undies but instead she found his hot throbbing cock, Sam smiled as he already got rid of the underwear. Bablee beautiful housewife and English teacher of a reputed school now rubbing the rock hard cock of a student of class XII in class XIIA.
“Comeon Suck it now teacher.”
“No please I haven’t done this.”
What you haven’t suck any cock.” She gestured No.
“Not even your hubby?”
“Didn’t he demanded it.”
“No never asked.”
“Bablee then say it please.”
“Your husband is a motherfucker impotent.”
“Don’t say that please I love him.”
“Ha! Ha! , that’s a joke.”
“No really please.”
“Ok you love me but tell me that is a motherfucker impotent. A guy who has not asked such a beauty to suck his dick is a chutiya I must say it.”
“Now take it baby take it in your mouth come on I will teach you like you taught me English.” He forced Bablee on her knees it was becoming difficult for her to do that in Sari, Sam realized that and said “
“Wait lets get rid of this sari first. Chalo utar dalo.” Bablee quietly started to remove her Sari. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat
“Now kneel down teacher.” Sam ordered and She knelt down in front of him.
He slapped her face with his rock hard cock for few times and said,
“open your mouth teacher.” She did that and he inserted his cock with a bit of force just the few inches could go inside, Bablee felt gagged and choked,
“Relax take deep breath few times and try to suck it like a lollypop it would be nice I promise. Bablee tried as instructed and immediately she felt a little easy and as she started to suck his lollypop it went further in. Sam didn’t forced it all in as he knew that it can play spoil sport for the first time.
“Yeah baby you area good learner I will give you A grade come on yess baby now suck it suck it hard milk me out baby milk me out. “ He lowered his pants up to ankles and grabbed her head with his both hands and slowly started to fuck her mouth. Bablee was now loving it having such a magnificent cock just twice that of her hubby in her mouth she was loving it she has now placed both her hands on his hard butts and digging her nails on it Her fingers automatically roaming over the crack of his ass and that was making him mad with excitement She sucked him hard and suddenly found the his asshole through her fingers she tried to insert a finger inside that puckered hole and grabbled her ass tightly with other hand while kept on sucking with loud sucking noise. All this was too much for already excited and his body started to jerk and soon he started ejaculating in her mouth. Bablee realized that tried to back away but he tight held her head and said
“Babe No, this is a difficult part but that’s compulsory question you have to clear this to pass out. Just don’t gobble it all down take it slowly don’t try to taste it you will get its taste on its own just do it in a relax manner and you will like it do it baby do it take my cum you will love it.” And she did just that She was not only sucking a dick for a first time but even taking all the cum down her throat. She wondered that how this young boy knows such an experience tricks. But any way she enjoyed every bit of that. After she is finished he lifted her they were standing facing each other his cock was bending loose now but still it was larger than her husbands cock. Sam bed down and pick up her petticoat and l\cleaned hi cock with it and then placed his hand over her panties. He ran his fingers over her pussy
“Bablee you are too wet there. Excited? Bablee blushed and put her head over his shoulder. Don’t worry this pussy will go home satisfied tonight. He continuously is rubbing his finger over her pussy. Bablee didn’t want to come like this way so she tried to remove his hand, Sam understood and left his hand he then get rid of all his clothes and now standing stark naked in front of her He then grabbed her hand and take her towards the teachers chair. He sat down on the chair with his cock again coming into erection and said
“You are he most intelligent and beautiful student of my class let me see its right or not. Take this chalk and right down the words and meaning on this black board.” He handed her a piece of chalk.
“Write down COCK.” Bablee was just hoping that now he is going to fuck him and will satisfy her needs but as he had satisfied himself for a moment he was taking his time teasing her. Bablee , The English Teacher in Petticoat and blouse took the chalk and started to write down COCK,
“Now write down its in Urdu front of it.”
“Sam!” She pleaded. Sam stand up took up a cane from the corner which his maths teacher use and came close to her his cock was hard and dangling up and down. It was difficult moment for Bablee to avoid her wyes from that big cock not to think about fucking her pussy and writing on the black board these filthy word meaning. Suddenly Sam’s hand raised and he slapped the cane hard over ass, She shrieked with pain but made sure that she didn’t shout aloud.
“Do you know its meaning or not?” She nodded yes.
“Then write down.” She wrote in Urdu “LUND” “Good” He caressed her ass where he hit earlier and said now write down Fucking and its meaning She wrote .
“Good you know every thing now write “Please Sam Fuck me Right here in this class I am your whore. She hesitated but as he raised his had She started to write that.
“Hmm Okay but its not clear who has written this so please write down your below that baby. She said “How can I Sam/” “Slap!” This time Sam slapped her with his strong hand. She was shell shocked she thought he is just a kid and was under her control but here he is totally dominating her and even hitting her. So much humiliation she has never felt in her life, but here she is accepted everything he is doing to her. She slowly walked and wrote her name. When she turned around Sam was sitting on teachers chair and playing with his now fully erect cock ‘That’s good baby now come and sit on lap baby.”
Bablee with wet and excited inside walked towards naked Sam and tried to sit on his lap but Sam quickly held the hem of her petticoat below and lifted it as She sat down so when she sat on his lap her petticoat was well above her waist so only her panty was between his rock rod and her wet hole. Sam caressed her thighs and unzipped her blouse from behind and removed and then he unhooked her bra and removed it and then he grabbed her milky melons for first time and squeezed them hard. Bablee felt pleasure and pain at the same time. Sam’s cock knocking at her door below was not helping her and she was out of her mind now. Sam started kissing her smooth back from behind and twitching her nipples which was hard and looking like a baby cock, All this was too much for Bablee she was holding for too long now She said
“Please Sam do it now.”
“Do it should I teach you again how to ask?
“Please Sam Fuck me now please.”
“What are you babe,”
“I am your Whore Sam.”
“What’s your Hubby.”
“He is a motherfucker impotent/”
“You said you love him.”
“Oh I hate him he has just a 4 inch cock, I love you Sam I am your whore don’t wait please fuck me Sam fuck please.”
“Then get up and get rid of these clothes.” She quickly got up and removed her petticoat and panty in one go. Quickly knelt down and started sucking his dick again then said
“Now Sam please. Sam got up and made her lie on the bench her legs were floating in the air He got mad when saw her pussy. Such a beautiful pick glistening pussy with well trimmed pubic mound, He was dreaming this as long as he has seen her when he ran his fingures over pussy lips he found they were well lubricated enough to go further. He place the tip of cock over the entrance and in one swift motion he pushed half of his dick inside. “Ahhhhh” Bablee shrieked it was a long wait and she loved the start. Even at this length her hubby has not gone till date. He took a deep breath and one more thrust and was fully inside her tearing the region no one has explored yet. “Arrhhhhhhhhhhhahh” Bablee shrieked even louder and she dug her nails harder over his strong ass.Oh my god its ssooooo bigggg Sam yessss Fuck me like that plzzzzzz.”
Sam put his face down and grabbed her tits in his mouth and then started plunging in and out in rhythmic motion Bablee also started to hump her from below though her legs were in the air due to lack of space but still she was making every attempt to meet his thrust and fucking him like a well paid whore. Harsh was fucking her furiously his cock when coming out was glistening with her juices which shoed how excited that bitch is She was grabbing his ass and was holding her from her back . Sam has now held her tight against his body that she was almost in sitting position after pushing his cock deep inside her pussy he stopped for a while and in one swift motion he lifted her up in his strong arm and turned around placed her on the support of the black board Now he was fucking her in standing position, Bablee was experiencing this for very first times the cool black board behind her was giving shivering through her body. As her body was in the strong arms and he was fucking her solidly in standing position his strong muscles were shining with perspiration and Bablee was getting the experience of the life time her body was acting like a duster and rubbing the sentences that she wrote earlier.
“Take it bitch take it .
“Yes Sam give it to me you are too good Sam.”
“Yeah baby you are my property I will fuck you any time in want.”
“Yes Sam fuck me yea.” Sam started sucking her boobs and forced his cock deep inside and increased his speed. He was touching the areas where Bablee has never felt anything and that was just too much for her
“Yes Sam yes fuck hard yes give it to me.”
“Take it bitch take teacher take me whole.”
And with “AAARRRRGGG yessssssss fucckkkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Sounds they both came simultaneously They were panting heavily as it was difficult to remain inside in standing position Sam again put her on the bench and kept his cock inside her. They hugged each other tightly for a while. Bablee was kissing her lovingly, After remaining for ten minutes in that position they both separated and began wearing their clothes.
“Maam” She turned and looked at him questioningly.
“Sorry about that slap.” Bablee didn’t say anything just smiled When they were getting out of the room they saw that Bablee’s body has rubbed all that was written on the black board.

“Yes Honey.”
“Are you sure that Nazia and I can go on the trip without you.”
“Earlier I was not but I inquired with people and every one said it’s the safest trip and I don’t want to stop my sister like a narrow minded brother and besides you will be there to look after her. You know honey I am very busy these days.”
“Yes I know.” Bablee eyes were a little wet thinking of her shameless act with that school kid few hours back. Still its not sinking in on her that she secummbed so easily in lust and got trapped herself in web of such a young school boy and fucked him submissively like a highly paid whore.

It was all set then they have to go to Lahore by flight and then catch the most wonderful train of Pakistan. Harsh, Shaukat, Nazia and Bablee all were anticipating different things ahead. Bablee has not gone to school since that event and applied a leave for 15 days. Though the principal got angry but she somehow convinced him and promised that she will be back well before the annual function of the school. She made sure that Sam doesn’t know about this before her departure.
They had to catch flight to Lahore and from there on they have to catch the most luxurious train on earth for a seven days exotic tour. Every one was excited and they decided to meet at Harsh’s place as most the equipments were there and then they were scheduled to from there. Both Bablee and Nazia chose to wear jeans and T shirts. Bablee these days don’t usually wear jeans so she was looking different and killing when her ass was jutting out and her t-shirt has firmly engrossed her boobies. Nazia was in a bit sexier low hip jeans and short top so showing her sexy midriff and a little teasing glimpse of panties from behind. Omair dropped Bablee & Nazia at Harsh’s place and as usual he was very buy even to go inside so he left them and went to his bank. As soon as Harsh opened his door he also opened his arms for Nazia and hugged her tight he kissed her French for few moments and then also opened his arms jokingly for Bablee, Bablee smiled and forwarded her hand for a shake. Harsh made way for her to get inside. Inside Shaukat was smiling brightly greeted both the ladies. Today he is wearing a funky modern shirt button of which were opened till his navel and a loose Bermuda as if going for fun on beach. Bablee smiled at him and said
“You are dressed up like a foreigner on tour of Pakistan.”
“Yes I have heard that 95% of the passengers in this train are foreigner. So when in Rome do as Romans do.”
“Good idea.”
“You are looking sexy too Bablee.” Shaukat used SEXY for her so casually that she couldn’t help but smiled blushingly. Harsh again took Nazia in her arms, after that shoot they both seemed have lost their inhibitions and now even Nazia was not caring what her bhabhi will think. As she now know that her bhabhi is now in same boats her or should she say same TRAIN.
“So let the journey begin with a drink.” Bablee and Nazia both looked at him questioningly as Bablee only has taken bear for few times that too in presence of her hubby. Nazia unknown to her bhabhi as taken few times with harsh at his home.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea as we are just starting this journey and it will be awkward when people see as in intoxicating position.”
“Come on bhabhi you haven’t seen guys these days and even they serve drinks in plane too and also when you got down at Lahore will be hilly there it will help all of us.”
“But I have only taken ear with Omair.”
“Hey don’t worry bhabhi you are in safe hands just one peg bottoms up and we are through.” As soon as he finished these lines Shaukat was standing there with four pegs. Nazia could see that they were large ones but she didn’t mind any things she will be in Harsh’s arms all through the flight. They finished their drinks in hurry and went out and after fifteen minutes drive they were on airport. After all the formalities they were inside their flight Harsh and Nazia didn’t even looked behind Bablee and Shaukat and sat on their seat together Bablee sat on the window behind them and Shaukat very delightedly took his place beside Bablee. He was requesting Harsh all day for that and Harsh obliged. Bablee though felt a bit awkward but she understood the condition of these lovebirds so She smiled at Shaukat when he sat beside her. Though Bablee’s first instance dislike for Shaukat has now gone as she now know that he is an expert in his field. Shaukat only know that he is also an expert in another field where he wants Bablee to play desperately. But at the moment he was finding himself lucky to be seated beside such a gorgeous woman. It was a strange sight that a woman was fully covered and the man Shaukat was showing his hairy thighs. Though his Bermuda was up to his knees but as soon as he sat it rode up a little and few more inches it was lifted up by Shaukat. Bablee has glanced a few times there and thought ‘He is hairy like a bear.” She also managed to glance at the bulge over that where something strong seems to be hiding. Bablee felt a little embarrassed but She was now feeling a little tipsy due to the effect of that strong peg she took along with all. Soon after released from their set belts Shaukat said
“Look at them Bablee.” He gestured Towards the front seat where both Harh and Nazia were kissing each other but he realized that She cant see anything sitting there.
“Kya hua?” She asked.
“Harsh aur Nazia French kiss mein doobey hue hain aur…” he stopped deliberately
“Aur kya?” A little excited Bablee asked.
“Harsh ka hath pura uski Tshirt ke under aur zor zor se uske bobe daba raha hai.” Shaukat enjoyed using the vulgar words to excite already tipsy married teacher.
“Aur udhar dekho” he let her glanced towards the adjacent seat of Harsh where a young couple is having free show. Bablee’s face got reddened with this talk. Shaukat asked,
“Tum apna profile dekhna chahogi?”
“kya wo hai tumhare paas?”
“yes”Shaukat smiled.
“Please dikahao na mujhe.” Shaukat get up and bought out a hand bag and a laptop from it. And showed it to Bablee, Bablee’s yes widened when she saw her first pic as she was looking really chick and the photo was marvelous .
“Great it’s a great pic. ”She exclaimed unable to see that Shaukat has tilted himself towards her on the pretext of watching the pictures. He was now resting his one hand over her shoulder.
“yes Harsh master hai aise his thodi tumhara profile approve hua hai.”
As Bablee clicked the photographs she was all the more excited and impressed when she saw her pictures he was looking really sexy and mod. She blushed when in some of the pics she saw her tits were clearly visible though the flimsy material of the cloth.
“Tum bahut photogenic ho aur aur Nazia se double sexy ho.” He whispered in her ears. Then Bablee looked into his eyes and then she realized that he is almost over her but then she was eager to see her lingerie shoot and as soon as that came on the screen she was blushed and lower her eyes as the first photo was a close up of the very flimsy panty and it was so close her pubic hair coming out from the sides of the panty are also visible. Shaukat eyes lit up and he pressed himself more on her and put his middle finger over the picture where her hair were coming out and said
“Appko inko clean karna padega this picture we didn’t showed to the producers.” Bablee was dying with shame but still she carried on may be because of the effect of the drink. She clicked another and Shaukat said
“Ye bahut sexy pose hai isko shoot karte waqt to Harsh ka bhi khada ho gaya tha.” Shaukat got a little bolder and loving the way this lovely woman is blushing at his remarks but never objecting it. She clicked few more and they all were the sexy ones and Shaukat kept commenting all of them and almost pushing all his wait over her and sometimes when she was unable to click on the pretext of clicking the curser brushing her now hardened nipples quiet a few times making her all the more excited. When she finished she closed the laptop and Shaukat very reluctantly placed it in its bag and now has to sit properly. She was amazed to see all these pics and thought that’s why a young kid of the school got mad at her and these two men are clearly eyeing all over every time. She was also aware that Harsh though in the company of his girlfriend still trying to get every inch of her body. All these thoughts made her very excited she and felt proud of herself all the while thinking all this and with the effect of the alcohol she went to sleep and its seems just a few seconds after she felt Shaukat’s hand was at her right cheek and he was saying “Bablee Lahore aa gaya” Bablee opened her eyes and ashamed to see that she was sleeping over Shaukat’s shoulder . He was very lovingly caressing her cheek and saying “Lahore has come, get up baby.” She hurried lifted her head and said
“Kisliyye, I was loving it.” Bablee blushed again at his remark.
“Sahi bahut mushkil se apne aapko kiss karne se roka hai.” He was saying as if lost an opportunity. He said in such a tone that Bablee automatically laughed. She was finding this guy interesting now and when she just glanced at his shorts there was a definite bulge in his pants.

They both got up and saw both Harsh and Nazia deep in sleep in each others arms like a husband and wife. Shaukat shook the shoulder of Harsh and they got up Nazia was a bit embarrassed due to her intimate condition. They all got down and drove to a five star hotel in the city.
“Its afternoon now and our train is tomorrow around 10.30 at night so we have 1 ½ days here so We will start our shoot from here only lets get fresh and we will leave for Lahore tour from 4 pm let me arrange for a van till then. Only one room though double spacious was booked for all for of them Bablee felt it strange that if a company is spending too much then why not separate rooms. Harsh understood her dilemma and said
“Actually company has provided for two rooms but I cut it to one because if we could save some money here we can spend on the tour lavishly. And there is no harm we all know each other well. What do you think. “
Bablee was impressed with the honest confession by Harsh she also thought that its typical of Pakistanis to save money from wherever they get a chance.

They were out for Lahore tour in the evening and have photo session at famous Lahore fort area . On Harsh instance Bablee wore Saree and also took her collection with her whereas Nazia was in traditional Salwar suit and further collection. Harsh has managed Vanity Van for rent so that the ladies can change between shots. After it was getting dark Harsh closed the shoot
“Tomorrow we will cover Whagha Gates and few other sites. Lets go back”
They all were very tired so everybody agreed and get back to hotel. After dinner they went to the room. Both the guys changed Bermudas and t-shirt but Bablee and Nazia were hesitant to wear their night suits. In fact Bablee has brought the night Suits those are all sleeveless and zip up in front and also showing lot of cleavage of her. The cloth is not very flimsy but thin enough to show her curves admiringly. Nazia was also facing the same problem. When Harsh realized that he said
“Hey relax you babes why are you acting like a typical homey girls of Pakistan. You know you are in modeling profession now and we will shooting you in all kind of dresses, I have already shot you in swimsuits may be in future few nudes will be the demand of the situation, so relax confide in two of us just take it easy, aur Nazia tu to nakhre naa hi kare to achcha hai.” Harsh say was so commanding that both women felt a little embarrassed that how silly of them that they acted like that and they even did not noticed his expectation about shooting them nude they jus went to the bath together and came out wearing their sexy night gowns. Shaukat thought no matter if he is going to get the money or not but he is getting what he desire most, a company of two sexy beautiful ladies. Harsh took the hand of Nazia and said
“That’s like my girl.” He then hugged her and placed a little peck on her lips. Shaukat said to Harsh
“Are you going to share the bed with Nazia?” Both the ladies were stunned and Harsh scolded Shaukat
“Abe plane mein seat share karna alag baat hai or bed share karna alag, ya phir tu is bat se khush ho raha hai ki then u will be sharing the bed with Bablee.” He then laughed aloud both Bablee and Nazia blushed and the matter was taken sportingly as a joke. There were two bed and it was decided that one will be used by both males and other by females. Shaukat was lying close to Bablee on the other bed in this way the love birds were on the farthest side no chance of getting close at each other without disturbing there bed partner. Nazia Came over Bablee and said
“Hey Harsh tum apne kuch jokes sunao na abhi neend nahi aa rahi hai.”
“Mujhe to sirf non veg jokes hi aate hai.”
“To kya hua we all are adults here.” Nazia said boldly. Bablee stared at her but she winked at her mischievously . Harsh started with some soft adults jokes and every body including Bablee laughed aloud and as he was having a good collection went on one after another and slowly he was into hardcore jokes and Bablee and Nazia were so engrossed they forget that Harsh was liberally using the words Lauda, Choot Bhosda and Gaand etc. Shaukat was close to Bablee and his eyes never left her face just enjoying her expressions on hearing those words “It was priceless.” Bablee has heard quiet a few adult jokes but she could imagine that jokes can be so gross and sexy. When harsh saw that his jokes are having the right effect on both the woman he went a step further and used the terms like “She has a beautiful gaand like Nazia.”
“Hey I will kill you.” Nazia said with mock anger. But he went on and soon all were laughing and then He started a joke on a beautiful sexy wife like Bablee and went on to tell the tale of her chudai. Every body laughed aloud at the joke as Bablee’s face got reddened. She immediately remembered here furious fucking with Sam and started to feel the itch between her legs. Shaukat liked what he saw and said aloud
“Kash isme hero main hota.” And kept his dreamy eyes towards Bablee
“Bahut line maar raha hai bhai.”Said Harsh
“Line hi to maar raha hoon kuch aur to nahin.” Said Shaukat and every body laughed aloud leaving Bablee embarrassed again. The atmosphere is opening up now and that was a good sign for future tour.

Nazia and Bablee were lying very close together and both facing each other at the moment. Nazia said
“Bhabhi this is the first time I am sleeping with you.”
“After marriage I am also sleeping with another person other than Omair.”
“Bhabhi you are a real sex bomb.” Nazia whispered
“Same to you Nazia.” They both laughed aloud.
“Whats going on?” Harsh enquired.
“Nothing its girlie talks you men keep yourself out of this.”
“You girls talk dirtier than us guys, tell me if anything interesting.” Harsh said.
“ You go to sleep and let us talk.”
“Haan to bhabhi main kya keh rahi thi?”
“ You were telling that I am a sex bomb.”
“Yes bhabhi specially your boobs are nice big and firm perfectly complementing your lovely butts” Though Nazia has never talked to her bhabhi like that before but now they seems to be coming close and there will be no better time than this to crack the ice.
“You are saying if you have felt them.” Bablee also started to enjoy this, but she was careful to whisper as she doesn’t want to Shaukat to listen. Nazia then forwarded her hand under the blanked at placed it on her soft but firm breast. Bablee’s eyes widened a bit but she didn’t object. Nazia then squeezed it a bit and said
“See its so firm like an unmarried girl like me.” Nazia said. Bablee then brought her forward and said,
“Let me check.” And with that she too placed her hand on Nazia’s breast and squeezed it a little and said
“Nazia ek baat sach sach batao?”
“Kya bhabhi.”
“Kya Harsh ne tumhare saath mera matlab hai tum dono nein.” Bablee could not complete but Nazia replied
“Nahi bhabhi abhi tak to nahi par upar upar sab kuch kiya hai, I don’t know bhabhi main kab tak use rok paongi kabhi kabhi main khud hi control ke bahar hone lagti hoon.”
“Mujhe lagat hai is trip mein tum bhi swad chakh hi logi.” Bablee winked at her squeezing her breast once again.
“Bhabhi mujhe to lagta hai ki is trip main aap bhi bachne wali nahi ho.”Nazia too squeezed but this time a bit harder.
“Kya matlab?” Bablee though understand but till asked.
“Mujhe clear dikh raha hai ki Shaukat aur Harsh kaise aapke deewane ho rahe hai.”
“Kya baat kar rahi ho Harsh bhi.”
“Are bhabhi wo to mujhe lag raha hai aapke liye mujhe bhi chod dega.”
“Are nahin mujh jaisi married woman ke liye koi kunwari kanya who bhi tum jaisi ko kyon chodega?”
“Are bhabhi ye mard hote hain aise hi, Shaadi shuda ko patane mein jyada mazaa aata hai in logon ko.” Both women due to continuous squeezing and petting started to feel excited and their nipples were erect and they both were feeling this for the first time. Lights were put off and just a dim night bulb was glowing. They both came closer so that boobs of both were touching each others. Shaukat meanwhile tried his best hear something but as it was nothing coming so he went to sleep and Harsh was already in his dream world. But for both the sexy ladies sleep was far far away.

Bablee Enjoyed with Stranger

On arrival I went to the best hotel in town ‘The Vacation Inn’. There was no one behind the reception counter. I waited. Just then a young lady with two small children, a girl of 8 and a boy of about 6 in tow, came and stood next to me.

The reception clerk appeared, ‘Good morning welcome to The Vacation Inn sir. Can I help you?

‘A double room please. David is my name.’ I replied. I like sleeping on a large bed and God willing I might have company.

The lady said, ‘Also one room for me and the children’.

The clerk said, ‘Just a moment please’ and disappeared again into the back room.

While waiting I turned to look at the lady. She was down on her haunches with her back towards me tying the laces of the young lad with her. Her sari was tightly wrapped round her butt underlining every sexy curve of her tight backside. This scene gave me an instant hard on. My immediate reaction was to see more of her, squeeze her tight ass and to fuck her if possible.

As I was fantasizing about how it would feel to hold her in my arms, the reception clerk reappeared jingling two keys in his hand. ‘Will rooms 717 and 719 be all right sir? He asked pushing a registration form towards me, ‘just write your name on the top and sign it sir. I will fill out the rest. Breakfast is at present being served in the dining room’ then looking at his watch he added, ‘they close at ten sharp that is in forty-five minutes. If you hurry you can still make it. Breakfast and all meals are included in the room tariff’.

Taking one key from him the lady asked, ‘Don’t I require to register also?’

‘No ma’am one registration is all we need’, he replied politely.

The lady shrugged, ‘Suit yourself’ and walked towards the lift.

The reception clerk instructed a bellboy to show us to our rooms then turning to us he said, ‘Enjoy your stay at The Vacation Inn’.

In the lift I looked at the lady more carefully. She was very pretty. She was about 32/33 years old, 5′ 6″ tall, slim with a near perfect figure. Her boobs, like her ass were hard and very well shaped. Her hair were done up in the latest style. A pearl string adorned her swan like neck enhancing her beauty. From her expensive clothes it was evident that she was from a well to do family. I assumed that she was married, because the girl and the boy with her were apparently her children.

One can’t start too early I thought, ‘It seems we are going to be neighbors. We might as well get acquainted. My name is David and you are? I said with my most charming smile (I think). The beauty looked me in the eye but did not reply and did not even spare a glance towards my outstretched hand.

As we neared our rooms she said to the bellboy, ‘this, this and this piece in room 719 please’ and walked ahead towards her room pulling the children behind her. When the bellboy unloaded the luggage I noticed that by mistake he had unloaded two of her suitcases in my room. I did not point out his error, as it would give me another opportunity to talk to my pretty neighbor. Pleased with his mistake I tipped him handsomely and shooed him off.

Few minutes later I peeped out into the corridor. My pretty neighbor was anxiously pacing up and down. ‘Is something amiss?’ I asked.

For a moment I thought she is not going to reply but she said, ‘I am waiting for my luggage. God knows what the bellboy has done with it?’

‘How can your luggage be missing? I distinctly recall that he brought all our bags together’ I said.

‘That is exactly what I thought’ she replied getting more annoyed.

‘Hey, maybe he left your bags in my room’ I said and opened the door, ‘come in and have a look’

She hesitated but the young fellow ran in. ‘Mommy they are here’ he shouted from within.

Purposefully she strode in, ‘Yes he is right. These two are mine. How stupid these people are? I even told him which suitcases go in my room’ she complained.

‘It is not his fault’ I said, ‘he must have thought we were a family and when you told him about your cases he must have got mixed up’.

‘A family? How could he think that? I can’t understand, why good hotels of this standard employ such nerds’ she decreed.

‘Why single him out, even the reception clerk thought we were married. That is why he has given us two rooms with a connecting door, so that we can keep tabs on our children even at night’ I explained with a smile.

She blushed, ‘He is a bigger nerd. Now I understand why he said that one registration is all he required’.

‘Don’t be so hasty in judging him. He saw two young people with two small children standing before him. He assumed we were a married. Such things happen’ I said.

‘He has no business of assuming things’ she said trying to pick up her suitcases, ‘I must return to my room now’.

‘Please let me help’ I offered.

‘No thank you. I can manage’ she said giving her bags all she had but could not even budge them.

‘Please allow me you lead the way. I will bring them’ I said.

When in her room I again said, ‘Don’t you think we should introduce ourselves? I am David and you?

For a brief moment I thought she is going to ignore my gesture again but reluctantly she said, ‘My name is Bablee. This is my daughter Shabnam and this little rascal is Rashid’.

‘Pleased to meet you Bablee. Hello Miss Shabnam’ then stretching out my hand, ‘and how are you doing today Mr. Rashid?’ Bablee nodded her acknowledgment, Shabnam blushed prettily and Rashid pulled himself to his full height said, ‘Thank you sir very well’.

Introductions over I walked towards the door. Halfway down the room I said, ‘Bye, see you at breakfast’

Bablee did not reply but I heard Rashid say as I pulled the door shut, ‘Mommy did you hear what he said? He called me Mr. Rashid. I like uncle David’ then turning to his sister he added, ‘What about you appa (elder sister)?’. Shabnam did not reply to his question but Bablee did, ‘Shut up you little rascal. Go and wash your face and brush your teeth’.

While I shaved and showered just the thought of her made me shiver, ‘Burr is she cold’ and after further thought came to the conclusion that the only way to thaw this iceberg was through her children. I must pay special attention to them and make them like me’. Actually this should not be very difficult, as I enjoyed the company of children and usually they seemed to like me

The dining room was full. I stood looking for an empty table when suddenly a young thing in the uniform of a waitress appeared from nowhere, ‘Sir would you like some breakfast?’

I nodded, ‘Yes please’.

‘Please follow me’ she said and led the way, ‘A table for…..?’

‘Four please’ I said and prayed under my breath ‘I hope’.

She led me to a table at the far end of the room overlooking the garden. ‘Here you are sir’ she said swiftly removing the reserved sign from the table.

‘What would you like sir’ she asked handing me a menu.

Without consulting the menu I asked, ‘Do you have any fresh fruit juice?’

‘Yes sir we have fresh grape juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice and choice of fresh fruit. If you prefer juice then I recommend the fresh orange juice. Try it, it is very good’ she recommended.

‘Okay bring me a large glass of fresh orange juice followed by two fried eggs sunny side up, toast etc. and a pot of strong hot tea’.

‘Yes sir would you like me to serve your order now or would you like to wait for the others?’ she asked.

‘Bring the juice now and hold the rest’ I replied.

‘Thank you sir’ she said and disappeared.

Two minutes later she brought the juice. ‘Here you are sir. I am sure you will enjoy it’ she said with a smile.

‘I am sure I will Anna’ I said reading the nametag pinned on her ample breast.

‘Thank you sir. Should you require anything else then just call me’ she said and moved away to a respectable distance from the table.

Anna was around 22 years old, slim, not too tall but with nice features and real big tits. She had a dazzling smile. Several times I noticed her staring at me intently and for no apparent reason she would blush and then smile shyly to herself.

As I drank the juice and admired this girl, I saw Bablee enter with her two kids. I raised my hand to draw her attention. She saw my signal and chose to ignore it but Rashid did not.

‘Come mommy, there is uncle David’ he shouted and ran towards me. Reluctantly Bablee followed dragging Shabnam behind her.

‘Please join me’ I requested getting up.

She looked around helplessly and with a shrug said, ‘Might as well’.

Rashid was already seated on my right. Shabnam sat on my left and Bablee took the chair opposite me. After she had settled down Anna appeared, ‘Good morning madam. What would you like for breakfast?’ she said handing her a menu.

Bablee studied the fare for some minutes, ‘The children will have a bowl of porridge, two fried eggs with toast, butter, marmalade and a large glass of hot milk each. I will have some toast and tea please’.

‘Try the fresh orange juice it is very good’ I said.

‘That’s all’ she said to Anna turning a deaf ear to my recommendation.

‘Oh mommy I don’t want porridge’ Rashid pleaded.

‘Quiet young man you know you have to eat your porridge’ she said sternly.

‘But mommy you know I don’t like porridge, I want juice’ he persisted.

‘Maybe later after you have finished your breakfast’ she said.

Breakfast was a silent affair. Several times I tried to start a conversation but was unceremoniously snubbed.

Rashid was making heavy weather with his porridge. Bablee tried coaxing, threatening and bribing him but without making any headway. At last she threw up her arms in despair, ‘What am I to do with this stubborn boy? He is as obstinate as his father. I give up, do what you like but remember this is the last time I bring you with me on a holiday’.

‘May I try that is if you permit?’ I asked.

She stared at me for few seconds and shrugged her shoulders, ‘Be my guest. It can’t do any harm can it?’

I whispered few words in his ear. Rashid nodded vigorously. ‘Son then be a good boy and eat your porridge’ I said aloud.

‘Yes sir’ Rashid replied and dug into the porridge.

In no time he went through the whole bowl. With admiration in her eyes Bablee said, ‘My, my I had heard of miracles happening but I am seeing one for the first time. Even his father could not make him eat his porridge with such speed. David what did you say to him?’

‘Shall I tell her?’ I asked Rashid. He shook his head and with his mouth full of egg and toast mumbled, ‘No it is our secret’.

‘Sorry Bablee, it is our secret’ I said with a laugh.

The ice was now broken.

While we finished our breakfast, from the corner of my eye I could see Anna hovering around the table. If I had not set my sights on Bablee then I would surely have tried to bed Anna. ‘Maybe who knows I might still get an opportunity later’ I thought.

After breakfast we strolled into the garden. It was a beautiful day. The winter sun was mild. It was very pleasant to sit out. We sat together overlooking an artificial lake. During our conversation, I told her that I was single and a free lance commercial artist and asked, ‘How come you are taking a holiday without your husband?’

‘I am not married’ she said. ‘What you are not married but these children….’ surprised I blurted. Realizing how she had sounded she blushed. ‘No, no nothing like that. I was married but now I am divorced. Thank God’.

‘Was it that bad?’ I asked.

‘Worse. After a long intense legal battle, I was able to secure my divorce last month. I decided that I deserved a holiday to recover from that ordeal and here we are’ she said with nervous laugh.

Then she looked at her watch, ‘Come children time for your studies’.

‘Studies? On a holiday?’ I asked raising an eyebrow.

‘The schools are not closed and the children will be missing classes. We agreed that we would study for two hours daily. Didn’t we children?’ both Shabnam and Rashid nodded and followed her inside.

‘See you at lunch’ I shouted after her and waited with bated breath for her reply. She turned her head and smiled then nodded. I congratulated myself at the little progress I had made in my project of ‘Fucking of Bablee’.

Before I could say Jack Robinson Anna was there, ‘Sir would you care for an aperitif before lunch?’ Apparently she had been watching us.

‘Yes a bottle of cold beer please’ I ordered.

When she left I thought, ‘Isski harkaton se lagta hai yeh lardki chudwana chahati hai. Agar Bablee ko chodene ka kaam nahin bana tau isse hee ko chod kar chutti ka mazaa loonga. Iss ko bhi phasa kar rakhna theek hoga (From her behavior it seems this girl wants to be screwed. If I don’t succeed with Bablee then I will fuck her and make my holiday more enjoyable. Best would be to keep her in good humor also)’.

Soon Anna was back, ‘Here you are sir. I have brought some nuts to go with it?’ she said placing the bottle of beer and a large bowl of monkey nuts on the table.

‘Thank you, very kind of you. Anna. Do you know that you are very pretty?’ I said. She turned beet root red. ‘Thank you sir. Should you require anything, just anything I am always at your service’ she said giving me a dazzling smile.

At lunch when Bablee came in with the children I was already seated at the table waiting for them. I pushed the sign reading ‘Reserved for Mr. and Mrs. David and family’ towards her, ‘See what did I tell you even the dining room staff thinks we are husband and wife’.

‘My God is everyone employed in this hotel stupid? She said getting irritated and muttered to herself, ‘I think I will have to do something about it’.

My move to make her think about her marriage and chudai (fucking) had boomeranged. This was a big set back to my plan. ‘What if the hotel allots her a separate table? I will not have such easy access to her company’ I thought and tried to retrieve the situation. ‘Let them think what they want to as long as we know what the reality is’. Bablee did not respond.

Bablee again had difficulty with Rashid. This time it was the greens. Rashid did not like them and wouldn’t eat them. Bablee looked beseechingly at me, ‘David please try drilling some sense into his head and make him eat the green vegetables’.

‘Rashid remember what I told you in the morning?’ He nodded.

‘Then be a good boy and eat your greens’ I said. Reluctantly Rashid started to eat them.

‘God David you are a marvel’ Bablee said admiringly.

After lunch I saw Bablee talking to the reception. I thought that instead of my intention of fucking Bablee I had screwed the ‘Project fucking of Bablee’ and maybe it was time to launch ‘Operation Anna’. When she came back hoping for a miracle I asked, ‘So you told them that we were not married and asked for a separate table?’

Blushing she said, ‘No I did not tell them that. I had wanted to but changed my mind. The children eat so much better with you around’. I made a mental note to buy Rashid some chocolates.

Till after lunch the next day nothing of importance happened except that Anna’s behavior had become more suggestive. While serving Anna bent low in a manner that I had a clear view of her huge boobs.

After lunch I saw Bablee talking to the reception again. This time the conversation did not look as amicable as it was yesterday. She looked angry and was waving her hands around, as the clerk patiently explained to her whatever it was.

Suddenly she turned and came towards us, the children and me. ‘God this hotel is really the pits’ she said angrily.

‘Now what has happened?’ I asked.

‘Yesterday I asked them if they had a Baby care centre. They said yes they had one and it is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but today when I wanted to leave the children there, they tell me that it is closed today because the lady who runs it has reported sick. I don’t know what to do now?’ she said getting more annoyed.

‘Why do you need to leave the children in the Baby care centre?’ I inquired.

‘In half an hour I have an appointment with a famous hairdresser in town. I took the appointment yesterday thinking I could leave the children at the Baby care centre. After a lot of persuasion he gave me this appointment at short notice as a big favor to me. If I cancel it, then he will not be able to take me for another two weeks and by then I won’t be here. God what a mess’ she said in desperation.

‘Your hair look great to me’ I said but seeing the ‘you men’ look in her eyes hastily added, ‘why don’t you visit the one in the hotel normally they are also top class?’

‘My friend was here last month she told me that they were no good. She said the one in town is a little expensive but the best. Now I will have to miss my appointment. Thanks to this stupid hotel’ she said dejectedly.

‘I tell you what Bablee. You go ahead and keep your appointment and I will look after the children. What do you say guys?’ Shabnam remained silent and looked at Bablee but Rashid shouted excitedly, ‘Yes mommy please’.

‘Really David you will do this for me?’ she inquired.

‘Of course I will do anything but in this case for a small reward later’ I said with a smile.

She stared at me. I could hear her mind ticking. Then she came to a decision, ‘Okay agreed. You will get your small reward when I return’ stressing the word small.

Everything settled she hurried to keep her appointment and I took the children out into the garden. All afternoon I played with them whatever they wanted. Later some other children came and the children joined them. I relaxed on a bench but kept an eye on them.

At about six Bablee returned. After exchanging a few words with the kids she walked up to me, ‘How do I look?’ she asked.

‘Bablee you always looked beautiful to me but now you look stunning’ I said with a smile.

She blushed prettily, ‘Thank you sir. It was made possible by you. I am grateful to you for keeping an eye on my brood’.

‘Lady just thanks are not enough. You promised me a reward, remember? I said grinning devilishly.

‘Yes I did promise you a reward but a small one remember. What would you like?’ she said again stressing the word small.

‘Not much, just a kiss’ I said.

‘Now? Here in front of everyone?’ she asked surprised.

‘Not here but there’ I said pointing to some tall bushes ten yards away, ‘no one will see us. It is also getting dark and the bushes will give us ample protection from prying eyes’.

‘Okay let us get it over’ she said and strode towards the bushes.

Once behind the bushes I took her in my arms and she raised her face. I placed my lips on her lips. Then pulling her to me I started to kiss her passionately. At first she struggled to free herself from my grip then her body melted against mine. Her mouth opened and our tongues fought the battle of the tongues. With one arm I held her tightly against my body and with the other hand I pressed her bottoms to my crotch rubbing my hard on against her choot (cunt). After several minutes when we came up for air we were gasping for air.

She made no effort to withdraw herself from my arms. I again kissed her but this time tenderly. She sighed audibly. With my free hand I squeezed her beautiful boobs. As soon as she felt my hand on her tits she pushed me away from her and looked accusingly at me, ‘Aapne mera muma kyon dabaya isski tau koyi baat nahin huyi thi? (Why did you press my tits this was not part of the bargain?)’

‘I was only obeying orders’ I said with a straight face.

‘Obeying orders! What orders? Whose orders? I did not ask you to press my tits’ she said.

‘No you didn’t but they did’ I said pointing to her boobs, ‘since we met they are saying to me “we are so pretty and well shaped, why don’t you squeeze us. Yes David go ahead we would like that” so not wanting to insult them I pressed your boobs’ I grinned.

Bablee laughed, ‘You are a naughty man I will have to be careful of you. Tomorrow you will say something else gave you orders and you will want to f…..’ realizing what she was about to say she stopped and blushed.

I tried to kiss her again but she stopped me, ‘No more sir. You wanted one kiss but you have taken two already’ and walked away towards her children.

I was pleased at the progress I had made. I thought, ‘The kiss has definitely made her choot wet. She even thought of me fucking her’. I waited for few minutes before following her.

After dinner that evening we sat in the residents lounge like a family would. We were the sole occupants of the lounge. Bablee sat knitting while the children romped around playing hide and seek. I sat opposite her admiring her beautiful face, her perfectly shaped boobs and making small talk. Bablee sat with her legs slightly apart. My eyes fell on the ball of wool nestling between her legs, ‘Bablee how I wish I was as lucky as that ball of wool lying so near the gates of heaven I am yearning for since I met you’. She blushed and closed her thighs.

Suddenly Rashid came running and jumped on to her lap. ‘Oww! Rashid please be careful. You could have hurt me badly. Now get off and let me knit’. Rashid shook his head and ground his small bottoms deeper into her lap forcing her thighs to widen again.

‘Get up you rascal. I can’t knit while you are sitting on my lap’ she said.

‘No I won’t’ Rashid replied with a laugh. She tried to push him off but he held on to her.

She looked at me, ‘David please remove this little imp from my lap’.

I pushed my hands under his bottoms to lift him. I could feel the heat emanating from her choot. With her choot at touching distance I could not resist the temptation to squeeze her open thighs. I looked at her while caressing them. Our eyes met, she held my gaze without any protest. Emboldened by her favorable reaction I moved my hand towards her seat of pleasure.

Suddenly she laughed, ‘Don’t tell me that a big strong man like you can’t lift a small boy’.

‘There’ I said lifting Rashid and slapping him playfully on his bottom, ‘now go and play with your sister and let your mother knit’.

I had a huge hard on. I sat down next to her and placed my arms around her shoulders. Pulling her towards me I said, ‘Bablee I wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you. I am mad about you. Please give me a kiss’.

‘What here? No you will compromise me’ she said.

‘How can I? Everyone thinks that we are married and there is no one around to see us anyway. Please my sweet Bablee’ I persisted.

‘But the children will see’ she argued.

‘The children are too busy playing. They will not notice’ I said taking her hand and placing it on my hard lund (cock). She tried to pull it away but I held it there.

‘No David please not now’ she protested.

‘If not now then when?’ I asked.

‘Later’ she said blushing.

‘All right later. You unlock the connecting door and I will come to you when the kids are asleep’ I suggested.

‘No, no don’t do that you will disturb the children’ she said hastily.

‘Okay, then you come to my room when they are asleep’ I said.

Blushing she replied, ‘All right. I will come’.

With a song in my heart I said, ‘Promise? I will wait for you at ten’.

‘Yes at ten but only if you behave yourself now’ she said trying to pull her hand away from my hard on. I released her hand. She withdrew it but not before she had squeezed my cock a couple of times.

I returned to my seat opposite her. Happy at the turn of events I looked at her. There was subdued excitement in her eyes and her face had a strange glow. ‘She is just as eager to be with me as I am to be with her’ I thought and decided that now Rashid deserved a real big box of chocolate.

Ten minutes later she stood up and said, ‘Come children time for bed’.

Both the children protested. ‘Mommy let us play for some more time, please’ Rashid said and ran to me for support.

‘No it is already late. Come on’ she said.

‘Uncle David please ask mommy to let us play for some more time’ Rashid begged.

‘Ten minutes more’ I said. Both the children nodded eagerly.

‘Please Bablee let them play for ten minutes more’ I requested throwing my lot with the children.

She looked at me accusingly. Her eyes seemed to say, ‘Look now who is delaying matters’.

‘All right ten minutes and not a minute more’. Ten minutes later all three went to their room.

I looked at my watch. It was not yet nine. There was plenty of time. I went to the bar and had a leisurely drink thinking of the untold pleasures that awaited me that night.

Once in my room I shaved, although I did not require to, and took a long hot shower. I applied my best cologne and changed into my silk pajama suit. I looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror. For the occasion I thought I was a bit over dressed. Discarding the top I got into bed to wait for Bablee to arrive.

The nearby clock tower struck ten but no sign of Bablee. I waited for another ten minutes then ten more. I started getting doubts. ‘Did she really mean it or was it just a ploy to get rid me?’ I thought. To find out the truth of the matter I tried the connecting door. It was locked. I knocked on it and called out her name softly. There was no reply, nor could I hear any movement on the other side.

I called her room on the internal phone. After two rings a breathless Bablee said, ‘Yes’.

‘Aren’t you coming? You promised to come at ten. I am waiting for you’ I said impatiently.

‘Waiting for me? Where? Why?’ she asked giggling.

‘In bed where else to make wild love to you all night long’ I replied, ‘are you coming or you want me to bang on the connecting door all night and wake up the whole hotel’.

‘No don’t do that I am coming but give me some more time to make myself pretty for you’.

‘You are already pretty enough to eat’ I replied.

‘Flatterer! Yes I will come. I had a hard time getting Rashid to sleep. Give me just ten minutes more. Please David ten minutes and no more’ she replied, ‘and don’t phone again I don’t want you to wake the children’

It was after twenty agonizing minutes that I heard the doorknob of the connecting door turn. I was waiting for her. She came in leaving the door slightly ajar. She wore a knee length nightie with a shawl wrapped round her bare shoulders to keep herself warm. Jumping out of bed I took her in my arms and we kissed.

‘Aren’t you a little over dressed for the occasion’ I said pulling off her shawl and nightie.

‘Please don’t it is cold’ she protested.

I looked at her naked body. Like her ass her boobs were firm. The nipples were hard and erect with excitement. She had no hair on her choot. Even in the dim light of the bedside lamp I could clearly see her hard erect clit peeping out from her lower lips. As I stood admiring her naked beauty she said, ‘Please David I am cold’.

‘Don’t fret darling, my immersion rod will soon warm you’ I said dropping my pajama bottoms freeing my raging hard on from its confines. Taking my erect cock in her hand she exclaimed, ‘God David you are very large’.

Taking her in my arms I kissed her tenderly. She shivered.

Dear reader I would like to think that it was my kiss and the size of my tool that made her tremble but in all probability the real reason was the cold weather.

We slipped inside the bed. While kissing her I ran my fingers between her cunt lips while she moved the fore skin of my cock up and down. I kissed her on her lips, nibbled her ear and then suckled her erect tit tnipples. She kept moaned, ‘Oh David’ ‘Oh David’. I moved lower towards her cunt pausing briefly to rotate my tongue in her navel. I licked her swollen cunt lips.

‘Oh David it feels sooooo good’ she moaned and raised her hips pressing her cunt to my lips. I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.

‘Oww it hurts but it feels soooo good. Don’t stop. Go on Y..hes go on’. Her legs widened. I moved lower and pushed my tongue into her choot.

‘AGHRR’ she screamed and with a loud sigh released her love juices.

As I licked her offering she said, ‘Mujhse ab saha nahin jata. David der mat karo. Apna laurda meri bur main ghusserd do (I can’t stand it any more. David don’t delay. Shove your cock into my cunt)’.

I got on top of her, ‘As you wish my queen’ I said and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot and gave a push. The knob entered.

‘Oh lagta hai. Yaad hai na, maine teen saal se nahin chudwaya dheere, dheere dalo (Oh it hurts. Remember I have not fucked for three years push it in slowly)’. I moved my cock in and out. Going deeper with each stroke till I was fully inside her love tube.

‘Ab poora ghuss gaya (Now I am fully in)’ I panted.

‘Haan ab mujhe chodo (Yes now fuck me)’ she moaned.

I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Her back arched upwards. ‘Oh my god it feels so good. I had nearly forgotten this heavenly feeling. Aur zorse chodo. Haan aur tez. Oh mera nikalne wala hai (Fuck me harder. Y..hes faster. Oh I am about to cum)’ she moaned. ‘Y..hes like this Y..hes my god David I AM COMMMMINNNNG’ she screamed and lay inert. I slowed down and nearly stopped.

‘Oh! Don’t stop. Keep moving. Make me cum again’ she said bucking her bottoms from below. I recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move keeping rhythm with my in and out strokes. ‘My God David continue like this. You will make me cum again. Are you not coming’ she inquired.

‘Y..hes I am also not too far away. Do I need to be careful?’ I panted.

‘No. For gods sake don’t take it out now. Cum inside me’ she moaned. ‘Faster David faster and harder. I am nearly there. Y..hes, y..hes I am there OHHH MY GODD SAAAHEEEEBJIIIII’ she shouted and came. At this moment I also shot my load into her cum thirsty cunt.

For few minutes we lay kissing savoring the intense sensation we had just experienced. As I was about to get off she said, ‘No, please not yet. Fuck me one more time’.

Who was I to object? I started to move my half-stiff cock in and out till it was hard again. After a long satisfying second fuck we lay resting. I lit a cigarette and Bablee cuddled up to me. She lay with her head on my chest twirling the locks of hair growing there between her fingers.

‘David I am dying to ask you something? Promise you will tell the truth’ she asked.

‘Of course why not?’ I assured her

‘What did you whisper to Rashid that morning which prompted him to eat his porridge in such quick time’ she asked.

‘What! I feel insulted is this the reason why you agreed to come to me tonight. My dear Bablee you did not have to sleep with me for that. I would have told you if you had only said please, please’ I said with tongue in the cheek.

‘Don’t be silly. That was not the real reason. Tell me’ she said tugging at the hair on my chest.

‘Oww lady that hurt’ I said.

‘If you don’t tell me then I will pull harder’ she threatened.

‘Okay, Okay I will tell you but only if you tell me the real reason why you agreed to come to me tonight. I can’t believe you are here. At first you were so reserved and aloof that I thought you will never agree’ I said.

‘Okay I will tell you everything. Satisfied? Now tell’ she said.

‘Okay. I whispered to him, “Rashid jaldi se apni porridge kha le nahin tau main teri gaand maroonga” (“Eat your porridge quickly other wise I will bugger you”)’ I said with a straight face.

Bablee was aghast. ‘NO YOU DIDN’T?’ She said loud enough to wake the neighbors.

‘Shh not so loud you will wake the neighbors. Of course I didn’t I was just joking. Do you think I am an ass?’ I replied offended.

‘I wouldn’t know about that’ she laughed, ‘I knew you were joking. I suppose the poor fellow doesn’t even know what gaand (ass hole) means’.

‘Maybe not but I bet Shabnam knows all about choot (cunt), lund (cock) and chudai (fucking)’ I said.

‘Mmm most probably she does. Today the girls of her age are much more aware of sex than we were in our days. Can you believe that I only learnt these words when I was nearly thirteen’ she said laughing, ‘David forget about Shabnam she is too young. Had she been at least fourteen or so then I would have let you deflower her, so that she could also enjoy your formidable lund. It is not every day that a girl meets a man with such a fine tool’.

‘Maybe you will let me when she is older’ I said hopefully.

‘Maybe yes, maybe no’ she laughed. ‘That I will decide if and when we meet again and if by then I haven’t changed my mind or met someone better equipped than you. Now enough of daydreaming. Tell me what did you really say to him’.

‘It was nothing earth moving. I asked him if he wanted to be tall and strong like me?’ He nodded. ‘Well then I told him to eat his porridge and he ate it. That is all’ I said.

‘My God this boy. I could have said the same thing till I was blue in the face but he wouldn’t have budged and if a stranger says the same thing the rascal gobbles up his porridge’ she laughed.

‘It requires a man to handle a boy’, I said smugly, ‘now it is your turn to divulge all’.

‘All right but while I am telling you, you will not look at me. I feel embarrassed’ she said.

‘Embarrassed? Sweetheart you must be joking. You are lying naked in my bed holding my laurda in your hand. I have fucked you twice and still you say you will feel embarrassed?’ I asked surprised.

‘Baring one’s body is one thing and laying open one’s heart and Soul is another. You will not understand. You are a man. Promise?’ she replied.

She was right I did not understand but nevertheless I agreed, ‘On my honor’. I looked up to heaven and thought, ‘God what a strange creature you have created. I hope that at least you can understand her because I can’t. Anyway thank you for creating her. Life would not be worth living without her ‘.

‘When I you saw in the lobby for the first time, I liked you. You were the type I could get friendly with, real friendly, if you get what I mean’ she said starting her narration, ‘but my mind cautioned me “Bablee you have just divorced your husband after a three year long legal battle. You are very vulnerable. Be careful don’t rush into things” the warning was timely and the point well taken. I mulled over it and decided to be reserved and aloof even to the degree of rudeness if necessary’.

‘In the lift you introduced yourself. I could see in your eyes that you liked me. Staying with my resolve I ignored your friendly gesture. Then the luggage mix up took place. You pointed to the connecting door and kept repeating that the bellboy and the reception clerk thinks we are married. This made me think back on my married days and all the goodies that go with it, which I was missing so much’.

Here I nudged her, ‘What all goodies go with marriage? I have never been married therefore I don’t know. Don’t talk in riddles say things clearly’.

‘Don’t tell me you are that dumb. No, I think you want me to use naughty words. Don’t you?’ she said.

‘Yes it makes the story real sexy’ I replied grinning.

‘No I can’t, I feel embarrassed’ she said.

‘How can you, you were using them a few minutes back’ I countered.

‘Oh that was in the heat of passion but like this. I don’t think I could do it’ she said.

‘Listen just imagine my lund is in your choot and we are fucking then it will come easier’ I laughed.

She hit me playfully on my chest, ‘Okay Mr. Dumbo all the chudai (fucking) that goes with it, which I was missing now. Happy?’ I grinned at her.

‘Hey that reminds me’ she inquired, ‘did you by any chance bribe the bellboy to leave my suitcases in your room?’

‘Definitely not but I wish I had thought of it. Believe me it was his genuine mistake. I must confess that I did notice the mix up but kept quiet so that I could have another chance to talk to you’ I smiled.

She laughed, ‘Mr. Dumbo I think you are a sly one’.

‘In my room you again introduced yourself. The way you did it won over the hearts of the children. I also felt attracted towards you but I sensed danger to my virtue and resolved to stay way from you. The resolve was however short-lived’ she continued, ‘in the dinning room I saw your signal and ignored it but Rashid did not. I had no choice but to share the table with you. I admired the way you handled Rashid. At lunch you pushed the sign “Mr. and Mrs. David and family” under my nose. Again saying even the dining room staff thought we were married. That night I fantasized what it would be like to be Mrs. David and got very wet and horny’.

‘Today afternoon when you offered to look after the children in exchange for a small reward, I was very skeptic. I wondered what all you could ask for? It had be something to do with sex. Will you ask for my bur (cunt)? No you won’t be so crude. Would you want to grope my body? Somehow I thought that was not your style and dismissed it. Ah! You will ask me for a kiss I thought. Yes that is what he will want I concluded. I agreed because I was also very curious as to how it would feel like to be in your arms and be kissed by you’.

‘So you guessed what I would want before you agreed? I commented.

‘Did you think that I would give anyone carte blanche? No never’ she replied continuing with her story,

‘Oh when you kissed me and pressed your hard laurda (cock) against my bur (cunt). I was in seventh heaven. My whole body was trembling and tingling with pleasure. I was dripping. I could have stood for hours in your arms kissing you. Then you pressed my tits. I did not expect it and it took me by surprise. That is why I acted the way I did. I felt flattered by your explanation. It was quite funny but the thought that you found my boobs very pretty and well shaped was flattering. By this time all my resolves had gone for a six. I wanted to be as near as possible to you. Oh you can’t imagine how much I wanted you to squeeze my tits again’.

‘On my way back to the hotel I cursed myself for behaving the way I had. I wished and prayed that by my adverse reaction I had not turned you off and hoped that you will continue your assault on my virtue opening the door for me to be seduced like a lady. I was not disappointed. After dinner when you squeezed my thighs, oh David believe me my bur (cunt) was leaking like a municipality tap. I desperately wanted to be with you tonight. One thing led to another and here I am lying naked in your bed waiting to be fucked silly by you. Well this the story’ she concluded.

‘Bablee if I had not as you put it I quote “continued my assault on your virtue and opening the door for me to be seduced like a lady” unquote then what would you have done?’ I asked.

‘Aap se chudwane ka faisala tau main kar hee chuki thi phir mujhe kayeki sharam thi. Main Randi ban kar apke palang main ghuss jaati (That posed no problem. As I had already decided to fuck you I would have acted like a whore and invited myself into your bed)’ she laughed.

‘You behave like a whore? No way I don’t believe it’ I replied.

‘You don’t? I will show you’ Bablee said and took my semi hard cock in her mouth and in no time brought it to erection. She climbed over me and inserting my cock in her cunt ‘Am I acting “whorish” enough for you?’ and started to ride me. After ten minutes of fucking motion she panted, ‘David I can’t go on I am tired. You do it now’. I rolled her over and finished what she had started.

We lay resting and talking when suddenly, ‘SSHh I hear Rashid whining’ Bablee said cocking her ears towards her room. Getting out of bed Bablee paused just long enough to pick up the shawl from the floor and ran into her room while still wrapping it round her naked top.

She returned after ten minutes. ‘Poor fellow he is so restless tonight. Thank god he is asleep now’ she said getting into bed.

‘Yes he is a good fellow. I like him’ I said.

‘Yes he is an angel when he wants otherwise he is a rascal of the first order, just like his father’ she laughed.

‘Rashid may be a rascal but in my book he is an angel’ I said.

‘How so?’ Bablee asked.

‘If it had not been for him then you would not have been here. It was he who brought you into my room when the luggage mix up took place. It was he who gave me the opportunity to impress you with the porridge episode. It was he who readily agreed to spend the afternoon with me when you went to the hairdresser making it possible for me to kiss you. It was he who sat on your lap earlier today when I could caress your sexy thighs and make you horny. I have decided to express my gratitude to him by giving him a big box of chocolate’ I explained.

‘What about me? I have given you my choot don’t I also deserve to get a box of chocolates?’ Bablee pouted.

‘Of course my dear’ I laughed, ‘for you I had reserved my lund but if you prefer a box chocolates instead…..?’

‘Definitely not I was joking’ Bablee replied kissing my cock, ‘I am very happy with my lot’.

‘Bablee why did you divorce your husband?’ I asked.

‘Oh please don’t remind me of that cheating bastard’ she said getting annoyed.

‘Tut, tut harsh words for the father of your children’ I commented.

‘You will call him even harsher names if you knew what all he did’ she replied.

‘Okay, try me. Tell me what he did? I said.

‘All right hmmmm I don’t know where to start’ she mused.

‘Start at the very beginning. In my book it is always the best place’ I advised.

‘Few months after my eighteenth birthday I became Mrs. Aziz Ahmed…’ she said starting her narration.

‘Ahmed? I interrupted, ‘but I thought you said your name was Bablee’

‘It is. After my divorce I reverted to my maiden name Khan’ she clarified.

‘Sorry for interrupting you. Please go on’ I requested.

She continued, ‘Aziz was a ladies man tall, very handsome and very rich. He had inherited number of properties and had millions in other investments. He himself was a highly competent engineer. He worked as a consultant and made quite a big yearly packet, much more than we could easily spend. He did not have a regular office but had converted one room in our flat as his office and operated from there’.

‘He loved sex and was very horny. On my wedding night he fucked me so hard and so often that I could hardly walk in the morning. At first it hurt a lot but later I could not get enough. That night he not only popped my cherry but also made me pregnant’.

‘After Shabnam was born I did not want another child for at least three years. Aziz did not really care but recommended that I take birth control pills. The pills were new on the market and still not free of all glitches. I hesitated because a friend of mine had taken them and had become sterile. The result was that I let him cum inside me only on my safe days. On other days I insisted that he withdraw before cumming. Aziz did not like it. One night Aziz wanted to fuck me in my ass hole. Initially I refused but seeing how miserable he was I acceded to his demand. In the beginning I did not enjoy it at all but later I learned to love it’.

‘David do you like fucking girls in their ass hole? Bablee asked.

‘My dear I love it. Do you want me to fuck you in your ass hole now?’ I replied with enthusiasm.

‘No darling not now we will keep it for later, maybe tomorrow’ she smiled.

‘It is still a mystery to me that despite all the precautions I took how that horny bastard got me pregnant again when Shabnam was only one year old. After Rashid was born to avoid further pregnancies I was compelled to take birth control pills and prayed that I don’t become sterile. I was enjoying the children so much that after a year only I wanted another baby. We tried hard but without result. I went to doctors but they could not help also. The damned pills had made me sterile also’.

‘Our flat was very large. I had a cleaning woman coming every morning to clean and dust it. We did not have any servant. Our family was small and I loved to cook and look after them in general. One thing that I was very particular about was feeding my family fresh vegetables and fruits each day. I did not believe in storing them in the refrigerator like others do. For this reason I went to the mandi (wholesale market) every morning at around 10 returning by noon in time to cook lunch. My life was good and I was happy’.

‘One morning on the way to the mandi I realized that I did not have enough money with me. I turned around. On entering the flat I heard some strange sounds. The sounds were coming from the bedroom. The door was ajar. I pushed it open and was shocked to see a girl, with her sari pulled up to her waist, was lying on my bed with her legs in the air and my husband was banging his lund into her hairy choot’.

Aghast I shouted, ‘Aziz yahan kya ho raha hai? (Aziz what is going on here?)’ Hearing my voice the girl pushed my husband off her and ran out of the room crying. As she ran past me I did not recognize her but her face was very familiar.

David you can imagine how I felt. I was devastated and became hysterical. I kept shouting, “Aziz kyon? (Aziz why?) Yeh tumnain kyoon kara? (Why did you do that?) Kya main khoobsoorat nahin hoon jawan nahin hoon? (Am I not pretty and young?) Maine kabhie chudwane ko mana kiya hai? (Have I ever denied you my choot?) Maine tau tumhain apni gaand bhi marne dee (I have even let you fuck me in my ass hole) Why did you do this to me? I loved you so much”. I was so angry and disappointed that I started to cry’.

Aziz said, ‘Darling please listen to me. It was not my fault’.

‘How can you say it was not your fault’ I shouted at him, ‘Maine apni aankhon se dekha ki tum uss lardki ko chod rahe the (I saw you fucking that girl with my own eyes)’.

‘Please Bablee listen to me. I don’t know how it happened. Please believe me’ he pleaded.

I was calmer now, ‘All right tell me what happened?’ I said.

‘After you left I was working when the doorbell rang. I went to check. This girl was standing outside with a cup in her hand. She said that she wanted to borrow some sugar. I took her into the kitchen and started to give her some sugar.

She said, ‘Aziz babu aap mujhe bahut achche lagte ho (Aziz sir I like you very much)’ and embraced me spilling some sugar on the floor. I struggled to free myself but she caught hold of my laurda. You know me. My laurda became erect instantaneously and suddenly my mind went blank.

The next thing I remember was you shouting Aziz yahan kya ho raha hai (Aziz what is happening here?). I then noticed that my lund was inside that girl’s choot and I was fucking the girl. Darling, believe me I did not do it consciously’.

I knew that my husband did make quite an impression on girls but I did not believe a word of what he said. Without saying a word I went into the kitchen. I was shocked to see a cup, which did not belong to us and some sugar spilt on the floor collaborating his story.

‘Yeh lardki kaun thi? Maine isse pahele kahin dekha hai (Who was this girl? I have seen her before)’ I asked.

‘Her name is Beena she works for the Singhs on the 8th floor’ Aziz replied.

‘How do you know all these details? I asked suspiciously.

‘How do I know darling because I asked her. You think I would have let a strange girl into the flat without knowing something about her’ he said.

I thought over the situation and said, ‘Aziz I don’t believe a word of what you have told me’.

He walked into the children’s room and placed his hand on the head of sleeping Rashid, ‘I swear on the head of my only son that today was the first time I saw this girl and what I have told you is the truth. Satisfied! Now do you believe me’.

I thought that no father would swear to a lie on the head of his own son, also six months back Aziz had slipped in the bathroom and hurt his head. On that occasion also his mind had gone blank. The doctor had warned me that this may reoccur but with time he would recover fully. Like a fool I believed him, ‘Okay Aziz this time I forgive you but if I ever hear that you are cheating on me I will surely divorce you’.

‘There will never be another time. This was the first and the last time that I ever let a girl inside the flat in your absence’ he swore.

I think a few words about Beena would be in order. Beena was 19 years old, not too tall; slim with melon sized boobs. When she walked they swung in such a manner that any man would get a hard on. She was quite pretty in her own way. Not my type but for Aziz a choot was a choot. She worked for Mr. and Mrs. Singh. Both worked and they had no children. For this reason Beena was alone all day and became easy prey of Aziz’s lust.

That night when he wanted to fuck me I did not let him as I could not get the scene of his lund going in and out of Beena’s choot out of mind. David time is a great healer. With passing of days the picture also faded and we returned to our normal married life.

I had forgiven him but Allah had not.

One morning returning from the market, I was about to step out of the elevator when I saw Beena coming out of our flat wiping her choot with her sari. I was so taken aback that I forgot to get out. When I recovered from the shock the elevator was on the ground floor. My mind was in turmoil. I wanted to think things out. It was obvious to me that Aziz had fucked Beena again.

One thing was certain that I was going to divorce him. Aziz had lied to me. He swore to an untruth on my son’s head and this time I was not going to forgive him. I was also quite sure that Beena had not seen me and could not warn him. With the huge amount of money at his command he could buy and sell several witnesses. I also resolved to act normally till I could obtain competent advice.

Ten minutes later when I returned to the apartment I found Aziz in the kitchen cleaning sugar crystals lying on the floor. ‘Aziz what are you doing?’ I asked.

He was quite surprised to see me. ‘I was planning on brewing a cup of tea and spilled some sugar. Just cleaning it up’ he lied without turning a hair. I also noticed the same cup on the kitchen table. I immediately realized how he was operating. Before he started to ram Beena, he prepared his alibi by placing the cup and spilling some sugar in case he was surprised. ‘Don’t worry you smart bastard I will get you’ I thought and without remonstrating with him I acted normally.

‘Don’t worry darling you go and do your work, I will clean up and make tea for you’ I said evenly.

Next day after making inquires I met a lawyer Mr. Mohammed Habib Mirza. Mr. Mirza, a young man of 30/32 had a reputation of being a go-getter. He was supposed to be brilliant and specialized in divorce cases. In a short period of 5/7 years he had built a reputation of a formidable adversary and a practice which would make many lawyers of longer standing jealous.

After hearing my story Mr. Mirza told me that he sympathizes with me but just my say so is not enough. I was annoyed, ‘But Mr. Mirza I saw all this with my own eyes’.

‘Maybe so but your husband will surely deny this and we don’t know what Beena will say’ he said, ‘to have a solid case we require solid proof like photographs or sworn statements of Beena or other independent witnesses. These are not easy to get and could cost a lot’.

‘If this is what you want’, I said with resolve, ‘then I will get them. When you have them then you assure me that my divorce will go through’.

‘Like a hot knife through butter’ he said with a smile.

Thinking over matters I realized that if photographs were required then I would need a camera. Secondly to tackle Beena knowing something about her background will be very helpful. Next day I bought a Polaroid camera and a good cassette recorder in case I required to record Beena’s statement. Aziz even commented as to why I need them. I countered him by saying, ‘I want to take your and children’s pictures without having to wait days to see the results and record their voices as they grow up. Do you any objection?’

‘No, no go ahead if it pleases you’ Aziz replied. I practiced taking photos at home, specially in the bedroom and recording their voices till I was proficient in their use.

In the meanwhile I let things go on as usual. Aziz continued to screw Beena in the daytime and me at night.

One evening I made it a point to talk to Mrs. Singh. Slowly I turned the conversation towards maids. ‘You are very lucky to have such a nice maid’ I said.

‘Yes Beena is very efficient’ she replied.

‘She is also very young aren’t you scared that they may go astray. You know what I mean’ I said.

‘No Beena is not like that, I know her family well. They are very conservative. Her father is a very respected ‘elder’ in his village and her elder brother is working for my parents since years. Beena got infatuated with a married man in the village and before she did anything silly her father sent her to her brother. I got her from there’ Mrs. Singh said.

‘How do you know that she had not already done something silly? You know once these young girls have tasted……mmm start they want more and all sorts of people visit them when they are alone’ I said.

‘Don’t worry I thought of it too’ she laughed, ‘before employing her I had her medically checked up. She was a virgin. Why are you asking all this? Are you looking for a maid? She has a younger sister I can ask her brother. I am sure she would love to work in the city’.

‘No, no I was just curious. My family is small and I can look after them’ I replied. But in my mind I thought, ‘Aziz ne Beena ki choot tau phard di main usski choti behan ki choot ko phardwane main koyi madad nahin karoongi (Aziz had deflowered Beena and I was not going to be instrumental in helping him take the cherry of her younger sister also)’.

Fortified with Beena’s background I was ready to tackle her. One afternoon I went up to Mrs. Singh’s flat. ‘Memsahib aap (Madam you?)?’ she said as she opened the door.

‘Haan main. Ander chal maine tujhse kuch baatein karni hai (Yes me. Come inside I want to talk to you)’ I replied walking in. When we were seated I said, ‘Achcha Beena bata Aziz tujhe kab se chod raha hai? (Okay Beena tell me since when is Aziz fucking you?)’

‘Unhone mujhe bas ek baar choda hai jab aapne dekha tha (He has fucked me only once when you saw us)’ she replied. She had apparently been well tutored my Aziz and was now towing his line.

‘Jhoot mat bol. Main jaanti hoon ki usne tujhe aaj bhi choda hai (Don’t lie. I know that he has fucked you today also)’ I said.

‘Nahin yeh such nahin hai. Jo maine kaha wohi such hai (No this not correct. What I told you is the truth)’ Beena insisted.

‘Theek hai agar tu such nahin batayegi tau main tere bapu ko sab kuch khatt likh kar bata doongi (Okay if you don’t tell me the truth then I will write and tell your father everything)’ I threatened.

‘Likh kar bata do mujhe koyi dar nahin. Mera bapu mujh se bahut pyaar karta hai aur meri baat manega aapki nahin (Write and tell him if you want. I am not scared. My father loves me a lot. He will believe me and not you)’ Beena said defiantly.

‘Jaisse tu chahati hai. Jab tera bapu teri choot ki dakter se jaanch karwayega tau usse khudd pata chal jayega kaun sucha hai aur kaun jhoota (As you want. When your father gets your cunt checked by a doctor then he will find out for himself who is lying and who is telling the truth)’ I said and started to rise.

This scared the shit out of her. ‘Thehro! Aap yeh nahin karaingi. Agar mere bapu ko pata chal gaya ki meri choot kori nahin hai tau woh mujhe jaan se maar daalega (Wait! You won’t do this. If my father finds out that I am no longer a virgin then he will kill me)’ she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

‘Jinda rehena ka ek hee tareeka hai. Mujhe sab kuch such such bata de aur jo main kahoon woh kar. Haan main dekhoongi ki tujhe koyi bhi takleef na ho (There is only one way to stay alive. You tell me everything truthfully and do what I say. I will see to it that you have no problems)’ I said.

After thinking it over for few minutes Beena said wiping her tears, ‘Theek hai main aapko sab kuch bata deti hoon aur jo aap kahengi main waissa hee karoongi (Okay I will tell you every thing and I will do as you say)’.

‘Good girl. Achcha bata Aziz tujhe kab se chod raha hai aur ussne tujhe kaisse phasaya. Tujhe teri marzi se choda ya zabardasti ki. Ek baat aur jo tu kahegi main tape karoongi. Theek hai? (Good girl. Okay tell me since when Aziz is fucking you and how did he seduce you. Did he fuck you with your consent or by force. Yes another thing I am going to tape whatever you say. Okay?)’ I said switching on the cassette recorder.

‘Aap tape karna chaho tau karo maine tau aapko such batane ka phaisala kar liya hai. Such baat tau yeh hai ki chudwana nahin chahati thi lakin babu ne mujhe intna garam kar diya ki maine hee unse kaha mujhe chodo (Tape if you want to I have decided to tell you the truth. The truth is that I did not want to lose my viginity but he made me so hot that I asked him to fuck me)’.

‘Poori baat bata (Tell me in detail)’ I told her.

This is what Beena had to say. ‘One morning, after few days I started working here, I was spreading the wash to dry on the roof. Aziz babu (Aziz sir) came and asked me who I was. I told him that I had just come from the village and work for Singh memsahib (Singh madam). After that day he came everyday, bringing sweets and biscuits with him. We used to chat and eat the goodies he brought with him. He was very charming and used to say nice things about me and I loved it. I started liking him. It was not long before we were kissing.

One morning he pressed my boobs. I did not like it, ‘Aziz babu mere mamme mat dabayo (Aziz babu please don’t press my boobs)’.

He said, ‘Beena teri chuchiyan bahut hee pyaari hain dabane de iss main harz hee kya hai (Beena your tits are really very pretty. Let me squeeze them. What is the harm)’.

As I liked him and enjoyed talking and kissing him therefore I did not make a big issue out of it. He was right there was no real harm in it. Then one morning while kissing me he rubbed my choot from the out side of my sari. I protested loudly, ‘Agar aap meri choot ko chuyenge tau main aap se bilkul baat nahin karoongi aur aapki memsahib ko bata doongi (If you touch my cunt then I will never talk to you again and will tell your madam everything)’. My threat worked because he did not attempt to touch my choot again.

For the next few weeks we talked, kissed and ate the sweets he brought. Sometimes to my delight Aziz babu brought small inexpensive presents for me. He loved to play with my tits. He even persuaded me to open the buttons of my blouse and let him kiss them and suck their nipples.

Memsahib such baat tau yeh hai ki jab woh meri chuchi chooste the tau meri choot main gulguli hoti thi aur mujhe bahut achcha lagta tha (Madam the truth is that when he sucked my nipple I felt tingling sensation in my cunt and liked it very much)’.

One morning he said that it was his birthday and he had brought a big box of sweets for me. He told me these are imported sweets and I should try them. I ate one they were really very good. After I had eaten three of them I felt dizzy. We sat down in the shade of the lift shaft. Then I think I lost consciousness.

When I recovered my blouse was open, my legs were in the air and Aziz babu was lying on top of me kissing me and pressing my boobs. Groggily I asked not realizing that I naked waist down, ‘Aziz babu aap mere uper kyon lete huye hain (Aziz sir why are you lying on top of me)’.

Holding me firmly by my shoulders he said, ‘Beena aaj main tujhe chodoonga (I am going to fuck you today)’ I protested and struggled to free myself but he held me tightly. He started to rub his cock between the lips of my choot. I liked the sensation his laurda was creating in my choot. I stopped struggling and sighed loudly.

He again asked, ‘Beena mujhe chodene de? (Beena let me fuck you?) My resolve to remain a virgin was weakening. He continued to rub his lund on my choot. Due to the sensation in my choot my hips started to twitch.

‘Jo main kar raha hoon tujhe achcha lag raha hai na? Chodene de iss se bhi zaida mazaa aayega (You are enjoying what I am doing aren’t you? Let me fuck you it will be even more enjoyable)’ he requested again. What he was doing made me so hot that I lost control over my mind and wanted his laurda inside me. ‘Haan babu mujhe chodena hai tau chodo lakin aisse mat tartpao (Yes babu if you want to fuck me then fuck me but don’t tease me like this)’ I said spreading my legs as wide as could.

Meri haan sunn kar unhone ek zor ka dhakka lagaya. Unka laurda meri choot to pharta hua meri choot ke under ghuss gaya. Main dard ke maare zor se cheekhi aur unse mujhe chordene ke liye kaha. Aziz babu ne meri ek nahin sunni aur mujhe chodete rahe. Woh chod rahe the aur main neeche pardi dard ke maare kehera rahi thi. Phir mujhe laga kuch garam garam meri choot ke ander gira aur Aziz babu ne chodena band karke mere uper lete rahe (Hearing my words of consent he gave a big push. His cock tore through my virginity and entered my cunt. I cried out in pain and begged him to let me go but it had no effect on him and he continued to fuck me. He kept fucking me and I lay under him groaning with pain. Then I felt something warm being injected into my choot and he stopped fucking and lay still on top of me)’.

‘Kyon Beena paheli chudai kaissi lagi? (Na Beena how did you enjoy your first fuck?)’ He asked

‘Bilkul achchi nahin lagi. Mujhe bahut dard hua. Ab tau mujhe udhne do (I didn’t like it at all. It hurt me very much. Now let me get up)’ I groaned.

‘Abhi achchi lagegi (You will like it now)’ he said and recommenced to fuck me. By the time he finished the second time I was enjoying it. When he let me go I regretted what I had done but tried to shift the blame on him, ‘Aziz babu aapne mujhe chod kar kissi ko muh dhikane layak nahin chorda (Aziz sir after this I can’t show my face to anyone)’.

He kissed me and said, ‘Ab jo hona tha so ho gaya. Mujhse shikayat kyon kar rahi hai? Yaad hai tune hee tau kaha tha chodene ke liye. Pagali apni pyaari shakal tau tu jisse chahe dikha sakti hai lakin apni choot mat dikhana (What had to happen has happened. Why are you blaming me now? Remember you only asked me to fuck you’ Laughing he added, ‘stupid you can show your sweet face to anyone you like but don’t show your cunt)’. I also found it quite funny also and laughed. He then took out a gold chain from his pocket and gave it to me saying Beena I have brought this little present for you.

‘Haan memsahib yeh meri kori choot phardene ka muafza tha (Yes madam this was the compensation for popping my cherry)’ she said and taking off the chain gave it to me, ‘Agar aap chahain tau isse aap rakh lain mujhe nahin chahayiye (If you want you can keep it I don’t want it)’.

Next day he was back and wanted to fuck me again. I was reluctant but by the time he went back he had fucked me twice. After that I let him fuck me whenever he wanted. Many a days when he did not come I missed him.

‘Weren’t to afraid of getting pregnant?’ I asked Beena. She said yes she was scared and told Aziz. He told her not to worry he is there he will look after her. Then one day he gave me some pills and told me to eat one every morning.

One day he said that it was getting hot on the roof and it is also not comfortable. He wanted me to come to his flat. I was scared of you finding us together and refused. He said that you go to the market every morning and are away for two hours and there’s no danger of being surprised by you. Every morning when you would leave he would ring me and I would come.

One day you did catch us. I was so embarrassed that I refused to let him screw me anymore. He told me that he has explained everything satisfactorily to you and persuaded me to come to the flat again.

This madam is the whole truth.

For few minutes I thought things over and returning her the chain said, ‘Beena here take it, it is yours. Remember don’t say a word about our little talk to anyone’.

‘Agar babu mujhe phir bulayain tau main kya karoon? What shall I do if babu calls me again? Beena asked.

‘Go to him as you did before and don’t let him notice any change in your behavior. Understood?’ I replied.

She was surprised, ‘Kya? Aap chati hain ki main ab bhi ……? (What/ You want me to still….)?

‘Haan main chahati hoon ki tu pahele ki terah Aziz se chudwati rahe. Vada kar tu yeh karegi (Yes I want you to continue to fuck Aziz like before. Promise you will do that)’ I confirmed to her.

With the taped cassette I went to see Mr. Habib. He listened to the tape and told me that this is very good and our case is a little stronger than before but not yet hundred percent winnable. ‘How did you managed it?’ he asked.

I laughed and said, ‘Little bit of persuasion and lots of blackmail’.

‘I hope you did not pay her anything’ he asked looking worried.

‘Of course not. Aziz fucks her I should pay her. Never’ I said getting angry.

‘Tell me Mrs. Bablee will this girl swear to her statement before a magistrate. It will make our case even stronger’.

‘Why not? I will bring her whenever you want’ I replied confidently.

It took some doing to get Beena to agree. She consented only after I had assured her that no one will know and no harm will come to her. Two days later we all appeared before a magistrate and Beena swore out an affidavit. Magistrate asked her whether she was making this statement on her own free will or was someone was paying her to do so. Beena said, ‘I swear to God that I am making this statement on my own free will and no one has paid me to do so’.

Mr. Habib was very happy, ‘This is very good but now to make your case iron clad all we now require is to connect this girl to Aziz’.

‘Don’t worry I will get you photographs showing them in compromising position. I have a plan just give me few more days’ I said.

For a week I let things rest. Beena was regularly visiting Aziz. One morning instead of going to the market as usual I hid in the staircase. I watched Beena go into our apartment. I waited for fifteen minutes and then stealthily entered. The bedroom door was ajar and I could hear Beena’s loud moans of pleasure. I pushed open the door slightly and took some photographs of them fucking together. From Beena’s moans I sensed that she was about to cum. I waited and as soon she sighed loudly I said, ‘Aziz you bastard you are again fucking this girl despite all your promises’. Beena was also taken aback. She pushed Aziz off her and ran out crying.

‘David it was a funny sight. With a dazed look on his face Aziz stood naked in front of me with his erect lund shooting cum in the air’ Bablee said with a laugh.

‘Why did you wait and did not confront them immediately after you had taken the pictures?’ I asked.

‘Look at this way. Beena was cooperating with me fully, so letting her cum was the least I could do’ Bablee replied with a smile.

Armed with the photographs and the statement Habib filed for divorce. I instructed Habib, in order to protect Beena as much as possible, to use her only if it was really necessary. Habib promised me he will use the statement only if required. Aziz employed a battery of top-notch lawyers to fight the case but it did not help him. Two years later a very sympathetic judge granted the divorce giving me an equitable property settlement and a very liberal alimony. Aziz filed an appeal against the settlement terms awarded to me by the court. I told Habib to settle out of court making it clear that I wanted a lump sum alimony settlement as I did not want to be dependent on Aziz’s whims and fancies each month. Habib warned me that I would stand to lose a lot of money but I did not mind, as I wanted to get Aziz out of my life once and for all.

One year later everything was final. Habib told me that everything was settled and I did not lose much. ‘How did you manage it?’ I asked.

Habib laughed, ‘In the beginning he was adamant and would not budge. Then I threatened him with criminal action for raping Beena.

‘You did that but Beena’s must have told him about her statement?’ I inquired.

‘Beena might have told Aziz but he does not know the exact wordings and I was certain that he is not going to take such a risk’ Habib told me laughing.

He kept protesting that he had not rape her but she had asked him to have sex with him. Then I told him that you and I know this but the judge doesn’t and if Beena is persuaded to testify to rape then who do you think the judge is going to believe you or her? Aziz knew he was beaten and capitulated. After that everything was plain sailing’.

‘This is the whole story. After I received the money I came here on a holiday and am now lying naked in your bed being fucked silly by you’ Bablee concluded with a giggle.

‘The way you spoke about the lawyer Habib it seems that you have a soft corner for him am I right?’ I asked.

She laughed, ‘In a way but actually it is Habib who is in love with me. After the case was over he came over and asked me to marry him. He told me that he had fallen in love with me on the first day when I visited him but due to our client lawyer relationship he kept quiet but now that everything was over he can divulge his feelings for me’.

‘What was your reaction?’ I inquired.

She laughed, ‘I liked him very much but I told him that let me come back from my holiday then I will give him my answer’.

‘What have you decided?’ I asked.

‘Earlier I might have said no but now I will most probably marry him’ she replied.

‘What has changed your mind?’ I probed further.

‘Before the holiday I had got used to living without the pleasures of a lund but now that I have tasted the pleasure again I don’t think I will be able to live without it’ she said giggling.

‘What news of Aziz did you meet with him after the divorce?’ I asked

‘Oh that bastard is enjoying life. No I have not met him but I met Beena just as the final agreement was being finalized. She told me that Aziz had forgiven her and persuaded her to leave her job with the Singhs and work for him for double wages. I think he just wanted to ensure that she doesn’t file any criminal case against him. She did his household work in the daytime and at night warmed his bed.

‘Two jobs two wages quite appropriate what do you think?’ Bablee laughed.

Last month Aziz was up to his old tricks again. He seduced a young virgin working in that building and now Beena has to share his cock with her. Beena does not like it but can’t do much about it. This is exactly what had happened with me. Poetic justice so to say’.

‘I must say Aziz is one hell of a lucky guy going around deflowering young maidens’ I said with a naughty smile.

‘What about you aren’t you lucky? Bablee asked hitting me playfully.

‘Of course I am much luckier than him’ I laughed.

‘Then convince me how lucky you are?’ Bablee said pulling me by my lund on top of her. I then proceeded to show her how lucky I felt. I had to show her two times before she was fully convinced.

At six in the morning Bablee woke me and wanted my lund to say ‘good morning’ to her choot before she returned to her room. I shrugged and pointed to my limp peg.

‘No problem’ she said and in no time sucked it to erection. Then we wished ‘good morning’ to each other in the manner she desired.

After breakfast the next morning as usual we sat in the garden talking. I did not realize the passage of time and became conscious of it when Anna came and asked if I wanted a beer. ‘Hey Bablee it is already twelve aren’t you going to teach the children today?’ I said.

‘No not today’ she replied, ‘today I am so happy that I have decided to give the children a holiday’.

‘Yes uncle David mommy sure is happy. Since morning she is humming and smiling to herself’ Shabnam commented.

As Bablee blushed prettily Rashid said, ‘I think mommy is not well. She has not scolded me even once since I got up. Uncle David you must take her to the doctor for a check up’.

Bablee laughed, ‘No kids I am all right and don’t require a doctor’.

‘I tell you mommy you are not well. Uncle David please take her to the doctor’ Rashid pleaded,

‘Rashid stop pestering me I have already told you that nothing is wrong with me’ Bablee said getting annoyed.

‘Okay if that is so then explain why this sudden change?’ Rashid insisted.

‘Okay I will tell you why I am so happy but no questions afterwards. Agreed?’ the children nodded. ‘I am happy because I found something bigger and better than what I had lost some years ago’ Bablee said ambiguously.

Shabnam looked perplexed but Rashid commented, ‘Mommy how can you find something here that you lost years ago at home?’ then clasping his forehead, ‘I can’t understand this ‘women logic’ uncle Sahebi can you?’

We all laughed.

‘Where does he get all this?’ I asked Bablee.

‘Today is the age of TV and soap operas like ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Santa Barbara’. Children pick up all the wrong things first and this little rascal is a champion in these things’ Bablee replied playfully slapping Rashid on his bottoms.

Just then Anna arrived with a big box of chocolates.

‘Dear Rashid this is a small present for you from your grateful uncle for making his holiday very pleasurable’ I said handing him the box.

Without touching the box Rashid said, ‘Thank you but how did I make your holiday pleasurable?’

‘If it hadn’t been for you I would have been sitting here alone but with you as company I am laughing and having a great time. Is this not reason enough?’ I replied looking at Bablee who was blushing like a bride, ‘hey it is not for you alone remember to share it with Shabnam and your other friends in the Baby care centre’.

‘Wow Chocolates! Mommy, look what uncle David has given me? He said I made his holiday pleasurable. I told you he is very nice. I like him. May I keep them please?’ Rashid asked Bablee.

Bablee nodded blushing like a rose.

After lunch Bablee disappeared with the kids after ten minutes returned alone. ‘Where are the kids’ I asked.

‘Oh I have left them in the Baby care centre for the afternoon’ Bablee said.

‘But why? We are doing nothing we could easily look after them’ I asked.

‘We may not be doing anything now but when I get you to your room then we will be doing something won’t we? Bablee replied with a big smile.

‘Yes you have point there’ I laughed.

‘Come let us not waste time I have lots of chudai (fucking) to make up’ she said pulling me towards the elevator.

‘My pleasure dear lady’ I said formally.

‘And don’t forget mine’ she laughed.

We made love all afternoon. Bablee sucked my cock and swallowed my-cum. ‘David your cum is much thicker and less pungent that my husband’s’ she said smacking her lips.

That night when the children were asleep she came to my bed. After I had fucked her choot I said, ‘Janum ab main teri gaand maroonga (Darling now I am going to fuck you in your ass hole’.

‘Kyon nahin (Why not)’ she replied turning on her stomach, ‘Darling it has been some time since a cock has been in there and you are so big do it gently. Best would be you use cream or vaseline. In case you don’t have any I will get it from my room’.

‘Don’t worry I always have some K-jelly handy for all eventualities’ I said showing her a tube of K-jelly, ‘it is just waiting for your ass hole’.

I applied the K-jelly on and in her ass hole. ‘Oh your finger feels sooo good’ she moaned. Then rubbing K-jelly on my lund I pressed for admission in her puckered hole.

‘Oh David gently. It hurts. Yes press on I feel it entering. ‘OWWW’ she yelped as the phallus entered, ‘thank god it is in’. I started the fuck motion while rubbing her clit. In ten minutes we both came.

‘Thanks darling it was really good’ she panted.

Next two days it was the same. We spent mornings and evenings with the kids and afternoons and the night together fucking away to glory. On the third night Bablee said, ‘Have you noticed Anna’s behavior?’

Not knowing what this was all about I decided to play safe, ‘Who Anna?’

‘Mr. Saheb David what a big lair you are. I can’t believe that you of all people would not notice a girl with big boobs? I am referring to Anna, our waitress. I am certain you have noticed her and her big boobs’ Bablee said poking her finger in my ribs..

‘Oh you mean that Anna’ I laughed giving up pretense, ‘Of course my dear I have noticed her. She is very pretty. Bablee you right about the size of her boobs? They are like ripe melons’.

‘Yes her tits are really big but that is not what I meant. Have you noticed the way she behaves when you are around?’

Ooops I was again on slippery ground. I decided to play it by the ear, ‘No I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary’.

‘I don’t believe you but I’ll let it ride. I think she wants to be screwed by you’ Bablee said.

‘No! How can that be? I replied feigning surprise, ‘I am sure you are mistaken’.

‘No I am not mistaken. A woman knows. David meri baat mano tum usse bhi chod kar khush kar do jaisse tumne mujhe kush kiya hai (David do me a favor, fuck her also and make her happy like you made me)’ she persisted.

‘What! Are you sure you want me to fuck her? You don’t mind?’ I asked with a song in my heart and a hardening cock.

‘No not at all why should I? I don’t own you or your laurda. If she is suffering the way I was then she deserves your magnificent cock. Please do it for me’ she pleaded.

‘I bet you are already hard visualizing her lying naked in your bed with you squeezing her melon sized tits’ she laughed.

It was now my turn to blush. ‘Of course not’ I lied, ‘If you want I will try but what you forget is that she must also agree’.

‘If my intuition is right then she will definitely agree. Give it a try tomorrow. Promise’ she said.

I nodded, ‘Sure I will give it a shot’.